History Edit

Adrian Toomes was a rich scientist and infamous business vulture, but when Norman Osborn bought out his company and stole his life's work, Toomes snapped and donned a prototype flight suit and was dubbed by the media as "Vulture." He attacked and attempted to kill Osborn but Spider-man intervened and stopped him. Later on, he, along with Boomerang, Speed Demon and Beetle were selected to free Doctor Octopus from the Raft. They were successful, but Toomes was the only one to go back to the Crime Master. Months later, he was freed by the Crime Master and joined Doctor Octopus, Electro, Red Vulture and the Living Brain to attack the city. He attacked the Daily Bugle, and was shot down by Captain Stacy. Then, after the Crime Master was killed, Toomes and the others were free, and they ran away. Toomes went on to supply Vulture technology to the Delvadian rebellion, and was confronted by Steel Spider. He shot his attacker, but was impaled through the shoulder. He was able to escape by slowly crawling away. His fate is currently unknown.

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