"Venom" is a movie in the Ultimate Spiderman film series.


Tom Hardy as Edward "Eddie" Brock Jr./Venom

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Peter Parker/Spiderman and Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider/Spider-Carnage

Felicia Day as Donna Diego/Scream

Michael Trevino as Ramon Hernandez/Lasher

Ben Barnes as Carl Mach/Phage

Lucas Till as Trevor Cole/Riot

Jennifer Hudson as Leslie Gesneria/Agony

Clark Gregg as Carlton Drake

Jim Carrey as Cletus Kassidy/Carnage

Tyrese Gibson as Scott Washington/Hybrid

Sean Patrick Flannery as General Orwell Taylor

Robert Downey Jr. as Roland Treece

Rebbeca Ferguson as Elizabeth

Mason Cook as Timothy

Molly Quinn as Mary-Jane Watson

Michelle Williams as Anne Weying

Brad Pitt as Edward Brock Sr.

Gwyneth Paltrow as Jamie Brock

Gerald Butler as Richard Parker

Rachel Weisz as Mary Parker

Plot Edit

The movie starts out with a woman in a hospital,surrounded by nurses and her husband,Edward Brock.The woman is giving birth,and the monitor next to her starts going sporadic.The woman then has a flash of the creature known as Venom,and gives birth to her son,who is named after his father.The woman,Jaime Brock,dies,while seeing the face of the monster her son will become.Then it cuts to the events of Ultimate Spider Man 4,him meeting Peter after 20 years,Peter with the Venom symbiote,Eddie learning about Peter's life as Spider Man,him becoming Venom,and his battle with Peter.It then cuts to Eddie in the Vault in New York,narrating to himself on how Spider Man ruined his life,and how he knows who Spider Man is,but that's his little secret.He then hears a distorted voice in his cell and finds the Venom symbiote,which bonds back to him after he was separated by the government from it.Venom then goes around and breaks out killing one of the guards.And when he gets out,he heads back to New York,and goes to Peter's house and kidnaps Mary Jane and takes her to an abandoned amusement park,where his father took him to as a kid.Peter finds a note sent by Venom which says stop us if you can.When Peter gets there,he sees Venom with Mary Jane,with his tendrils around her mouth.Peter then asks why is Eddie doing this.Venom tells him that this is all his fault,everybody loved him and Eddie had nothing, and that he took everything from him.Venom then lets go of Mary Jane and and launches a tendril at Peter,knocking him away.Peter then slingshots himself into Venom,launching him into a ferris wheel and knocking Venom out.Eddie then finds himself in a hospital room with his mother,who finds out that she is pregnant,and she starts to talk to Eddie.She tells him that she is his mother,and Eddie then hugs her and starts to cry.He tells her that he has so many questions,"why did she never come to see him?"His mother then tells him that she died giving birth to him,which breaks Eddie even more.She then tells him that she is proud of the man he has become,and that he can't kill Peter,they were best friends as kids.Eddie then asks her why did his dad always hate him.She tells him that his father was broken as he was.She tells him that her and his father loves him and always love him.He then wakes up to Peter holding up the ferris wheel and is about to be crushed along with Mary Jane.Eddie then jumps back in and helps Peter and saves him and Mary Jane.Eddie then tells Peter,that he may have ruined his life,but he put his own life ahead of others and says that he can learn something from Spider Man.Peter then proposes a truce,Peter will not attack Eddie and Eddie will not attack him and move away.Eddie agrees to this and swings away as Venom.The next day,Eddie catches a flight to San Francisco.The movie then cuts to