Venom (Earth 2345212234) is the child version of Venom in an alternate timeline. In this timeline, Peter Parker got his spider powers when he was only 10. A year later both Eddie and Peter where best friends but Peter got the symbiote. This timeline's symbiote rejected Peter 3 weeks after it bonded with him. It found Brock destroying his home from the death of his parents, and the symbiote bonded with Eddie and stayed with him until he became the age of 28. When Brock became 28 the symbiote bonded with his white blood cells and the rest of the symbiote left him. Since the symbiote bonded with Eddie's white blood cells, Brock never got cancer but he still became Anti-Venom and killed most of the population of New York, but Spider-Man wasn't destroyed because he left for a honeymoon with Mary Jane. Spidey went back to New York to kill Anti-Venom. Spidey succeeded in killing Brock and helped rebuild New York.

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