Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom

Emily Browning as Ann Weying

Michael Rooker as Cletus Kasady/Carnage

Andrew Garfield as Patrick Mulligan/Toxin

Ryan Reynolds as Carl Mach/Phage

John Cena as Trevor Cole/Riot

Taylor Lautner as Ramon Hernandez/Lasher

Aubrey Plaza as Donna Diego/Scream

Eva Mendes as Leslie Genesria/Agony

Tommy Lee Jones as Carlton Drake

Tom Holland as Peter Parker/Spider Man(Cameo)

Alexandra Daddario as Gina Mulligan

Plot Edit

The movie starts out with Eddie Brock(Tom Hardy) in Venom in a flashback,fighting Spider Man(Tom Holland).Venom is pummeling Spider Man into the ground and throws him into a church bell.The symbiote then starts to peel off Eddie's Body.Then 5 mercenaries come in and fires Sonic Blasters at Venom.The symbiote then is blasted off and captured by the Life Foundation.Eddie is then arrested by the police.The next day, Eddie is taken to court by Officer Patrick Mulligan ,is defended by Ann Weying(Emily Browning),his ex wife. However,he loses the case and is sent to jail. At the same time,Cletus Cassady is apprehended by Patrick(Andrew Garfield),for committing murders.At Patrick's House,he Tells his pregnant wife Gina(Alexandra Daddario) of how he took The host of Venom to jail and how he apprehended Cletus Cassady,one of the biggest killers in New York.At the Life Foundation,Carlton Drake(Tommy Lee Jones),orders his scientists to extract 5 of the 6 embryos in the Venom symbiote.The Next Day, the symbiotes are bonded to the 5 mercenaries that captured the symbiote.Donna Diego(Aubrey Plaza) becomes Scream,and is the designated leader during training.Carl Mach(Ryan Reynolds) becomes Phage,and is the true leader,and is given enhanced sight.Then Trevor Cole(John Cena) becomes Riot,and is able to make bludgeoning weapons with his hands.The youngest mercenary,Ramon Hernandez(Taylor Lautner),becomes Lasher,and is able to project tendrils from his body and use them as whips.And the final mercenary,Leslie Genesria(Eva Mendes) becomes Agony,and Is able to Spit Acid.The Venom symbiote escapes from the lab to find Brock.It kills Drake on the way out.In Jail,Eddie Brock is sitting in his cell,with Cassady(Michael Rooker).The Symbiote then finds him and bonds with him,becoming Venom.But leaving behind 2 symbiotes. The red and black symbiote leaves to find another host.And the Red symbiote bonds with Cassady through a cut,turning him into a creature simply known as Carnage.He breaks out by killing all the guards that try to stop him.Meanwhile,the other symbiote finds Mulligan on Patrol and Bonds with him.Carnage then goes to find Mulligan and kill him.Instead,he finds Gina,who is about to go into labor.Mulligan and Brock,both sensing Carnage,rush to Mulligan's House where Carnage is About to kill Gina when Brock as Venom leaps through the window and fights Carnage.Patrick then walks through the door and when he sees his wife going into labor and Venom being overpowered by Carnage,he then transforms into Toxin.He tells Venom to take Gina and deliver the baby while he fights Carnage.Then Venom delivers the baby while Toxin beats Carnage to the brink of Death.Carnage then swings away,vowing revenge.Gina gives birth to a baby boy named Edward.The next day,at Patrick's Party,He meets with Eddie and tells him about what happened last night.Eddie tells him that the Venom Symbiote must have given birth along with Carnage.At the same time,Carnage meets with The Life Foundation symbiotes and they team up to take revenge on Venom and Toxin. Ann is talking with Gina,who is going on a walk with Edward.Scream and Carnage kidnap them and take them to the Life Foundation.Phage,Riot,Agony,and Lasher go to tell Venom and Toxin that they have their wives and son.Toxin and Venom follow them to the base.Toxin then battles the 5 symbiotes while Venom fights Carnage.Toxin defeats the symbiotes and frees Ann,Gina,And Edward.Venom tells Ann to fire the sonic blaster,but she objects,telling him he will lose the symbiote.But he says that all that matters is her.She then fires the blaster,knocking both Brock and Cassady unconscious.Then Eddie kisses Ann and him and Toxin become new protectors of New York CIty.

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