As you may know, I'm the only bureaucrat on this wiki, and I haven't been active on it for a long time. I'm very sorry for that, but I simply have many obligations, and if I visit the site, it'll most likely be weekends.

However, I'll try to be as active as possible from now on. I also have a few questions. Who are the current active users here (if there are any)? If there are, could they please ask their friends to join this wiki? It's small and needs more people editing it.

Next question is more like a wish. I'd like if users more concentrated on comic-like/cartoon-like stories, and not only the movie ones using real life people to image your characters. Heck, Spider-Man started as a comic, it should have some stories relating to it that way. Also, please don't go too far away from the Spider-Man universe. Pages with little to no relation to the S-M canon will be deleted.

That's pretty much all for now!


What's a Plot? 11:28, October 7, 2011 (UTC)

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