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Ultra: Spider-Man is an Animated Series based on Peter Parker's early years. The Series is scheduled to release in April 2013


Fifteen-Year-Old Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for a month and has battled Green Goblin his first A-List villain and destroyed half the city while doing it. Nick Fury offers him to be trained by other superheroes where they will become his mentors and teach how to be a better hero, these heroes who have to train him are Wolverine, Black Widow, Spider-Woman, Captain America and Thor.

Known Cast MembersEdit

Peter Parker/Spider-Man - Sam Riegal

Steve Rogers/Captain America - Brian Bloom

James Howlett/Wolverine - Steve Blum

Thor - David Boat

Natalia Romonava/The Black Widow - Vanessa Marshall

Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman - Tasia Valenza

Mary Jane Watson - Andrea Taylor

May Parker - Misty Lee

Episode ListEdit

Beginnings - Nick Fury offers training to Peter Parker but will he except it?

Training - Peter has agreed to train at S.H.I.E.L.D, meanwhile Peter must defeat Electro

Secrets and Lies - Peter finds out the truth about his father

"Bub, I'm the best at what I do" - Wolverine helps train Peter and they must battle The Thino

God of Thunder - Thor and Peter must go up against Loki and Enchantress

The 3 Spiders - Black Widow and Spider-Woman train Peter and must also fight Doc Ock

Sentinal of Liberty - Spider-Man and Captain America must battle The Lizard

The Suit - Peter Parker updates his suit given to him by S.H.I.E.L.D, meanwhile Peter must maintain a relationship with MJ and be Spider-Man

2099 - Peter accidently travels to the future and meets Miguel O'Hara, Spider-Man 2099

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