Ultimate Spiderman Sercet Episode is an Special Episode from the TV Series Ultimate Spiderman "2012", after the events of Curt in an Hospital, while Electrio And Alex (the nerd who became the Rhino) token care of by SHIELD & Now This Episode is after the events of The Episode "The Rhino"

Introducing Characters: Black Widow, Carol Danvers/Ms. Marvel, Shocker, Black Panther (Cameo)

"Construction Site, Spiderman looks at Flash and Coulson leaving the Site

Spiderman: looks like Things just Got pretty better for now on.

"Spiderman notice Black Widow coming up to Him"

Black Widow: Alex is in Custody, hopefully learn an lesson from all this.

Spiderman: Yea. that's True, and your, uh Red headed.

Black Widow: I'm the Black Widow.

Spiderman: No wonder Fury Never mention You.

Black Widow: Should Be.

Spiderman: Yea, Fury Likes to update stuff.

Black Widow: Sure, probably has, alright Team, Were done here. (Walks off to the SHIELD Ship)

Spiderman: Eeh, now that's over.

"Next Day at School, Peter approaches to the locker"

Peter: Finally no Flash Thompson gonna pounding me- (Pushed by Flash who show up)

Flash: Ha, Let's see about that part.

Peter: Flash, i Thought you had learn an lesson for bullying other people.

Flash: that was just some Stupid little Nerd Turned into that Rhino freak.

Peter: (Tries to get up) Hey, their no reason to push me down.

Flash: Time to- (Grab Peter's Shirt) rap your lights out! (About to aim an fist at Peter's


Peter: This day gets any more worse.

(Carol Danvers shows up behind Flash, Flash was unaware)

Carol: Flash Thompson.

Flash: (Notice Carol) Who are you Suppose to be?

Carol: I'm the Vice Principal of this school, it's just my first job, let this gentleman Go.

Flash: Over my dead body.

Carol: Flash.

(Flash anger let go of Peter, push Peter to the ground)

Carol: Meet me at my office Mr. Thompson. Right Now.

Flash: (Walks off, anger mumbling) First Principal Coulson, now this Vice Prinicpal.

Peter: Thanks.

Carol: My name Carol, I'm the Vice Principal of this school, Vice Prinicipal Danvers.

Peter: That's who you are?

Carol: I Just started working here, it's my first day, and i work for SHIELD Also.

Peter: oh who send you.

Carol: Director Fury, hired me for this new job.

Peter: Oh.

Carol: So your Peter Parker, am i right?

Peter: Yes. What about that?

Carol: Coulson told me about you and your four of your teammates, your Spiderman, and their Nova, White Tiger, Ironfist & Power Man and i know their real identlies are thanks to Coulson.

Peter: Okay, that makes Sences.

Carol: I be at my office, see you later Peter Parker. (Leaves)

Peter: Since Phil Coulson is an Shield Spy Agent, Who Carol's Purpose, probably Shield Agent like Black Widow.

"Then shows Little Spiderman looking throw the Pages"

"Back to Peter Parker"

Peter: Doesn't matter, things would turn out good.

"Helicarrier, later, an Room, Spiderman at the table with Nova, White Tiger, Ironfist & Power Man, and Nick Fury shows up entering the Room"

Nick Fury: you kids made it on time. unlike usual.

Nova: with funny comedy stuff.

Spiderman: What's so ever Buckethead.

Power Man: as i also saying, why do we even need an Vice Principal in our school?

Nick Fury: Because She work under SHIELD Employments.

Spiderman: heard it.

White Tiger: Of Course she made be an possing as an Vice Principal in our school.

Iron Fist: we should respect what SHIELD Offers Us.

Nick Fury: agreed with Iron Fist. as for the Respect. also, Trust them, you all know that means.

White Tiger: Yes, Fury.

Nick Fury: Right, And now, return to school but not you Spiderman.

(Iron Fist, Nova, Power Man & White Tiger leave)

Nick Fury: Parker, i need an word with You.

Spiderman: what i do this time Fury?

Nick Fury: Still called Nova Buckethead.

Spiderman: that was just an comment.

Nick Fury: You must respect your teammates Parker.

Spiderman: whatever. i mean, trying to attempt too.

Nick Fury: what you need is someone to teach you manners to your team and SHIELD.

Spiderman: Who?

Nick Fury: Come with me Parker.

(The Main SHIELD Hallway, Fury Leads Spiderman to the Lab room)

(Nick Fury and Spiderman enter the Lab Room, Ms. Marvel is presented in an Lab room, her outfit is just like her Oringial Outfit from "Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2")              

Nick Fury: there we both are, Spiderman, This is Ms. Marvel.

Spiderman: Ms. Marvel?

Nick Fury: Correct Parker.

Spiderman: didn't expect you here Ms. Marvel. hey. 

Ms. Marvel: So your Peter Parker.

Spiderman: Uh.

Nick Fury: that's true.

Spiderman: Why I'm here?

Nick Fury: Ms. Marvel is gonna teach you ways to respect every team mate in SHIELD and your Team Mates.

Spiderman: Okay. i learn that myself. Mr. Fury

Nick Fury: You Do not Parker, Ms. Marvel gonna help you learn something and your respect your teammates.

Spiderman: oh brother.

Nick Fury: Ms. Marvel, Don't let Parker out of your Sight.

Ms. Marvel: I won't let you down Director Fury.

Spiderman: now i'm treated like an Child!

"Shows Ms. Marvel carrying Baby Spiderman who crying"

"Back to Spiderman"

Spiderman: not good.

"New York, on one of the buildings, Spiderman on the roof with Ms. Marvel"

Spiderman: Why are you taking me here?

Ms. Marvel: it's Private isn't It?

Spiderman: Okay, what is the first Lesson.

Ms. Marvel: First, pretend i'm Sam, you don't call me you know what.

Spiderman: Bucket-

Ms. Marvel: do you want me to treat you like i'm your Mother?

"Shows little Baby Peter in an Baby Chair and Ms. Marvel tries to feed him with the Baby Bottle, Baby Peter knocks the Bottle and cries"

"Back to Spiderman"

Spiderman: Eh No, i don't want that. That would be embrass.

Ms. Marvel: then Listen to my instructions. Got that?

Spiderman: Yes.

Ms. Marvel: now back to not calling Sam you know what.

Spiderman: Oh, this, that part. (an bomb is heard, Spiderman notice an Bank wall is destroy from down there, Shocker enters out with the Money Bags. 

Shocker: Stupid Guards that can't stop me, i have the Money to steal.

Spiderman: oh great, if it isn't Shocker. or should i say the Shocker.

Ms. Marvel: you can get him later Peter.

Spiderman: But Ms. Marvel, This Villain gonna getting away with the loads.

Ms. Marvel: deal with it later.

(Spiderman swings down to stop the Shocker)

Ms. Marvel: PETER! (Attempts to follow Spiderman)

Spiderman: Your going down Shocker.           

(Spiderman kicks the Shocker into an Wall)

Spiderman: Bullseye!

Shocker: (turns around to see who push him) being funny huh Bug?

Spiderman: more likely to kick your shock butt Shocker!

Ms. Marvel: GET DOWN! (Shovels Spiderman away, and then Shocker blast the Shock Waves, this result that Ms. Marvel Save Spiderman from Shocker)

Spiderman: What are you doing?! i got this!

Shocker: ahhh. is that Superhero Lady being an Mother to you.

Spiderman: That an Insult!

(Spiderman runs up to Shocker)

Ms. Marvel: Don't! 

(Spiderman contiunes to Fight Shocker)

(Ms. Marvel gets in between them and she uses her Power and lift Shocker and threw Shocker in an Trash and Shocker got head in an head)

Ms. Marvel: this should take care of that Shock Guy.

(Later, Shocker is handcuffed and taken by SHIELD Agents to the SHIELD Ship, Ms. Marvel faces Spiderman)

Spiderman: I could of toke the Shocker down!


Spiderman: Wo, chill out Ms. Know it all.

Ms. Marvel: Excuse Me?!

Spiderman: it was just an stupid Comment.

Ms. Marvel: Peter!

Spiderman: What?!

(Nick Fury shows up to the two)

Nick Fury: The Shocker in Custody, You disobey Ms. Marvel order, didn't you?

Spiderman: Fury, i was stopping Shocker from getting away with the loads of Cash!

Nick Fury: didn't you know their always later on to get into this solution!

Spiderman: No.


(Nick Fury balled his fists and greeted his teeth)

Spiderman: alright. again.


Spiderman: Fury this mad, must of got a big temper or something.

Ms. Marvel: Don't even go there Peter. okay, don't make it worse.

(Ms. Marvel Grabs Spiderman's Left Hand and flies back to the roof)

(Sunset, Ms. Marvel and Spiderman are still on that roof)

Ms. Marvel: first lesson, don't call Nova excalty that word.

Spiderman: Just call him Nova or Sam.

Ms. Marvel: Now your getting it.

Spiderman: okay.

(on an roof where the big screen is near, where Jameson is seen from the Big Screen)

Jameson: Spiderman is such an Wall crawler menace, and terror the streets, Swing around, destroying public damage and (as Jameson talks on) 

Ms. Marvel: (seen with Spiderman on that same roof) is he always like this to you?

Spiderman: Happens everytime.

Jameson: No One gives that Menace Freak the right! also like the time Wall Crawler kidnap an guy name Flash Thompson.

Spiderman: What?! kidnap, i was just saving Flash from the Rhino!

Ms. Marvel: This Guy has it in for you.

Spiderman: Jameson? always complains about me a lot.

(Helicarrier, night, inside, Spiderman and Ms. Marvel met up with Fury & Coulson)

Coulson: how the teaching go.

Spiderman: not counting the first try right?

Fury: Yes, the second try.

Ms. Marvel: went fine at the second try.

Spiderman: So can i go alone now.

Fury: Not so fast. Parker.  

Spiderman: What the?

Fury: I sugget Ms. Marvel to stay with you for the whole day.

Spiderman: with me, seriously? but i thought it was just the manners part you say to me eariler.

Fury: Until you disobey Ms. Marvel's orders as you head to stop an banking robber Villain.

Spiderman: oh boy. she like an Nanny.

Coulson: kinda like that but, more rather an parent than that.

Spiderman: oh. just great, she can't follow me everywhere.

Coulson: you know the Vice Prinicpal Carol Danvers that just started long ago that day?

Spiderman: what about that? (Ms. Marvel reveals herself to be Carol) Carol Danvers is Ms. Marvel?   

(Spiderman faints)

Ms. Marvel: I'll carry him home.

Coulson: that would be nice.

(Parker's house, Peter who has arms crossed not happy on the couch, while Carol talks to Aunt May with Coulson)

Aunt May: I Grad you came over again Phil.

Coulson: so happy too May.

Aunt May: I'm please to meet you Mrs. Danvers.

Carol: i'm feel sorry for your husband Ben.

Aunt May: oh, i Still miss him. but thanks anyway.

Coulson: So your take care of Peter while May and i go out on an second date.

Carol: Of Course.

Aunt May: Peter, you won't have much trouble with Mrs. Danvers.

Peter: Uh. No.

Coulson: Knew Your nephrew wouldn't.

Peter: True.

Coulson: anyway, let's go May. (he and May walk out from the front door, leaving in an car)

Aunt May: YEAHOO! (They drive off, now it's just Carol and Peter in the house)

Peter: what now?

Carol: it's just the whole day, Peter.

Peter: where my team, they also live here.  

Carol: Fury and Phil give the four the Tickets to SHIELD Festival. no big idea right.           

(Shows inside SHIELD Base, Nova, White Tiger, Iron Fist & Luke are with Nick Fury, SHIELD Agents, Curt Connors, Hawkeye, Black Widow & Avengers (Captain America, Ironman, Thor & Hulk) are having fun at an Standups & few rides are presented, Nova gets an drink with Ironman, Iron Fist uses the calm powers on the Hulk at the entrance of the maze, White Tiger laughs with Black Panther at an Roller Coaster, Power Man settles at an shot out with Hawkeye. They all laughed and ate an Bunch of Pizzas.)

to be Contiune..       

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