This is the 3rd season of The Web of Spider-Man.

Name: Plot: Other:
Spider-Wars Tarantula returns from the shadows, and Carnage is still out there! Plus, what is the Spider-Slayer?! This is Peter's graduation from Midtown High and the first appearence of The Tarantula since his defeat and the debut of the 1st Spider-Slayer.
'Every Bug For Himself!'

The Spider-Slayer has a glitch and goes after Carnage, Spider-Man, Tarantula, and Ben Riley! Plus, two big questions, who created the Spider-Slayer and how did Carnage survive the war of the symbiotes?!?!

This is ,the first appearence of Professor Smythe.
What Ever Happened to Eddie? Anti-Venom returns and targets Carnage! Meanwhile, Spider-Man must investigate mor on John Smythe, and who is Daredevil and why is he going after Kinpin?! This is the first appearence of Daredevil.
Kingpinned Spider-Man and Daredevil must team up to defeat Kinpin, Carnage, and Anti-Venom! N/A.
Kraven's Last Hunt Kingpin sends out a new assassin but not to get Spider-Man, but Kraven?! Who is this "Merc With A Mouth?" Meanwhile, Kraven needs Spidey's help to hunt down this Vermin! This is the first appearence of Deadpool and the first time Vermin is mentioned.
Vermin Wars This "Vemin" is going around the city attacking people! But whats this Vermin's origins, and what does Kingpin want with him!? This is the first physical appearence of Vermin.
Merc With a Mouth! Spider-Man asks Deadpool about Kingpin's plan, but he says that he's actually double-crossing Kingpin and he's really working for the new "Kingpin of Crime." N/A.
Sand with a Plan! It's summer, and Spidey's seeing mud?! A new villain, Hydro-Man, is working for the new Kingpin of Crime, and he and Sand-man are partners! but when they merge, Spider-Man is in trouble when he faces.... The Mud-Man! This is the first appearence of Hydro-Man.
Enforcements The New New Enforcers are here! Silver Sable, Tombstone, Ox, Fancy Dan, Rhino, and Hydro-Man! This marks the third incarnation of The Enforcers.
Reinforcements Silvermane and Silver Sable... confession time! Plus, Man Mountain Marko joins The Enforcers! First reappearence of Silvermane, debut of Man Mountain Marko, and Silvermane and Silver Sable's connections revealed!
Deinforcements Silver Sable... revealed to be Silvermane's daughter? And why did the Black Cat return, and not spill Spidey's identity?! Meanwhile, Liz Allan visits her step-brother Mark Raxton/Molten Man in The RAFT, but the new Kinpin of Crime traps them in the RAFT and only The Black Cat can help him get in, but all the villains are unleashed! This is the reappearence of many villains, like Black Cat, Tarantula, Molten Man, Shocker, Rhino, and Electro.
Mafia People Can Hold Grudges! The "new Kingpin" has Molten Man and Tarantula, whom he busted out of The RAFT, "take care" of Hammerhead and Tombstone! Meanwhile, Felicia has something to say to Peter! Molten Man and Tarantula are the only villains busted out of the RAFT, when, oddly, all the villains were supposedly busted out at the end of Deinforcements.
Cat in Black Pt. 1 of 3 Felicia Hardy is The Black Cat! Felicia tells Peter, unrevealing the mystery of why nobody knows he's Peter Parker! Felicia Hardy tells Peter she is The Black Cat in this episode.
Cat in Black Pt. 2 of 3 Spider-Man and The Black Cat start falling in love, but Morbius returns to humanity, and he wishes to revive the love between him and Felicia, and why is Morbius human?! This is the reappearence of Morbius.
Cat in Black Conclusion Mysterio is back and working for the new kingpin of crime! Meanwhile, Morbius goes vampire from rage when Felicia breaks up with him! This is the first time since his reappearence that Morbius became The Living Vampire.

Deadpool escapes "The VAULT", a place for insane super-villains, meanwhile, Daredevil seeks more info on the new Kingpin, but first he must help Spidey and The Black Cat defeat Morbius, The Living Vampire!

This is the first appearence of the VAULT and reappearence of Daredevil.
Death Is A Woman Named Elektra! Deadpool teams up with Daredevil, Spidey, and Black Cat, meanwhile, an assassin named Elektra is hired by the new Kingpin to kill Morbius, but she crosses paths with an old friend: Daredevil. This is the first appearence of Elektra and the first time Deadpool does something heroic.
The New Kingpin After sneaking a blood sample from Morbius, Deadpool gives it to the new Kingpin and gives him all the secrets of mutagenics! Meanwhile, Daredevil and Elektra are reunited at last... or at least until Hammerhead sends Boomerang out to exterminate them! This is the first appearence of Boomerang.
Intervention Molten Man seeks a cure for his... unfortunate problem, but burns everything he touches! But can Molten Man use this mutation for good instead of evil? Meanwhile, Boomerang kidnaps Daredevil and Elektra, and the next part of Hammerhead's plan is to send Hydro-Man to extinguish the fire that is... Molten Man! This is the first reappearence of Hydro-Man since Reinforcements.
Hammerhead Proudly Presents The New Six! Molten Man must fight to survive against Hammerheads henchmen Shocker, Rhino, Kraven, Tarantula, Man Mounain Marko, and Electro, Hammerhead's Sinister Six! Plus, The New Kingpin ransacks New York after releasing his teleporting black-hole creating rab-lat, The Spot! This episode is the reappearences of Shocker, Rhino, Kraven, Tarantula, Electro, and Man Mountain Marko, it is also the debut of Hammerhead's version of the Sinister Six and the debut of The Spot.
Hammered Again! Peter breaks up with Felicia after The Spot almost destroys her, but will he fall for Mary Jane, plus, Daredevil and Elektra wake up in the clutches of Hammerhead! N/A.
Double Trouble The Spot and Boomerang team up to stop Spider-Man! Meanwhile, The Black Catis kidnapped by the new Kingpin of Crime! N/A.
Exposed Pt. 1

: Love Triangle

Daredevil and Elektra escape from Hammerhead's lair and see a glimpse of The New Kingpin! But everytime they're about to spill it, The New Six attack them! Meanwhile, Spider-Man must rescue Felicia and tell her it's time to move on, and also find time in the day to tell M.J. about his feelings for her!


Pt. 2: Harry Returns

Harry is freed from The RAFT for good behavior. But just when he's freed, the Hobgoblin returns, and kidnaps Harry! Meanwhile Peter is "missing." Really, he's lost in The New Kingpin's hide-out looking for Felicia! So J. Jonah Jameson has Ned Leeds take Peters place and get some front page photos! This is the reappearence of both Harry and The Hobgoblin, plus the debut of Ned Leeds.

Exposed Pt. 3: Hammered For The Last Time!

Hammerhead unleashes Mac Gargan upon The New Kingpin's place to wreak some havoc, now that he's been transformed into Scorpion again! Meanwhile, Ned Leeds get front page pics of The Hobgoblin... but how?! This is the reappearence of The Scorpion.
Exposed Pt. 4: Secrets Exposed! Ned Leeds is the new Kingpin! That's not all... he's also The Hobgoblin! Now Spidey must rescue Harry and The Black Cat while battling The Hobgoblin and The Scorpion! This is the revealation of who the new Kingpin is and who the new Hobgoblin is.
Exposed Conclusion: Final Curtain Spider-Man must battle The Hobgoblin and The Scorpion! Plus the assassins known as The New Six join the fight! Harry must become the Goblin again to help Spidey and Black Cat face these 8 villains! N/A.