This is the 2nd season of the tv show based off the movie "The Spectacular Spider-Man". This season consists of 25 episodes unlike the previous season which consisted of 26 episodes.


Name: Plot: Other:
A Game of Cat and Mouse Spider-Man starts seeing a figure similar to Carnage wandering about the city, meanwhile, "The Black Cat" tries bringing down Hammerhead and his associate, Tombstone. The Black Cat is another probable villain in The Spectacular Spider-Man 4
Learning Curve Pt 1:


School is back in session and this is Peter's last year before graduation. Peter plans on becoming a teacher at E.C.U. only if he can get a good colledge education there, and clear his name now thet "The Chameleon" is framing him! He seeks help from Madame Web, but her advice is "trust an unlikely ally'. You know, for someone who can see the future, her advice isn't that much help. Chameleon is one of the many villains being considered for The Spectacular Spider-Man 4.
Learning Curve Pt 2: Yacht Another Day! Spider-Man must team up with The Black Cat to prove himself innocent, but is she that much help, or just in it for the treasures, as they must unmask The Chameleon on billionare mother of Felicia Hardy's yacht, full of money and valuables. N/A
Learning Curve

Pt 3: The Easy Way Or The Hardy Way?

Felicia Hardy falls for exchange student from Transelvania, Michael Morbius, and does Gwen Stacy have a crush on now returned Eddie Brock? With images of Carnage all over and Eddie Brock back from god knows where Spider-Man is in big trouble, especially when he starts losing his powers on and off! This is the first appearence of Michael Morbius and the first episode with Eddie since he went off into to the night in the conclusion of "Maximum Carnage".
The Man-Spider or The Spider-Man? Pt 1: The Web of Man-Spider!? Dr. Connors examines Spider-Man's DNA and tells him his blood is now changing since the first time it was exposed to mutagenics, meaning the spider part of this DNA is becoming dominate!!! N/A.
The Man-Spider or The Spider-Man? Pt 2: Changes Felicia Hardy has something to say to Peter but every time she gets close enough he needs a reason to raincheck, because of constant changes in his DNA. Meanwhile, Dr. Connors has a contest where whoever has the best expiriment becomes Dr. Connors' lab assistant, and Michael is so determined to win he's desperate! N/A.
The Man-Spider or The Spider-Man? Pt 3: Man-Spider Unleashed!

While chasing down The Black Cat, Spider-Man gets transformed into something unholy, a mutant spider! He turns back after The Black Cat knock him into a crate full of... The Lizard Serum?!

This episode is the first time Spider-Man becomes Man-Spider.
The Man-Spider or The Spider-Man? Conclusion Ever since he was cured with his mask off, Black Cat saw him unmasked - in human form!!! Now that Black Cat knows his secret identity, and that he knows the cure to the Man-Spider mutation is the serum that turned Dr. Connors' into The Lizard, Spider-Man is expecting anything, and asking Dr. Connors for the Lizard serum! But, Peter leaves a sample of his Man-Spider blood Dr. connors was examing out in the open... where Michael Morbius gets his hands on it! N/A.
The Living Vampire Pt 1: Blood Morbius does some tests of his own with the Man-Spider blood, trying to take the credit for this creation to win the contest! He tests it on a bat, and the results are unbelievable! But, what happens when this mutant Vampire-Bat escapes?! Meanwhile, blood samples to done donate are being taken at E.C.U. and Peter needs to find a way out of there before a second Man-Spider is created, luckily he has enough of the Lizard serum to wash down the mutations, but some normal Spider-Powers are still in his blood! N/A.
The Living Vampire Pt 2: Meet Morbius! The radioactive Vampire-Bat bite effects Morbius horribly, resulting in him growing fangs, bat-wings, pale skin, super strength and agility, plus, a thirst for blood! And his first victim is Anton Rodriguez, but he survives long enough to have the donated blood of Peter Parker, as he gains spider agility, spider strength, and spider-sense! This is the first appearence of both Morbius as a vampire and Anton Rodriguez.
The Living Vampire Pt 3: Double Trouble! Anton Rodriguez was a poor man, no many, no home. He lived in a cardboard box until he gained spider sense, spider agility, spider strength, and amazing kung fu abilities, now he can get money by stealing it as the crook, The Tarantula! But after being stopped all the time by Spider-Man, he and Morbius team up to finally defeat him! This is the first time Anton Rodriguez appears as The Tarantula.
The Living Vampire Conclusion: A Bat In The Spider-Web After being defeated by The Tarantula and Morbius, Spider-Man must finally stop them by teaming up with the only other guy with enough guts to stand up to Morbius, Blade The Vampire Hunter. This is the first appearence of Blade The Vampire Hunter.
Crime & Punishment Pt 1 of 2 J. Jonah Jameson prints papers stating Spider-Man was in cohoots with Morbius. While Peter tries explaining that was The Tarantula Jameson says that Blade and "The Scarlet Spider" are the real heroes, little does Peter know that a clone of him known as The Scarlet Spider is running around stopping crime. Meanwhile, Eddie confronts Peter at E.C.U. telling him the story of how Eddie lost the symbiote and now its gone forever, but he claims that before it left it informed him that a war of the symbiotes was coming, and Eddie, now powerless, seeks Peter's help to survive the war without the symbiote. Plus, the big question is... WHO'S THE PUNISHER?!?! N/A.
Crime & Punishment Pt 2 of 2 After everyone believes Spider-Man is an ally of Morbius, "The Punisher" tracks Spidey down, meanwhile, Eddie is preparing the war of the symbiotes by trying to break into the now abondend Oscorp building and steal the weapons there, but instead a white symbiote secretly netsing itself in the now abondend Oscorp factory catches his eye. Anti-Venom is born! This is the first appearence of both Punisher and Microchip.
Venomous The Tinkerer manages to cure Mac Gargan, wich he desires so much. But, Mac Gargan can't go back to a normal life just yet... because now, the Venom symbiote has bonded to him! Scorpion no more, Venom infite! Meanwhile, Spidey must come face to face with his clone, The Scarlet Spider! This is the first appearence of Mac Gargan as the second Venom.
ReVamped! Morbius returns and crashes the party where Spider meets Spider! This is the first appearence of Morbius since he was locked away and being tested on to find the cure for him in "The Living Vampire Conclusion"
Spider in Scarlet! After revealing that Scarlet Spider is Ben Riley, a clone of Spider-Man made by Tinkerer (Except he became a hero) Ben Riley discovers Peter Parker is Spider-Man, and they decide to swich places, so Ben Riley can deal with Mac Gargan, and Peter Parker can investigate how Morbius escaped, what Eddie was talking about when he said War of the Symbiotes, and where Eddie disappeared to! N/A.
Identity Theft Mac Gargan unmasks Spider-Man, who is really Ben Riley, and when the Bugle's ID database has no trace of a Ben Riley, they suspect Spider-Man's from the future! Meanwhile, Aunt May starts worrying where Peter is. N/A.
War of the Worlds Pt 1: Phage Infinite! Kingpin sets a mercenary after Ben Riley, but this new yellow symbiote has other plans! It bonds with the assassin, and Phage is born! This is the first appearence of Phage.
War of the Worlds Pt 2: Screaming in Agony! Kingpin's next best assassin, codenamed "Agony", is sent in to finish Phages job! But a purple symbiote might just change that! Now Agony is prepared for the War of Worlds with her new purple symbiote! First appearence of Agony.
War of the Worlds Pt 3: Prepare to Be Invaded! The war of symbiotes is started and a green one bonds with crime boss known only as... Lasher! Lasher tries getting rid of rivals Hammerhead and Silvermane! Meanwhile, Scarlet Spider and Spider-Man must prove Ben Riley isn't Spider-Man, so Riley hacks the bugle's database and adds his ID to it, but at the very end of the list! And ssecond, to prove he isn't Spider-Man, they get him a job as a cop, and say he just dressed up as Spidey to investigate more on Hammerhead's criminal activities! Debut of Lasher and first appearence of Silvermane since his defeat in season 1.
War of the Worlds Pt 4: A War Is Among Us The war begins! Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider must fight through hoards of symbiotes to save the day, but the hardest part might be defeating the now improved with his very own symbiote... Kingpin of Crime... or make that Kingpin of Symbiotes! N/A.
Kingpin of Symbiotes Pt. 1 Now with his own blue symbiote, the Kingpin has the ability to mentally communicate and summon Symbiotes! Plus, he has the best one bonded with hi, as Kingpin wields... The King of Symbiotes! N/A.
Kingpin of Symbiotes Pt. 3 Spider-Man and Scarlet Spider are now at the mercy of The Kingpin's top henchmen, Agony, Phage, and Lasher! N/A.
Kingpin of Symbiotes Conclusion: Carnage of the War! Carnage reappears and wants one thing and one thing only... The Kingpin of Symbiotes' head for lunch! Only Madame Web has the power to destroy the symbiote army! N/A.