This is an animated series based off the movie "The Spectacular Spider-Man". It consists of 26 episodes.


Season 1
Name: Plot: Other:
Six Most Sinister!

On Peter's vacation, The Sinister Six reunites with Mysterio, Shocker, Kraven The Hunter, Scorpion, Electro, and Sand-Man.

Kraven appears in the sequel and the original six are the main villains in the threequel, consisting of Green Goblin, Dock Ock, Sand-Man, Venom, Electro, and Rhino.
Natural Selection Scorpion and The Lizard return but after the events of the first episode Kraven for some reason is hunting down Scorpion but when he sees The Lizard instead decides that The Lizard would be a greater trophy and tries hunting both down. Lizard appears in the sequel with Kraven whose been trying to hunt down the Lizard ever since.
Ock 'N' Roll Dock Ock's new partner, The Tinkerer, takes over Ock's mystery plan that Spidey must infiltrate. Phineas Mason was the name of Dock Ock's assistant before the accident that made him Dr. Octopus happened.
Atom Bonk Tinkerer creates an atom bomb for Shocker to use so he can threaten/stall Spider-Man as he holds the detonator. Dock Ock has Rhino and Electro threaten Spider-Man with a bazooka aimed at Queens in The Spectacular Spider-Man 3.
Survival of the Fittest The Tinkerer has The Enforcers, Ricochet, Montanna, Ox, and there leader, Silver Sable, deal with Spider-Man after Shocker is defeated. N/A.
This Is For The Memories Spidey tracks The Tinkerer to the RAFT were all his arch-enemies are freed as Tinkerer locks Spidey in there. N/A.
Teaching A New Dog Old Tricks Cerenal J. Jameson, J. Jonah Jameson's son, returns from a space mission, with something red and gooey he finds smeered across the space shuttle, wich enters his DNA through a dog bite, mutating him horribly. This is the first appearence of the Man-Wolf.
Bad Doggy! Spider-Man must seperate this red symbiote from John Jameson's blood before he mutates worse from the dog spit and symbiote wich entered his DNA. N/A.
Maximum Carnage Pt 1: Nothing Goes As Planned Thing are either changing or Flash Thompson has gone insane. Flash Thompson, Kong, Mark Raxton, and Mary Jane are planning a suprise party for Liz Allan on her birthday, but some red goop crashes the party! Dr. Connors turns into the Lizard somehow and his tail smashes the glass, freeing the new symbiote! N/A.
Maximum Carnage Pt 2: His Name Was Kletus Kletus Kassidy, criminal. Yup, you get it, but now he's escaped prison and breaks into Liz Allan's house! Meanwhile, Dr. Connors reveals the power of the symbiote triggered something, and transformed Dr. Connors into The Lizard! If it bonds to anything, or anyone, it'll cause them to do things. Evil things! Too bad, because instead of robbing money from Liz Allan's house, he robs a certain red glob! This is the origin of Carnage. Carnage is a character to possibly appear in my 4th Spectacular Spider-Man film.
Maximum Carnage pt 3: 2 Symbiotes and a Spider! Venom returns, and meets Carnage, sparks and punches will fly! Spider-Man has to team up with a villain to stop these two Symbiote Psychos! the black symbiote says "We Escaped The Planet When A Stronger One Took Over" to Eddie in The Spectacular Spider-Man 3, meaning the red symbiote took the planet over, explaining how Venom holds a grudge on Carnage when the first time they meet.
Maximum Carnage: Conclusion Spider-Man seeks help from Mysterio when he remembers his illusions can also make loud screeching noises, the only weakness of a symbiote. Spider-Man discovers Venom's weakness when he dodges Rhino's charge and Rhino instead rams into a big metal pole, leaving a loud thud noise and causing Venom to screech in agony.
Gangwars Allan Silvermane is freed from prison and secretly plans an evil plot against George Stacy. N/A.

'Ow, My Ugly Face'!

Silvermane discovers "The Tablet of Time" and, seeking youth, has Dr. Connors build a mechanical suit to absorb the tablets power allowing Silvermane to drain youth from his victims. N/A.
Kingpin of Crime Silvermane attacks his arch-rival, Wilson Fisk, now that he's agile, strong and energetic from all the youth he's absorbed. N/A.
Hammered Kingpin is kidnapped by Silvermane, and Spidey's youth has been drained! Can an old Spidey defeat a young Silvermane before he kidnaps his next competition, Hammerhead? N/A.

' 'Peter Parker: Tomb Raider!

Old Spidey saves Hammerhead, who gives info on Silvermane's plan. Silvermane's next target, Tombstone! Can old Spidey retrive the Tablet of Time, get his youth back, save Tombstone, and stop Silvermane all by himself?!

More Then Meets The


An old forune teller named Madame Web helps Spider-Man regain his youth for only 24 hours, meaning Spidey has one day to stop Silvermane, but, how much will Aunt May and everybody else miss him?! N/A.
Stop That Criminal Or I'll Errupt! Silvermane is defeated, but, Tinkerer forces Harry Osborn to don the mask of the goblin, so he can become... The Hobgoblin! Meanwhile, what's happening to Liz Allan's step-brother, Mark Raxton? 2 characters, 2 dramatic events, and 1 episode to change this show forever! Harry Osborn as the Hobgoblin might be another main villain for my 4th and final Spectacular Spider-Man movie.
The Goblin and The Human-Volcanoe! Mark Raxton is now the Molten Man, and Harry Osborn is now the Hobgoblin! Will Peter be able to fight his 2 old friends, or will the bad guys at long last WIN? N/A.
DisSabled Molten Man and The Hobgoblin are finally defeated and in the RAFT. But can Spidey defeat Silver Sable and The New Enforcers, Ox, Shocker, and Montanna?! This is the second time Spider-Man must face The Enforcers and Silver Sable.
Say The Magic Words! Harry Osborn is kidnapped from the RAFT and is being used as a human host for the demon Dormammu, and only Dr. Strange can help find out who's behind this! N/A.
Tentacles, Oh My! Baron Mordo is discovered as the planner of all this, but before Dr Strange and Spidey can catch him, he unleashes a green demon with tons of tentacles, named... Shuma-Gorath!!! N/A.
Boy of Trouble: The Harry Osborn Story Harryy wakes up and finds himself in the dark dimension with a giant six-armed firey-headed world-conquering demon, Dormammu! While Harry becomes The Hobgoblin again, he finds himself fighting his way out of this dimension! This episode stars Harry, unlike all the others, wich center around Peter.
The Circle Chase Spider-Man and Dr. Strange find themselves chasing Baron Mordo across the dark dimension, while Dormammu finds himself chasing The Hobgoblin across the same dark dimension! N/A.
Grand Finale Harry is returned to the RAFT and Baron Mordo and Dormammu are forever sealed away in the dark dimension, plus Peter scored a date with Felicia Hardy! Everything seems to be going his way until he has to put on the spidey suit and chase down a cat-burglar calling herself The Black Cat, and is that Carnage dissapearing into the shadows? N/A.