The Web Of Spider-Man: The Animated Series is a television series which its taking place in Earth-TRN1295. it was created by Billy2009. The series has events based out of The Amazing Spider-Man comics, The Sensational Spider-Man Comics, The Spectacular Spider-Man Comics, The Web of Spider-Man Comics, The Upcoming Animated Spider-Man Film, The Upcoming MCU Spider-Man Trilogy, The Spider-Man Unlimited Comics, The Ultimate Spider-Man Comics, The Spider-Man Trilogy and The Amazing Spider-Man Trilogy.

Plot Edit

Season 1 Edit

Season 1 deals with Peter Parker who is already as the rookie superhero, Spider-Man who fights crimes and also, teaming-ups with other heroes. Towards to the mid-finale of the season, Eddie Block becomes Spider-Man's Deadly Arch-Enemy, Venom. Towards the end of the season, Spider-Man joins the Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes to stop the Masters of Evil who has their member which its is, Dr. Octopus!

Season 2 Edit

Season 2 deals with Peter Parker who is still Spider-Man who is fightning both old and new enemies. Also, Teaming-up with his both old and new allies. Towards the end of the season. Norman Osborn remember he was the Green Goblin, Again and kills Peter's Life, Gwen Stacy. Which norman dies also.

Season 3 Edit

Season 3 deals with Peter contuies being as the amazing Spider-Man as his enemies grow stronger than before. But he never give ups as his allies helps him. Towards the mid-finale of the season, Green Goblin is back from the dead and become monsterous. Towards the end of the season, Spider-Man meets other versions of him from other worlds who are tring to stop evil Spider-Men/Women from taking over worlds to worlds.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

1.Spider-Man: Average Teenage Peter Parker who is bullied by Flash Thompson and has a crush on both Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson. Peter was bitten by a radioactive spider while on a field trip. Peter discover that his gains spider powers and become Spider-Man. But learn that "With Great Powers That Also Come With Great Responisibility." after the tradegy of his beloved uncle, Ben Parker.

2.Bird of Prey: A oscorp scientist named Adrian Toomes creates a high tech flying battle suit. But rejects by Norman Osborn and fired him. Toomes vow vengeance as the vengeful Vulture. It's all ups to Spider-Man who must defeat the Vulture and save Osborn. Meanwhile, Peter Aunt, May Parker, who sets him up on a date with the neighbors' daughter, Mary Jane Watson.

3.The Sand of Crimes: Flint Marko, a petty thug of the crime boss, The Kingpin, who is broken out of jail after being stopped by Spider-Man and accidently falls into a testing area and an atomic bomb explodes. Flint who is able to control sand and uses his new abilities to gets revenge on Spider-Man and Captain George Stacy. How can Spidey fights man who is never even touch because of his sand powers? Meanwhile, Peter and Gwen are hanging out Elsewhere, Peter gots a job at the Daily Bugle.

4.The Horns of The Rhino: A russian criminal named Aleksei Sytsevich is puts in a suit which he name himself. "The Rhino" by The Kingpin who is tasked him to destroy George Stacy. Spider-Man must protect Stacy and must finds a way of how to defeat Rhino.

5.Enter Electro: When a lineman named Maxwell "Max" Dillon is struck by lightning. However, The lightning gives him the powers of electricity, Instand of killing him. How can Spidey defeat someone who is made out of pure energy? Meanwhile, Peter and Gwen are hanging, again but with Mary Jane and Harry.

6.Shocking: Herman Schultz is sick and tried of Spider-Man for putting him in jails. However, Herman creates gauntlets that can emit sonic vibrations. He breaks out of prison. Schultz decides to call himself, "The Shocker" and his begins his first target for revenge: Spider-Man!

7.The Sting of The Scorpion: J. Jonah Jameson hires a private eye named MacDonald "Mac" Gargan to spy on Peter to figure out of how he gets good pictures of Spider-Man. But failing to find out due to his spider-sence, Jameson wants Gargan to put on a scorpion suit and goes after Spider-Man. However, Scorpion can;t gets the suit out of him and vow vengeance on Jameson for raining his life by killing him, Now it's up to Spider-Man to defeat scorpion, Protect Jameson and change him back to normal.

8.Kraven The Hunter: A professional hunter from russia named Sergei Kravinoff comes to New York to pitch a reality TV show in which hunts down and kills animals on live television. But it is rejected, But J. Jonah Jameson preomises to help Kravinoff to get his show on the air if he catches Spider-Man. But fails, Kraven begins hunting down Jameson for lying to him about Spider-Man begin a criminial. Will Spidey defeat the greatest hunter for all time?

9.Armed And Dangerous: When a Oscorp scientist named Dr. Otto Octavius who gots caught in a lab accident. But when his four robotic arms fused with his nervous system. Octavius who calling himself, Dr. Octopus. Spider-Man must thanks of a way of how to stop this madman who has four mechanical. Meanwhile, Peter and MJ goes on a friday date.

10.Where Crawl The Lizard: Peter discover that his science teacher, Curt Connors regrow his right arm by using lizard DNA. But turn him into a half-man, half-lizard monster which he is attacking New York. Spider-Man must saves his teacher before it's two late.

11.Mysterious: Peter discover that someone was posing as Spider-Man to rob the Midtown Bank. Things gets weird when a man named Mysterio and bet that he can defeat Spider-Man. Easily block his Spider-Sence. Can Spidey find a way of how to clean his name and defeat Mysterio, Once and for all?

12.The Kingpin of Crimes: As the crime rate has gone going up. Everyones (Except Peter Parker) know who behind of all this: The Kingpin (The man who created The Rhino), but nobodies knows who the Kingpin really is. Spidey finds out who Kingpin is when he notices a connection between the rich businessman Wilson Fisk and the Kingpin. He finds out that they're the same person. Spidey will stop to nothing to put Fisk behind in bars. But he fights faces with the Enforcers and than, The Kingpin.

13.The Suit Part 1: While Peter and Gwen on a friday date, a meteor crashes nearby. Than the black substance gets on Peter's shoe while taking Gwen home and changes into Spider-Man. It gets all over Peter's costume becoming a sleek black suit. However, The suit make Peter selfish to his friends and family. Meanwhile, Eddie Block got his career ruined by Peter and wants him dead.

14.The Suit Part 2: After it tries to control Peter. But Peter discover the weakness of the Symbiote: Sounds. He gets rid of the black suitand it gots on Eddie who now become, Spider-Man's Newest and Deadlist Arch-Enemy, Venom! Venom attakcs Peter's school. Can Spidey survive Venom's wrath or will Spidey used sound effect to waken the Symbiotes?

15.The Many Faces of The Chameleon: A week after the symbiotes' innocdent, Spider-Man discover that someone was posing as him to rob banks. Spider-Man battles the Imposter who reveal to be, The Chameleon, The Master of Disguise. How Can Spider-Man defeat someone who can posing someone?

16.Rise of The Green Goblin: Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn's Father and CEO of Oscorp, who is caught in a lab accident and transform into the madman, The Green Goblin and begins to wreck havoc on New York City. During the fights with Spider-Man, They gots they masks cut by eachelves. In the end, Peter bushes Norman to the ground if make him forget he was the Green Goblin.

17.The Return of The Vulture: The Vulture is back for revenge on both Spider-Man and Norman Osborn.

Notes: This Episode is lossing based on Amazing Spider-Man #7.

18.The Terrible Threats of The Living Brain!: Peter's other science teacher, Mr. Petty created a robot know as the Living Brain. However, Two men try to steal the Living Brain but accidently reprogram the robot go on a rampage. Meanwhile, Peter takes on Flash in a boxing match.

Notes: This Episode is based on Amazing Spider-Man #8.

19.The Return of The Green Goblin: Norman Osborn begins to remember that he was the Green Goblin and also, Spider-Man secret identity! Spider-Man must defeat his greatest arch-enemy. Meanwhile, Flash begins a Spider-Man Fan Club.

Notes: This Episode is based on Amazing Spider-Man #17.

20.Framed: When Spider-Man must helps his worst critic who is framed by his old enemy, The Chameleon. Meanwhile, Gwen discover that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

21.Punishment Time: When a brutal and violent vigilante named the Punisher comes to New York, starts to make Spider-Man's life even worse when his mistakenly Spider-Man as a villain who need to be wiped out. Spider-Man do whatever he can to survive from the Punisher's warth.

22.The Kingpin and The Hammerhead: Kingpin meets his old rival, Hammerhead. which they are conflict one by one. Spider-Man is caught just right in the middle. Meanwhile, Peter and MJ goes on a date.

23.Thinking: A scientist is fired by Norman Osborn and vow vengeance on Osborn by used his interlligence on robots to destroy Oscorp. Spider-Man must save Norman from The Tinkerer. However, Tinkerer seal Oscorp and tarps Spider-Man, Norman and the other peoples at Oscorp are now trapped. Spider-Man led thems to escape from Tinkerer' interlligence.

24.Fantastic: The Fantastic Four comes and aids Spider-Man for their help to take down Dr. Doom who team-up with the Sandman. Doom promise Sandman to cure him. Spider-Man is confused and wonders why would Dr. Doom be able to cure Flint's Sand Powers.

25.the Rampaging Rhinos: Spider-Man uncovers Rhino who is potting to take over New York City by controling Rhinos. Meanwhile, Norman begins to discover that Peter Parker and Spider-Man are the same person. Elsewhere, Gwen and MJ are both keeping Peter's secrets as a secret.

26.Avenging: While on portal, Spider-Man is join by The Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes who need his help when their enemy, The Masters of Evil who has a new member which it is Dr. Octopus.

Season 2 Edit

27.The Revenge of The Green Goblin Part 1: Spider-man find himself in a battle between himself and the Green Goblin who know his secret identity. Peter discover that Norman Osborn is the Green Goblin and plans to exposed his goblin identity to the whole world. But, Spidey is confused how is he going to do it. However, He deicdes to make him forget he was the Green Goblin in the first place. Meanwhile, Curt Connors begins the Lizard, Again.

28.The Revenge of The Green Goblin Part 2: Now Spider-Man is in big troubles when Connors begins the Lizard, again and The Green Goblin kidnaps MJ, his aunt and even, his boss: J. Jonah Jameson! Will Spider-Man be able enough to save thems from the Goblin or helping Connors by finding a cure?

29.Tombstone: Two days after The Green Goblin's Inncodent, Peter goes as Spider-Man to save Robbie from an mob enforcer, Tombstone. Meanwhile, Peter guardated High School and moves to a apartment with his best friend, Harry.
























Season 3 Edit



























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