The Spectacular Spider-man (season 3) - this season will has 26 episodes, instand of 13 episodes. Edit

Characters Edit

main character and supporting characters Edit

peter parker/spider-man

gwen stacy

harry osborn

mary jane watson

j. jonah jameson

betty brant

robbie robertson

ned lee

fredirck foswell

ben unich

phil unich - new character.

aunt may parker

flash thompson

captain george stacy

jean dewolff

ben railey/scarlet spider

john jameson

mary parker

richard parker

liz allen

sally avril

felicia hardy/black cat

dr. curt connors

dr. martia connors

billy connors


norman osborn/green goblin

dr. otto octaivus/dr. octopus

morris bench/hydro-man - new villain.

dr. jonathan ohnn/spot - new villain.

miles warren/jackal - new villain.

flint marko/sandman

maxwell "max" dillon/electro

alex o'hrin/rhino

doppleganger - new villain.


l. thompson lincoln/tombstone

adrien toomes/vulture

james sanders/speed demon - new villain.

sergei kravinoff/kraven the hunter

eddie block/venom


micheal moribus/moribus - new villain.

spider-slayer - new villain.

spencer symthe - new villain.

alistair symthe - new villain.

fritz von meyer/swarm - new villain.


fancy dan/ricochet

cletus kassidy/carnage - new villain.

overdrive - new villain.

angelo fortunato/venom ll - new villain.

phineas mason/tinkerer

maxwell markham/grizzly - new villain.

jason macendale, jr./jack o'lantern - new villain.

abner jenkins/beetle - villain.

frederick "fred" myers/boomerang - new villain.

sivilo manfrdi/silvermane


sable manfredi/silver sable

quentin beck/mysterio

wilson fisk/kingpin - new villain.

mr. negative - new villain.

inner demons - new villain(s).

roderick kingsley/hobgoblin - new villain.

macdonald "mac" gargan/scorpion - new villain.

Episodes Edit

27. copyright infringment part 1: a week of tombstone's defeated and osobrn "dead", peter find himselv in a battle with his new enemy, the beetle who kidnaps harry osborn and spidey follows him to leds to the kingpin of crime, after the chase. spider-man crashs the party as his battles the kingpin and the beetle in order to save harry. Edit

28. copyright infringment part 2: after spider-man save harry, now he must stop the kingpin and the beetle, once and for all. marewhile, sivler sable and hammerhead are having a talk with the kingpin leaving the beetle faceing spider-man, all by himself. Edit

29. law and order: the kingpin sent sandman to take down spider-man, once and for all while silver sable and hammehead begins their first attacks on spider-man. marewhile summer break i near. Edit

30. h20: the last day of school and summer break is finally here! at oscorp, morris bench falls into a unknown generation that turn him into a man who is made out of water. spider-man must stop and the only pormible is that spiders don't swims. Edit

31. fission: j. jonah jameson hires a man named mac gargan and turn him into the scorpion to destroy spider-man! marewhile, harry and gwen are board and wishs peter was here. Edit

32. genetics: harry and gwen must to see peter again. but they discover that peter is dating mary jane. marewhile, two crimals named speed demon and the grizzly attacks new york. Edit

33. mutation: mysterio and kraven are back and they team-ups in order to get rids of spider-man, once and for all! marewhile, harry meets his father who come back and shocking his own son. but how is that norman is alive? Edit

34. food chain part 1: john jameson gets kidnaps by the mysteriosu figure named the hobgoblin (who look-like the green goblin, but with a cape) which he is on a mission to elinmated spider-man! until the green goblin sudden appears out of nowhere and shocking spider-man, john jameson and the hobgoblin. Edit

35. food chain part 2: norman osborn is back from the dead and shocking everyones in the whole world and now spider-man must stop him. Edit

36. ???: spider-man must stop a war between the green goblin and the hobgoblin. marewhile, harry wants to become a goblin just like his father. Edit

37. ???: when peter remember the time with his parents, richard and mary parker and wants to know that what happens with his parents. marewhile, a new villain appears! Edit

38. ???: peter discover that the kingpin was the one killed his beloved uncle ben and vow vengeance. during the fight, peter reember that with great powers come with great responisibilty which that he forgots about it. Edit

39. ??? Edit

40. ??? Edit

41. ???: harry has become the new goblin and his mission is to destroyed spider-man! marewhile, eddie begins to feel sick. Edit

42. ??? Edit

43. dna part 1: the jackal steal spidey dna and create two clones of spider-man named doppleganger and the scarlet spider and they mission: destroy spider-man. Edit

44. dna part 2: spider-man convince the scarlet spider to take down doppleganger and the jackal, once and for all. Edit

45. ??? Edit

46. ??? Edit

47. Edit

48. Edit

49. Edit

50. Edit

51. Edit

52. Edit

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