The Spectacular Spider-Man - Season 6 is the next season of the Spectacular Spider-Man TV series, created by omnispider. Unlike seasons 3, 4, and 5, this season has 22 episodes, instead of 18.

Proceeded By: The Spectacular Spider-Man - Season 5

Followed By: The Spectacular Spider-Man - Season 7


Peter and Mary Jane are still trying to get married, since their first wedding was crashed by Venom and Carnage. With Harry dead, Peter continues Harry's vow to take down the Green Goblin. While the Green and Hob Goblin are back in their old suits, since Peter found a cure for the enhanced Globulin Green. Peter must find a way to take down all his villains forever. To Peter's surprise, the new kid at Stark Tech is actually him, a genetically identical clone, Ben Reilly. Spider-Man might face his greatest challenge yet, when every single person he's fought join forces in one final battle or even his final war.


Peter Parker/Spider-Man - In this final season, Peter's life is having ups and downs. He's dating Mary Jane, preparing to marry her, but sadly his best bud Harry sacrificed his life, but for a good cause. Now, Peter prepares for his biggest war.

Mary Jane Watson - Peter's loving girlfriend and later, wife, who keeps his secret and will do everything she can for him.

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin - Using the globulin green, Norman is the Green Goblin, back to his old suit, since he's been cured from his monstrous form.

May Parker - Peters Aunt and the woman that raised him, alongside Ben Parker.

Bobby Drake/Ice Man - Bobby is one of Peter's closest friends, and they've both been each others best man at their weddings. He fights crime with Spidey and his wife, Angelica.

Angelica Jones/Firestar - Peter's old teammate, who battles crime with him and her husband, Bobby.

Felicia Hardy/Black Cat - One of Peter's and Mary Jane's best friends, who has finally turned to fighting crime, along side with Spider-Man.

S.H.I.E.L.D. - An organization to defeat major villains. S.H.I.E.L.D. occasionally helps Spider-Man, defeat his most dangerous enemies.

Otto Octavious/Doctor Octopus - One of Spider-Man's worst enemies, who uses four mechanical arms and is the leader of the Sinister six.

Max Dillon/Electro - Former employee of Dr. Connors, who became electrified and is a member of the sinister six

Montana/Shocker - A member of the Big Man's enforcers and the sinister six.

Kraven - A hunter who seeks Spider-Man as his prey and is a member of the sinister six

Adrien Toomes/Vulture - Cranky old man, who uses electronic wings and is a member of the sinister six.

Quentin Beck/Mysterio - Former worker for the Chameleon, who uses electronic illusions to battle and is a member of the sinister six.

Alex O'Hirn/Rhino - A criminal who uses a metal rhino suit, to defeat Spider-Man and a member of the sinister six.

Flint Marco/Sandman - A criminal able to form into sand and member of the sinister six. Marco struggles between good and evil, but is mostly evil when it comes to Spidey and good when it comes to helping citizens.

Scorpion - Uses a scorpion shaped suit, with a tail with acid and a member of the sinister six.

L. Thompson Lincoln/Tombstone - tries to kill Spider-Man and his former henchman, Hammerhead, while trying to take back his place, as the big man, who is currently, the Green Goblin.

Eddie Brock Jr./Venom - Former friend of Peter's, now enemy focused on destroying Spider-Man, using the evil symbiote as Venom.

Cletus Kasady/Carnage - Insane Madman, criminal, with the symbiote spawn of Venom's symbiote, Cletus creates chaos, as Carnage.

Hob Goblin - Stronger than ever, using the enhanced, Globulin Green, the new monstrous Hob Goblin battles Spider-Man and the Green Goblin

Thanos - An evil alien from Saturn's moon, Titan, who uses the infinity gauntlet, to try to rule the Earth.

Dormammu - A dark demon of chaos, banned from Earth by Dr. Strange.


1. Goblins, in the Old Days - Following the wedding and death of Harry, Peter continues Harry's vow to take down the goblins.

2. Commitment - Mary Jane moves into Peter's apartment. Meanwhile, Spider-Man and Black Cat must take down Kraven, when he captures Angelica, while Bobby is visiting the X-Men.

3. Hallow - On Halloween, Peter is Spider-Man and M.J. is Spider-Girl, out at a Halloween Party. The Sinister Six arrive, but Peter may have trouble finding them, considering there are people wearing costumes of his enemies ad allies, and he doesn't know what six of his enemies are on the team this time.

4. Similar - A new kid, Ben Reilly, enrolls at Stark Tech, shocking everyone, considering he looks a lot like Peter. Peter finds out that he's a clone of himself, created by Doc Ock and the Goblin. Peter has his clone create a superhero identity, so he becomes the Scarlet Spider and they team up to take down Doc Ock.

5. Recruit - Peter and M.J. try to find a place for Ben, while Bobby and Felicia are having a hard time trusting him, but they might have to, when the Green Goblin captures Peter and M.J.

6. You May Now... - Peter and Mary Jane finally get around to what they hope will be their last wedding. But before they can tie the knot, the Green Goblin attacks Peter. In the End, they finally get married.

7. Honeymoon - While the newly weds, Peter and Mary Jane Parker, are on their honeymoon, Ben Reilly subs for Peter as Spider-Man. Ben finds out it's not easy being Spider-Man when he must stop the sinister six.

8. Back to "New York" - When Peter and Mary Jane come back from their honeymoon, they find that New York is different and their friends are acting strange. It turns out, it was all in allusion, by Mysterio.

9. Six Thanks - It's Thanksgiving, and Peter's and Mary Jane's first, together, and they spend it with Aunt May. While Peter and Gwen need to get everything, Spider-Man needs to take down the sinister six.

10. Invasion of the Goblins - When Norman Osborn regains the globulin green, that turns him into the monstrous Green Goblin, he turns M.J., Bobby, Angelica, Felicia, and Ben into goblins.

11. Inn - With Bobby and Angelica, Ben, and Flash and Liz always around, Peter and M.J. go to breakfast inn, but run into Ben and Felicia, who are a new couple. It's good the heroes decided to go to that inn, when the Rhino and Sandman decide to steal the hidden loot, of the original owner of the inn.

12. The Spectacular Spider-Man of 2099 - In the year 2099, scientist, Miguel O'Hara, studies the surviving records of Spider-Man, hoping to make a human, powered like Spider-Man. He uses a machine to turn half his DNA, into spider DNA. Inspired, Miguel becomes the new Spider-Man. Now, Miguel must stop his first villain, when someone steals and enhances the Green Goblin's old gear, becoming the Green Goblin of 2099.

13. Fear - When the Green Goblin captures the team, he induces them to a toxin, to make them see their worst fears. Spider-Man's, losing his team, Aunt May, and M.J., Ice Man's, his family won't love him when he tells them he's a mutant, Firestar's, losing control of her powers and burning all her loved ones, Black Cat's, believing all her loved ones don't really like her, and Scarlet Spider's, not being excepted as a human, but as a hideous mutant clone. Now, the only way to overcome the toxins, is to face their worst fears.

14. Scarlet - Carnage returns and is bent on destroying Spider-Man, but instead runs into the Scarlet Spider. They battle it out, while Peter tries to find them. When Spider-Man reaches them, it's too late, Carnage has captured Ben Reilly. Peter vows to find Ben and to defeat Carnage.

15. List - Peter and M.J. search for presents for their team and Aunt May, while Spider-Man is searching for Ben Reilly, but runs into Venom.

16. Merry Christmas - On Christmas Eve, Peter and Mary Jane Parker are preparing to spend their first Christmas together, but first goes to the Thompson's Christmas Party, along with the Drakes and Felicia. Things go wrong when the sinister six return, and they have Spider-Man on their naughty list.

17. Beginning of the End - The Silver Surfer arrives on Earth and prepares it for Galactus. Now, Spider-Man must stop him.

18. Endgame: Part 1 - Galactus is coming closer and closer to Earth. Meanwhile, Venom and Carnage team up with Mordu to free Dormammu. Ben escapes from them and tells Peter their plan.

19. Endgame: Part 2 - Galactus finally arrives on Earth and starts chaos, while Spider-Man's trying to defeat Venom and Carnage, but fails and they release Dormammu. Silver Surfer decides to help the humans

20. Endgame: Part 3 - With Dormammu free, he enlist of every single enemy Spider-Man has ever faced, creating one last war. Now, it's good Vs. Evil, Spider-Man, Ice Man, Firestar, Black Cat, Scarlet Spider, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Falcon, Silver Surfer, S.H.I.E.L.D., Nick Fury, She-Hulk, A-Bomb, Beta Ray Bill, War Machine, Rescue, the X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Dr. Strange Vs. The Green Goblin, Hob Goblin, Doctor Octopus, Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, Lizard, Shocker, Kraven, Mysterio, Molten Man, Vulture, Sandman, Ox, Ricochet, Silvermane, Silver Sable, Tombstone, Hammerhead, Doom, Crimson Dynamo, Magneto, Thanos, Mordu, Dormammu, and Galactus.

21. The Final War: Part 4 - The battle continues, every single super villain and superhero is at war and Dr. Strange bans Dormammu and Mordu. Galactus devours the moon.

22. Devourer of Worlds - When Galactus prepares to eat Earth, the villains have no choice, but to team up with the heroes to defeat Galactus. Spider-Man takes control of the infinity gauntlet, and defeats Galactus.

23. The Final War - With Galactus defeated, the villains and heroes continue their battle. Peter cures Lizard and the Goblins from their monstrous forms. After a major battle, the heroes win. Now, Peter and Mary Jane Parker continue their lives together, with Spider-Man still at work.

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