The Spectacular Spider-Man - Season 4 is the next season in the Spectacular Spider-Man series, created by omnispider. Like season 3, this season consist of 18 episodes.

Preceded by: The Spectacular Spider-Man - Season 3

Followed by: The Spectacular Spider-Man - Season 5


Two weeks after the end of season 3, Peter's life is better than ever. Every single super villain is in jail, leaving enough time for Aunt May, his job, and girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson and in one month is graduation. Unknown to Peter, M.J. knows that Spider-Man is Peter Parker. Harry and Peter are still best friends when Harry returns from prison, with no memory of the Green Goblin or Peter's identity. Things get worse when all his enemies return, including, Green Goblin, Hob Goblin, Venom, Carnage, and the Sinister Six. Even worse than that new enemies rise, Thanos, New Goblin and Dormammu. Luckily, Spidey's not alone, by his side are the Avengers; Iron Man Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Thor, and Hulk, along with Ice Man, Firestar, S.H.I.E.L.D., Black Cat, The Fantastic Four, Dr. Strange, Nick Fury, Nova, White Tiger, Iron Fist, and Power Man.


Peter Parker/Spider-Man - When Peter isn't taking pictures or hanging with friends, he's stopping evil as Spider-Man. Leaving off from season 3, Peter is stopping crime better than ever and is still dating Mary Jane.

Mary Jane Watson - Peter's loving girlfriend, M.J.. Unknown to Peter, at the end of season 3, M.J. found out Peter's secret.

Harry Osborn/New Goblin - With no memory of Peter's identity or the Green Goblin, Harry and Pete are better friends than ever. Unfortunately, When he regains his memory, he dawns a new goblin suit, becoming the New Goblin.

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin - Using the globulin green, Norman transforms into the monstrous Green Goblin, Peter's greatest foe.

May Parker - Peters Aunt and the woman that raised him, alongside Ben Parker.

Liz Allan

Eugene "Flash" Thompson

Bobby Drake/Ice Man - Bobby returns with better control of his powers, along with a new girlfriend, Firestar

Angelica Jones/Firestar - Peter's old teammate, who returns to town to be with Bobby.

Felicia Hardy/Black Cat - Now that she trust Spider-Man again, she reveals her secret to him, after finding out his.

S.H.I.E.L.D. - An organization to defeat major villains. S.H.I.E.L.D. occasionally helps Spider-Man, defeat his most dangerous enemies.

Otto Octavious/Doctor Octopus - One of Spider-Man's worst enemies, who uses four mechanical arms and is the leader of the Sinister six.

Max Dillon/Electro - Former employee of Dr. Connors, who became electrified and is a member of the sinister six

Montana/Shocker - A member of the Big Man's enforcers and the sinister six.

Kraven - A hunter who seeks Spider-Man as his prey and is a member of the sinister six

Adrien Toomes/Vulture - Cranky old man, who uses electronic wings and is a member of the sinister six.

Quentin Beck/Mysterio - Former worker for the Chameleon, who uses electronic illusions to battle and is a member of the sinister six.

Alex O'Hirn/Rhino - A criminal who uses a metal rhino suit, to defeat Spider-Man and a member of the sinister six.

Flint Marco/Sandman - A criminal able to form into sand and member of the sinister six. Marco struggles between good and evil, but is mostly evil when it comes to Spidey and good when it comes to helping citizens.

Scorpion - Uses a scorpion shaped suit, with a tail with acid and a member of the sinister six.

L. Thompson Lincoln/Tombstone - tries to kill Spider-Man and his former henchman, Hammerhead, while trying to take back his place, as the big man, who is currently, the Green Goblin.

Eddie Brock Jr./Venom - Former friend of Peter's, now enemy focused on destroying Spider-Man, using the evil symbiote as Venom.

Cletus Kasady/Carnage - Insane Madman, criminal, with the symbiote spawn of Venom's symbiote, Cletus creates chaos, as Carnage.

Hob Goblin - He returns to try to recreate the Globulin Green, that Norman used to become the monstrous Green Goblin.

Thanos - An evil alien from Saturn's moon, Titan, who uses the infinity gauntlet, to try to rule the Earth.

Dormammu - Evil Sorcerer, who uses dark magic, but was banned from the Earth realm, by Dr. Strange. His evil minion, Mordu, steals life force, for his dark master to return.


1. Unmasked: Part 1 - Two weeks after season 3, Peter's life is amazing, as he dates Mary Jane, with all of his enemies in prison, and the return of Ice Man and Firestar. Unfortunately, a new enemy, Thanos, comes to town in search for the last infinity stones. While trying to stop him, Spidey is unmasked. Thanos captures Peter's loved ones and forces him to find the infinity stones. Meanwhile, every single one of Spider-Man's enemies are unleashed on New York.

2. Unmasked: Part 2 - Leaving off from the last episode, Peter, Mary Jane, Bobby, and Angelica are searching for the infinity stones in order to save their loved ones. With only one day and 6 infinity stones, they may not make it.

3. Old Enemies - Harry returns to New York, with no memory of Peter's secret, the Green Goblin, and the Globulin Green, so Peter and Harry finally return, to their old friendship. Meanwhile, the Sinister Six, Dock Ock, Electro, Rhino, Sandman, Vulture, and Scorpion, are plotting to kill Spider-Man.

4. The animal kingdom - Dock Ock, Rhino, Vulture, Scorpion, Lizard and Kraven team up to beat Spider-Man, but he's not alone. Wolverine and Beast, of the X-Men, and Black Cat help him out.

5. H20 - A worker at a dam is transformed into Hydro man, now all he wants to do is get back his ex-girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson. After finding out she's got a boyfriend, he goes after Peter. Molten Man returns with the same idea.

6. Lava - Leaving off from the last episode, Molten Man tries to take back M.J., but goes after Peter when he finds out their dating.

7. Harry Osborn or Green Goblin - When Harry regains his memory of Peter's identity and being the Goblin, he decides to dawn the suit again. When Peter tries to talk Harry out of it, using memories of Gwen. Now, Harry struggles between Harry Osborn or Green Goblin.

8. Reunion - Norman Osborn returns, using his old Green Goblin gear, so he can take back the globulin green, to take Spider-Man out, along with taking Harry down.

9. War of the Goblins - The Green Goblin, Hob Goblin, Harry, and a mysterious man, who has stolen the first Goblin Uniform, are fighting for the place of the big man and the Ultimate Goblin. While Harry is using his new suit, calling himself, the New Goblin or the Goblin

10. Fire and Ice - Bobby and Angelica return, but as more than friends. While out having lunch, Mysterio, Kraven, and the enforcers interrupt the friends reunion.

11. Anniversary - While Peter and Mary Jane are celebrating their anniversary, the Sinister Six attack. Meanwhile, Peter tries to tell M.J. he's Spider-Man, while M.J. is trying to tell Peter she knows that he's Spider-Man.

12. Lava and Water - Knowing M.J. will never date either one, Hydro-Man and Molten Man plan on destroying Peter Parker and Spider-Man.

13. The Fantastic Spider-Man - When Doom invades New York, Spider-Man teams up with the Fantastic Four.

14. Venomous Carnage - Venom and Carnage return and capture Mary Jane, Liz Allan, and Aunt May, and threaten to kill them, if Peter doesn't reveal himself. Instead, M.J. tricks the two into revealing themselves, making them madder. Now, all they want to do is destroy Spider-Man and New York.

15. Truth - M.J. is taken over by a dark spirit, so Spider-Man goes to the only person that can help him, Dr. Strange. Peter finally tells Mary Jane that he's Spider-Man.

16. Blank - Doctor Octopus captures Spider-Man and attempts to see all his memories, but he wakes up and escapes. Unfortunately, when he broke the machine, it erased his every one of his memories. Now, M.J. must help him remember everything, when the Sinister Six rise to take over New York, before it's too late.

17. Lord of Chaos - Dr. Strange goes to Spidey for help, when a dark demon, Dormammu, has his minion collect life force, so he can escape. Things get worse, when Mordu enlist Venom and Carnage to keep any body from stopping his plans.

18. Graduation - On the day of graduation, Dormammu, who Spidey thought was stopped, escapes to Earth and plans to turn into his empire. When all else fails, Spider-Man teams up with Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Ice Man, Firestar, Black Cat, SHIELD, Nick Fury, She-Hulk, War-Machine, Rescue, New Goblin, Dr. Strange, the X-Men, and the Fantastic Four to defeat him once and for all.

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