The Spectacular Spider-Man - Season 3 is the continuation of the 2008 TV series, The Spectacular Spider-Man, created by Omnispider. Unlike seasons 1 and 2, this season consist of 18 episodes, instead of 13.

Followed by: The Spectacular Spider-Man - Season 4


200 months after his battle with the Green Goblin, Peter stops crime better than ever, without having the distractions of friends, with Gwen dating Harry, Harry wanting to destroy Spider-Man, and broken up with Liz. This also gives him more time for Spider-Man pictures for the Bugle, giving him more money for the bills. But as his life as Spider-Man gets better, more and more enemies are created, Carnage and Hob Goblin, while Harry takes up the mantle of the Green Goblin and Venom returns. Things become worse, when Norman Osborn returns, with a new Globulin Green, turning him into a Monstrous Green Goblin. With the return of the Green Goblin, comes a horrible death of an important character.


Peter Parker/Spider-Man - When Peter isn't taking pictures or hanging with friends, he's stopping evil as Spider-Man. Leaving off from season 2, Peter alone, with no Liz or Gwen, but is relieved that his worst enemy is gone. Out of his relationship, Peter focuses more on stopping crimes and caring for Aunt May.

Gwen Stacy - Peter's best friend, who is dating Harry, not wanting to hurt him, by being with peter. When Gwen finds out Peters secret, she gets closer to him, making Harry make a bad decision.

Mary Jane Watson - A good friend of Peters, who is always ok when Peter runs off. Near the end of the season. She and Peter eventually, became closer and more than friends.

Harry Osborn/new Green Goblin - Peter's other best friend, forcing Gwen to date him, using the "death of his father." After Gwen becomes closer to Peter, Harry decides to dawn his fathers suit, becoming the new Green Goblin, to destroy Spider-Man. He decides to go after Gwen after finding out Peter's secret.

Norman Osborn/Green Goblin - Thought to be dead, Norman returns and takes back his suit, so he can finally destroy Spider-Man. When the suit fails, Norman invents an even stronger version of the Globulin Green, that turns him into a monstrous goblin like creature.

May Parker - Peters Aunt and the woman that raised him, alongside Ben Parker.

Liz Allan

Eugene "Flash" Thompson

Bobby Drake/Ice Man - The mutant student at school, with the power to shoot beams of ice. He, Spider-Man, and Firestar team up to defeat crime.

Angelica Jones/Firestar - Like Bobby, she's new at Peter's school, with the power to control fire.

Felicia Hardy/Black Cat - In this season, Felecia has a bigger part than in the last two seasons. Felecia enrolls in Peter's school, still up to her old tricks, as Black Cat.

S.H.I.E.L.D. - An organization to defeat major villains. S.H.I.E.L.D. occasionally helps Spider-Man, defeat his most dangerous enemies.

Otto Octavious/Doctor Octopus - One of Spider-Man's worst enemies, who uses four mechanical arms and is the leader of the Sinister six.

Max Dillon/Electro - Former employee of Dr. Connors, who became electrified and is a member of the sinister six

Montana/Shocker - A member of the Big Man's enforcers and the sinister six.

Kraven - A hunter who seeks Spider-Man as his prey and is a member of the sinister six

Adrien Toomes/Vulture - Cranky old man, who uses electronic wings and is a member of the sinister six.

Quentin Beck/Mysterio - Former worker for the Chameleon, who uses electronic illusions to battle and is a member of the sinister six.

Alex O'Hirn/Rhino - A criminal who uses a giant rhino like armor, fused to his skin. When Spidey finds a cure to get off the armor, he is given a giant robotic armored suit, shaped as a rhino.

Flint Marco/Sandman - A criminal able to form into sand and member of the sinister six. Marco struggles between good and evil, but is mostly evil when it comes to Spidey and good when it comes to helping citizens.

Scorpion - Uses a scorpion shaped suit, with a tail with acid and a member of the sinister six.

L. Thompson Lincoln/Tombstone/Big Man - After breaking out of prison, he struggles to keep his place as the Big Man, between, his former henchman, Hammerhead and the Green Goblin.

Eddie Brock Jr./Venom - Former friend of Peter's, now enemy focused on destroying Spider-Man, using the evil symbiote as Venom.

Cletus Kasady/Carnage - Insane Madman, criminal, with the symbiote spawn of Venom's symbiote, Cletus creates chaos, as Carnage.

Hob Goblin - Someone recreates the weapons and suit of the Green Goblin, but in different colors. When he's not trying to destroy Spider-Man, he has a feud with the Green Goblin and Oscorp.


1. Spider-Man's Return - 2 months after the battle with the Green Goblin, Spider-Man is stopping crime better than ever, with Gwen and Harry still dating, and broken up with Liz, Peter feels alone, especially since his best friend wants to kill him.. Worse, Spider-Man must stop a new foe the Scorpion. Meanwhile, Harry sneaks into Oscorp and steals more globulin green.

2. Back in Business - For old times sake, Sandman and Rhino team back up, to destroy Spider-Man and finally get their big score. Meanwhile, Tony Stark hires Peter and shows him the discovery of Steve Rogers.

3. Blizzard - Spider-Man finds out the new student, Bobby Drake, can shoot beams of ice. When Juggernaut comes to town in search for Bobby. Now, Spider-Man and Ice Man must team up to defeat him. Meanwhile, another new student, Angelica Jones, finds out she has the power to control fire.

4. Spider-Man and his Spectacular Friends - Peter and Bobby befriend Angelica, when they find out she has powers, and reveal themselves to her. When the original Sinister Six returns, Spider-Man, Ice Man, and Angelica, now Firestar, team up to take them dowthe goblin equipment is stolen.

5. Big, Mean, Scaly, and Green - Dr. Connors returns to retrieve a secret experiment he was working on, when a mysterious figure injects him with his old lizard formula. Now, the group must stop him and turn him back to normal. Felicia Hardy enrolls in Peter's school.

6. Poisonous Venom - The symbiote finds its way to Eddie. Venom breaks out along with madman Cletus Kasady. When Venom captures Ice Man and Firestar, Spidey must save them and find a way to destroy the symbiote once and for all. Afterwards, Firestar leaves to learn how to control her powers

7. X-Factor - Professor X shows up in New York and offers Bobby a chance to learn how to control his powers better than ever. Meanwhile, Magneto shows up to do the same thing. Alone again, without his team, Peter tells Gwen his secret.

8. Goblin Jr. - Now knowing Peter's secret, Gwen decides she wants to be with Peter. Angry, Harry dawns the Green Goblin suit, only focusing on two things, hurting Peter and Killing Spider-Man. Black Cat joins the fight. Gwen and Peter finally get together

9. The Iron Spider Vs. the Sinister Seven - Harry joins the sinister six, in order to destroy Spider-Man. Fortunately, Spider-Man and Iron Man join forces, with Spider-Man in his new Iron Spider.

10. The Hob Goblin - A strange figure sneaks into Oscorp and steal the blueprints for the Goblin's equipment and becomes the Hob Goblin. Peter in his new Iron Spider suit, must stop him, but he destroys the suit.

11. Norman's Return - Norman Osborn returns, shocking everybody, and takes back his place as the Green Goblin. Struggling to beat the new and more experienced Spider-Man, Norman takes an untested enhanced Globulin Green, transforming him into a monstrous goblin creature. Hob Goblin and Green Goblin have a major showdown. Harry finds out Peter's secret

12. The Ultimate Green Goblin - Spider-Man struggles to defeat the new Green Goblin. Battered and beaten, Spider-Man goes to Dr. Connors, to create an antidote. In a major struggle before defeating the Goblin, a major character dies.

13. Lost - Following the death from the last episode, Spider-Man is nowhere to be found, while Peter Parker continues his normal life. Advice from Mary Jane and memories of uncle Ben help him get back in action.

14. How to Ride a Rhino - Spider-Man finds a cure to remove the armor from Alex. In the end, he removes it, but things get worse when Alex is supplied a rhino like, metal suit, with a built in missile launcher and machine gun.

15. How to Beat a Rhino - Following from the last episode, Rhino, now in a metal rhino suit, is on a rampage to destroy Spider-Man. Unable to beat him, Spidey gets help from the Hulk.

16. Sinister 15 - Doc Ock, Mysterio, Scorpion, Sandman, Vulture, Kraven, Shocker, Molten Man, Ox, Ricochet, Lizard, Hob Goblin along with the new and improved Electro, metal suited Rhino, and the giant monstrous Green Goblin join forces to take down Spider-Man. Helping him will be, Ice Man, Firestar, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, She-Hulk, Black Cat, Nick Fury, Agent Coulson, War Machine, Rescue, Hawkeye, and Black Widow.

17. Symbiote plus 2 - Venom returns and the symbiote creates a spawn, attaching to Cletus Kasady, making him Carnage. The two team up to destroy Spider-Man. Venom is defeated, but Carnage starts creating chaos in New York. Meanwhile, Peter tries to reveal his feelings for M.J.

18. Carnage in New York - Following from the last episode, Cletus, now Carnage is creating chaos. As Spider-Man leaves for battle, Mary Jane figures out his secret. Now, Spider-Man and Carnage face off an Spider-Man's ultimate battle.


The mechanical suited Rhino, new and improved Electro, and mutated Green Goblin are their ultimate comics forms.

Episode 8. Goblin Jr., is similar the 1994 TV series episode 49. Return of the Green Goblin, where harry becomes the new Green Goblin.

The death of Gwen in this, by the monstrous Green Goblin, is similar to the original comics version, where the masked Green Goblin killed her.

The new Globulin Green serum, is similar to the OZ formula in the ultimate comics.

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