This video-game is based off the movie


  1. Spider-Man takes on the mask and must face Uncle Ben's killer.
  2. Mysterio's first Super-Thug is unleashed upon the city and Spidey must stop the terror of... The Beetle!
  3. Spider-Man must stop a robbery at the daily bugle as Mysterio's thugs are flooding the building led by Herman Schultz!
  4. Spider-Man infiltrates Mysterio's lair, as Mysterio is seen turning Schultz into... The Shocker!
  5. Spider-Man battles The Shocker but Shocker is accompanied by the super-thug Electro!
  6. Spidey loses sight of Shocker and Mysterio but defeats Electro. Spider-Man must find them by defeating Mysterio's super-thug army led by the Rhino! (note: also in the super-thug army is Silvermane, Hydro-Man, Sand-Man, and Boomerang.)
  7. Spidey gets to a bus full of henchmen accompanied by the latest super-thug, The Scorpion!
  8. The bus crashes into an abbandoned ware-house where The Scorpion gets accompanied by The Shocker!
  9. Spidey escapes but is being chased down by The Shocker.
  10. Spidey finally faces off with Mysterio, who has figured out Spider-Man's true identity and kidnapped both Felicia Hardy and Aunt May!


  • The Venom symbiote is a DLC only suit.
  • The 2099 suit is also DLC.
  • Noir suit is DLC also, and the Scarlet Spider is the last DLC suit.
  • Morbius is a DLC boss battle as Mysterio's last super-thug before The Scorpion.
  • "The Battle of Venom!" is a DLC mini-game where Spider-Man must chase down Venom.


  • Beetle, Electro, Rhino, Silvermane, Hydro-Man, Sand-Man, Boomerang, Morbius The Living Vampire, and Venom don't appear in the movie.
  • In the movie Spider-Man battles Shocker before entering Mysterio's Lair, in the game Shocker's debut is in Mysterio's lair.
  • In the movie Shocker's debut doesn't have any other super-thugs but just regular criminals.