The Crimson Spider-Man is a fanon made by RenKrawler17. The series is a little bit after the MC2 Universe and focuses on Benjamin Richard Parker, Peter Parker's son, who is trying to uncover the secrets of his life and find his sister, May Parker (Spider-Girl), who was unexpectedly abducted, possibly by a foe of hers.


The story is set into the future when technology has advanced to a brand new level. Stories are going around that Spider-Girl is missing and so is May Parker, who is Spider-Girl herself. On his 15th birthday, Benjamin, May's brother, was gaven a brand new Spider-Man suit from his mom and dad (Spider-Man). When he gets his suit, Benjamin decides he should become a new Spider-Man to help him uncover his past. Though Benjamin knew he had even more stronger powers than his dad or sister, he upgraded his powers with the help of his dad and he instantly became the Crimson Spider-Man. Though fighting foes is his job, what Benjamin wants to find out most is the mysteries of his past, but his parents say he can only know when he's worthy enough and ready.


Main CharactersEdit

Benjamin Richard "Ben" Parker (Crimson Spider-Man)

Peter Benjamin Parker (Spider-Man)

Mary Jane Watson

Phil Urich (Green Goblin/Golden Goblin)

May "Mayday" Parker (Spider-Girl, Currently lost)


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