The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man is upcoming American cartoon animation television series. This series will air two years after Ultimate Spider-Man is finish. This series hardly burrow elements from The Amazing Spider-Man comics and film series, The Spectacular Spider-Man comics and cartoon, the Web of Spider-Man comics, the Untold Tales of Spider-Man comics, the Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man comics, the Ultimate Spider-Man comics and cartoon, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe film series.

Episodes Edit

Each seasons have 20 episodes.

Season 1 Edit

  1. Pilot
    1. Plot: Average teenager Peter Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider while on a field trip at the Hall of Science which give him amazing spider-like powers. Than, he made a costume where he battles the wrestler Crusher Hogan when he learns that his aunt and uncle are about to be ran out of money. After that, Peter become Spider-Man where fame got into his head. Than, he left a burglar escapes. Than, Peter goes home where he learns that his beloved Uncle Ben Parker was killed a burglar. Than, he finds the burglar who happens to be the same guy who he left him escapes. Peter now learns that "with great powers come with great responsibility". Peter become a superhero.
    2. Introducing Characters: Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Aunt May Parker, Uncle Ben Parker, Mary Jane Watson, Gwen Stacy, Harry Osborn, Eugene "Flash" Thompson, Kenny Kong, Liz Allen, Sally Arvil, Randy Robertson
    3. Note: This episode is based on Amazing Fantasy #16 and Ultimate Spider-Man #1-5
  2. The Wings of the Vulture
    1. Plot: Peter gets a job at the Daily Bugle. Meanwhile, an scientist named Adrian Toomes was making a flight tech wing. Than, he his bosses fires him. So, Adrian become the Vulture to get revenge. Now, Spider-Man must stop him from killing his bosses.
  3. Enter: Electro
    1. Plot: When an lineman named Maxwell "Max" Dillon gets struck by lighting. Than, he learns that the lightning gives him powers. Max used his powers to robs banks. How can Spidey stop a man who is made out of pure energy?
  4. Shocking
    1. Plot:
  5. Armed and Dangerous
  6. The Sands of Crime
  7. Sting of the Scorpion
  8. Kraven the Hunter
  9. The Horns of the Rhino
  10. Mysterious
  11. The Terrible Threats of the Living Brain!
  12. Six Against One
  13. The Spider and the Green Goblin
  14. The Return of the Vulture

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