Goro Takahashi, better known as Tengu, is a villain and an enemy of Spider-Man


When his fathers company went out of business, Norman Osborn helped establish a company with him called Takahashi Oscorp Inc.  Since their companies were associated, Takahashi discovered Osborn's Goblin formula and injected himself with it.  Becoming the Green Goblin of Japan, Takahashi began calling himself "Tengu" because of the demon in Japanese folklore.  Tengu possesses super strength, bullet proof armor, regenerative durability, and an arsenal of weapons such as a giant axe, pumpkin bombs, and exploding shurikens.

Bio/Becoming Tengu and DeathEdit

Goro Takahashi was born to Suzuki Takahashi and Maoko Takahashi in a Tokyo hospital on September 23, 1982.  Growing up, he made good grades in school and was very popular.  Well educated and athletic, he studied martial arts such as fencing, Taekwondo, and Karate.  When he was 18, his father died of a stroke and the company was left in his hands.  When Takahashi Co went out of business and Goro was left with no job, losing much of his wealth, he met Norman Osborn.  Osborn helped him establish a new company and donated money to him.  The new company was Takahashi Oscorp Inc. 

In 2013, after Norman Osborn was mutated into the Green Goblin and went on a rampage, Goro was in America for a business trip.  He used his fighting skills to get past security in Oscorp and read some secret files on Norman Osborn and his "Goblin Serum".  When security guards caught him, he injected himself with the serum and attacked them.  The security guards were killed and Takahashi mutated into a 7 feet tall, muscular monster with a pointy nose.  Dubbing himself "Tengu", Takahashi went on a rampage in New York city, power hungry.  At this time, Spider-Man was battling the Green Goblin and there was chaos in the city.  Tengu sided with the Green Goblin and fought against Spider-Man.  Daredevil and Elektra appeared and defeated Tengu, he then turned back into his human form and fell from a building to his death.  After this, Spider-Man defeated the Green Goblin and he shared the same fight as Tengu.  

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