"Fanon" vs "Fanfic" Edit

This is a generic notification to wikis listed in the Fanon wikis Hub. I have started a discussion suggesting renaming the Hub to "Fanfic wikis". This discussion does NOT affect the name of this wiki whatsoever. While on Wikia many people have been using "fanfic" and "fanon" interchangably, "Fanon" to the world in general actually means something else, with a "notibility" implication (widly-accepted facts/things among fans but are not from the canon, and may have originated in fan fiction or inferred from what's left unsaid in the canon). If you are interested in the discussion, you may go to w:Talk:Fanon wikis. Again, this is only a discussion to rename the hub, I am not trying to rename your wiki.

As this is a generic notification, unless you ping me on my talk page, I probably won't notice any replies right here. If I did not post this notification at the appropriate place that would reach the most of your users, please help spread the awareness of the discussion. Thank you. -Afker 20:39, 15 September 2007 (UTC)

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