Spiderpug is a book series and tv series. A pug named Peter Pugster is bitten by a radioactive spider. He gets all the powers of the spider. His uncle Ben was murdered by a burglar. So he decides to become a superhero known as the spectacular spiderpug. Peters best friend Harry has a father whos a scientist and weapons maker named Norman. Norman becomes the pug goblin and battles Spiderpug. Spiderpug also battles Electrico. Electrico used to be a panda but he was turned into a being of lightning in a freak lab accident. So he wants Dr Connors to cure him. Spiderpug battles Kroakan the hunter. He also battles Dr Tentacles and many more. The TV series has six seasons. Madame Web is called Madame Cobweb. Dr Connors is a squirrel. The lizard is called the dino.