The Spiderman trading card game is a Pokemon style trading card game featuring characters from Marvel's Spiderman franchise. It can be played in single player, where Spiderman, with the help of other heroes, attempts to defeat all the villains. In multiplayer, you aim to defeat the other player's cards. There are multiple expansions which contain multiple theme decks.


Original (40)

. Spiderman

. Human Torch

. Hulk

. Daredevil

. John Jameson

. Ka-Zar

. Quicksilver

. Chameleon

. Vulture

. Tinkerer

. Doctor Octopus

. Sandman

. Doctor Doom

. Lizard

. Living Brain

. Electro

. Big Man

. Montana

. Fancy Dan

. Ox

. Mysterio

. Green Goblin

. Kraven The Hunter

. Ringmaster

. The Scorpion

. The Beetle

. Spider Slayer

. Crime Master

. Molten Man

. The Cat

. The Looter

. Mendel Stromm

. Joe Smith

. Rhino

. Shocker

. Kingpin

. Spider Slayer Mk 2

. Medusa

. The Prowler

. Kangaroo

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