This is the Game Spiderman: The Surronded World Chracters.

Character Name: Mission Name Boss Name Boss Image Objective Unlocks
Spider-Man "Magma Palace" (Missions = 3) Spider-Woman Spider-Woman Defeat Spider-Woman. Spider-Woman (character)
Spider-Man "Bomb Factory" (Missions = 3) Doc-Oc Doc-Oc Defeat Doc-Oc. Doc Oc (character)
1000 coins
Spider-Man "Electronic Area" (Missions = 3) Black Widow Black-Widow Defeat Black-Widow. Black Widow (character)
2x Cards
Spider-Man "Volcanic Mountain" (Missions = 3) The Thing The-Thing Defeat The Thing. The Thing (character)
Super Power for All Characters
Spider-Man "Electro Magnetic Area" (Missions = 3) Iron Man Iron-Man Defeat Iron Man. Iron Man (character)
Black Spidey
Spider-Man "Lava's Stone" (Missions = 3) Scorpio Scorpio Defeat Scorpio. Scorpio (character)
Venom's Energy Power
Spider-Man "The Wolverine's Palace" (Missions = 3) Wolverine Marvel-Wolverine Defeat Wolverine. Wolverine (character)
All Pictures and Movies

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