Spider-Man Revolution is a 2021 American superhero film based on the marvel comics character Spider-Man. It is the first film of The Spider-Man Revolution Film Franchise produced by Columbia Pictures and Marvel Entertainment. the film was directed and written by Ross O Hare and it stars Grant Gustin, Logan Lerman, Melissa Benoist, Chris Wood, Ben Affleck, John Goodman, Helen Mirren, Mark Walhberg, Gal Gadot, Eric Johnson, With Will Arnett And Bruce Willis. Peter Parker aka Spider-Man teams up with his best friend Danny Rand Iron Fist to take down the sinister criminal The Shocker and a special effects wizard known as Mysterio.

Plot:Peter Parker is a normal midtown college student but in secretly is also know as web slinging superhero known as The Amazing Spider-Man he stops four thieves from robbing he goes to college he has a friend Danny Rand he also meets this woman named Gwen Stacy Danny suggests he should ask her out but before he does that his rival Flash Thompson prevents that from happening Danny says he should mind his own business Flash hits Danny with his knee and slams him into the lockers he gets suspended for the entire year. Peter walks with Danny and goes home where his Uncle Ben and Aunt May live he tells them Flash hitting Danny he has a talk with Uncle Ben about his Parents. A old enemy of Spider-Man Herman Schultz is in prison for trying to Rob the New York City Bank and plans revenge against Spider-Man. Peter talks to Danny about Flash who shows up with his friend Peter secretly uses his web shooters Danny finds out about it Peter throws a cup of coffee at Flash's friend Danny knocks him out Peter has Flash in the armlock Flash begs him not to break his which he does do Peter punches Flash in the face he also learns that Danny has superpowers and agrees to train to become his sidekick he succeeds and becomes a hero called Iron Fist they also stop a robbery. Peter call finally talk to Gwen he catches her phone with his Spider-Sense he asks her out and she accepts they look around the city including the New York Museum of National History and Oscorp Industries founded by Norman Osborn Peter and Gwen meet him Norman acts very suspicious when he meets Peter they also meet Dr Curtis Connors a professor of Cross Species Norman tells his assistant Donald Menken about Peter and he was filled with rage Donald visits Herman in prison and makes a deal with him to defeat Spider-Man Herman has a idea to create shockwave gauntlets Peter and Gwen go to Central Park Peter tells Gwen about his parents death Gwen feels sorry for Peter they quickly love each other and they kiss but her dad Captain George Stacy attempts to taze Peter for kissing his daughter Gwen is not happy about what her dad did to her boyfriend Peter comes home and Danny suggests that Peter should tell Gwen that he is Spider-Man he agrees once again Herman goes to the prison workshop and creates his shockwave gauntlets he attacks three prison guards and let's all the prisoners out of their cells they brawl everywhere but he does not let one prisoner out and that is Quentin Beck Herman knocks out all the prisoners and lets Quentin out of his cell Peter comes over to see Gwen he meets her mother Helen Stacy he says that Helen looks Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman Helen immediately befriends him Peter and Gwen go out and her brother asks Helen who was that handsome guy and she says that was her boyfriend meanwhile Herman and Quentin break into the New York City Power Plant Station as their own personal hideout Captain Stacy comes and finds Gwen has gone out with Peter disapproves of them dating Helen tells him not to hit Peter with no problems Peter finally tells Gwen that he is Spider-Man they swing around the city he tells her how he got his powers he bitten by a radioactive spider she tells him that she loves him he also said I love you too Gwen Stacy they kiss in such a romantic way Danny shows up and tells them that Oscorp is under attack Herman attacks Dr Connors by grabbing him by the throat Peter fights him Danny fights Quentin he punches his helmet off but it swings into his face beating him down Herman reveals himself to Peter does not remember him but Herman tells him about what he did to him two years ago when he stopped him from robbing the bank Gwen shoots Herman in the shoulder he punches Peter and attacks Danny he has him where he wants him Peter attacks Herman from behind forcing him and Quentin to retreat back to the Power Plant Station Captain Stacy comes in and finds out Peter is Spider-Man he once again insults Peter and calls him a jerk Peter punches him in the face and he yells at Captain Stacy and says he was acting like a jerk not Peter he leaves Oscorp with Danny Gwen is disgusted with her dad about his behaviour towards Peter and disaproves him as a father for being so selfish to her boyfriend when he gets home Helen is so angry with him after hearing with happened with Peter for upsetting Gwen Helen tells him if he behaves like that to Peter again she will divorce him he should have taken responsibity for his actions towards Peter Peter comes home still frustrated by Captain Stacy Uncle Ben came up and talked to him he alreadly knew that Peter was Spider-Man so did Aunt May and they are okay with it Uncle Ben tells Peter with great power comes great responsibility Peter now realizes what he has to do stop Herman and Quentin who are now in the New York Power Plant Station talking about their issues about Spider-Man Donald calls Herman who says he does not care about what Norman Osborn said to him Dr Connors tells Peter Danny and Gwen to come to Oscorp because he found something that can destroy Herman's gauntlets the micro chips he has one but the second one is in the bottom of the ocean Gwen decides that she would swim down and get the micro chip Dr Conners creates a serum so she can breathe underwater Peter meets up Herman and reveals to him that he is Spider-Man he talks smack about Peter's parents he always knew he would have revenge after what Peter did to him Quentin comes out of nowhere and tries to attack Peter he takes Quentin out and knocks out Herman he prepares himself for the fight Peter is ready to face the shocker Danny is ready to face mysterio and Gwen is ready to go underwater and get the second micro chip she dives in Peter fights Herman in the fierce battle on the empire state building Danny fights Quentin but gets beaten up pretty bad on the other hand Peter gets hammered by Herman who once again makes fun of Peter's dad Peter gets angry punches Herman right in his left eye he knees Herman right in the face and Punches him in the face multiple times Gwen is underwater she sees a case inside is the second micro chip that destroy Herman's gauntlets she grabs the micro chip and swims out of the water Danny is having a hard trying to beat Quentin who uses the green mist to disappear Danny catches him and Punches his helmet off and Punches him out cold the fight between Peter and Herman heats up Gwen tosses the second micro chip to Peter and shoots Herman Peter shoots the micro chips with his web shooters and destroys Herman's gauntlets Peter kicks Herman off the building Herman has a huge fall and lands on a ferrari the police arrests Herman Peter kisses Gwen as soon as Captain Stacy comes over he apologizes to Peter the way he acted before he was wrong about Peter Peter asks for a press conference from the United Nations to reveal to world that he is Spider-Man later on Herman gets sent to Ravencroft Institute for his criminal actions towards Spider-Man and to the people of New York City he will be spending his days in Ravencroft for rest of his life Peter reveals to the world that he is Spider-Man and tells them that he will be there for them no matter what Peter shows Gwen her new Spider suit and calls her Spider-Gwen they kiss Peter Danny and Gwen starting swinging around the city and Peter knows he is not alone anymore he now has a team he is and always will be as he said from the beginning The Amazing Spider-Man.In the post credit scene Herman is sitting down in Ravencroft while Norman Osborn is in his Green Goblin suit watching him. In another post credit scene Director Ross O Hare appears as himself and said The Scorpion is the next villian.


  • Grant Gustin as Peter Parker/Spider-Man: An 18 year old teenager who got bitten by a radioactive spider giving him superhuman strength and superhuman ability taking on the superhero mantle Spider-Man. Gustin is the fourth live action Spider-Man next to Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire. He also Portrayed The Flash on the CW TV hit series his second superhero portrayal in his acting career.
  • Logan Lerman as Danny Rand/Iron Fist: Peter's best friend and sidekick a martial artist proficient in kung-fu and mystical power of Iron Fist. Iron Fist has never been on the big screen before he was Portrayed by Finn Jones in The Netflix hit series. Lerman is best known for his role of Percy Jackson and Norman Ellison in The Percy Jackson Film Series and The 2014 American war film Fury with Brad Pitt.
  • Melissa Benoist as Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen: Peter's Love Interest and ally daughter of Captain George Stacy. Benoist has also worked with Grant Gustin in Glee The Flash and Supergirl they have always had good chemistry on screen together. She is the third actor to Portray Gwen Stacy the charcter has been played by Bryce Dallas Howard and Emma Stone both from Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's films.
  • Chris Wood as Herman Schultz/The Shocker: A career criminal is obessed on getting revenge on Spider-Man and wants to kill Captain Stacy and make Gwen love him by force.Wood is the real life boyfriend of Melissa Benoist they also appeared on The Flash and Supergirl. He also attended the Elon university with Grant Gustin where they were both musicial theater majors he was also in The Vamipre Diaries.
  • Ben Affleck as Quentin Beck/Mysterio: A special effects wizard allied with Schultz who was stuntman who worked for a major Hollywood studio who became determined to become a actor but his job became dead end job he realized that his expertise in illusions could make an effective supervillian. Affleck Portrayed Batman in the DCEU he previously worked with Gal Gadot in the DCEU.
  • John Goodman as Uncle Ben: Peter's uncle and Aunt May's husband who acts more like a second dad to Peter after the deaths of Peter's parents and Will always be there for Peter.John Goodman previously worked with Melissa Benoist and Mark Wahlberg in The 2016 American crime drama-thriller film Patriots Day.
  • Helen Mirren as Aunt May: Peter's Aunt and Uncle Ben's wife she always has support for her boy and treats Peter like a son. Helen Mirren is the fourth actress to Portray Aunt May best known for her role in The Fast and Furious Film Franchise Magdalene Shaw Deckard and Owen Shaw's brother. Director Ross O Hare suggested why don't we get Helen Mirren to Portray Aunt May.
  • Mark Wahlberg as Dr Curt Connors: A professor of Cross-Species at Oscorp Industries and ally of Spider-Man. Mark Wahlberg has had some iconic film roles from Transformers,Patriots Day,Ted,Pain and Gain And Deepwater Horizon.Wahlberg is meant to be part of a Spider-Man said Director O Hare the guy to be Dr Curt Connors and that was The Amazing Mark Wahlberg.
  • Gal Gadot as Helen Stacy: Gwen's mother and Captain Stacy's wife who befriends Peter a very close friend to Peter Parker. Gal Gadot Portrayed Wonder Woman The 2017 Film she also starred in Fast and Furious,Criminal,Keeping With The Joneses And Triple 9. She previously worked with Mark Wahlberg in The 2010 Comedy Film Date Night.
  • Eric Johnson as Donald Menken: Norman Osborn's personal assistant at Oscorp Industries who helps Schultz become The Shocker so he can finish off Spider-Man once and for all he is determined to water ever it takes to do what his boss tells him what to do. He Portrayed Jack Hyde in The Fifty Shades Trilogy .
  • Will Arnett as Norman Osborn/Green Goblin: The CEO of Oscorp Industries who also has a personal vendetta against Peter he hires Schultz to kill Spider-Man but Schultz doesn't want to do it he also has a goblin formula a glider and military grade battlefield suit. Will Arnett is the least favourite actor that Ross O Hare doesn't like he quotes he's really annoying and I just can't stand him.
  • Bruce Willis as Captain George Stacy: The Captain of New York City Police Department who disapproves Peter dating Gwen. Bruce Willis has proofed that he can already Portray a bad ass character just in The Die Hard Film Franchise as John McClane he also began his career on The Broadway stage and then in the quips most as David Addison in Moonlighting.


  • Grant Gustin and Melissa Benoist were also in Glee The Flash and Supergirl but they never had a love storyline.
  • Chris Wood is the real life boyfriend of Melissa Benoist who played Mon-el in Supergirl.
  • Logan Lerman was one of the candidates for Spider-Man but instead he was choosen as Iron Fist.
  • The way Spider-Man defeated The Shocker in the film was different to the one in the comics.
  • Ben Affleck and John Goodman were also in Argo 2012.
  • Peter said that Helen looked Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman Gal Gadot was Wonder Woman in the 2017 film.
  • Chris Wood is the 3rd actor to play The Shocker the 1st two actors were Logan Marshall Green and Bokeem Woodbine.
  • Jake Abel portays Flash Thompson.
  • Grant Gustin and Chris Wood also went to college together.
  • There will be a sequel in March 2022.
  • The Shocker is the main antagionist.
  • Mysterio is the secondary antagionist.
  • Grant Gustin also portrayed The Flash in the CW tv series.
  • Logan Lerman also reunited with Jake Abel they were both in the Percy Jackson Film Franchise.
  • Iron Fist has never appeared in a Spider-Man Film.
  • Chris Wood also potrayed Kai Parker the main antagionist of the vampire diaries season six.
  • Norman Osborn is the minor antagionist and only has one scene as the green goblin.
  • Eric Johnson also portrayed Jack Hyde in the fifty shades trilogy.
  • Donald Menken is the supporting antagionist.
  • Chris Wood was supposed to portray Carnage but the director thought that villian was too dark for the film.
  • There are no death scenes in the film
  • The director said he wanted to create a remake of The Amazing Spider-Man Franchise.
  • Grant Gustin was born to portray Spider-Man.
  • The cast lineup in the poster is the same as the avengers posters.
  • Darren Criss also appears as Flash's friend who also was in Glee The Flash and Supergirl.
  • Peter threw a cup of coffee at Flash's friend just like Sebastian Smythe threw a slushie filled with rock salt at Blaine Anderson who were both portrayed by Grant Gustin and Darren Criss in Glee.
  • Darren Criss also portrayed The music meister in The Flash and Supergirl Musical Crossover.
  • Melissa Benoist potrayed Supergirl in the CW tv series.
  • This is a lighter Spider-Man Film Franchise.
  • In The Amazing Spider-Man Film Franchise Peter's parents were also killed in a plane crash.
  • The sequel will feature the Scorpion portrayed by Jamie Dorman.
  • Grant Gustin will return as Spider-Man in the sequel.
  • Peter also revealed his Identity to the world just like in the Civil War Comics.
  • Melissa Benoist also had a underwater scene just like she did in Supergirl.
  • Gal Gadot started in the Fast and Furious Film Franchise.
  • Mark Wahlberg also worked with Melissa Benoist and John Goodman in Patriots Day.
  • Before Grant Gustin there were 3 candidates for Spider-Man Taron Egerton, Dylan O Brien and Logan Lerman.
  • Thomas Brodie Sangster, Zac Efron, Tom Felton, and Liam Hemsworth were rumoured to play Iron Fist but the role went to Logan Lerman.
  • Britt Robertson, Nicole Peltz, Rita Ora, Emily Bett Rickards, Caity Lotz Katie Cassidy, Poppy Delevingne, Jennifer Lawrence, Annasophia and Ellie Goulding were rumoured for Gwen Stacy but Melissa Benoist got the role.
  • Darren Criss, Justin Prentice, Will Poulter, Taylor Kitsch, James Frecheville, Ezra Miller, Colin Donnell, Adam Driver, Fergal Devitt And Stephen Amell were rumoured to play The Shocker but the role went to Chris Wood.
  • Grant Gustin Andrew Garfield Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire are the only four men who have Portrayed Spider-Man in the Films.
  • Dave Franco makes a cameo as a Oscorp security guard.
  • The Shocker's suit is more red than the one in the cartoon and the one in the comics.
  • Patrick Stewart Portrays the principal of the New York City College he Portrayed Professor X in the X-men film franchise.
  • The filming took place in December 2020.
  • In The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) Gwen's mother's name is Helen Stacy just in the film.
  • Spider-Man's suit in the film is like the reverse Spider-Man suit in the comics.

Deleted Scenes:

1 Doing Your Job.

2 I am The Shocker.

3 Herman's Dad.

4 Furious Captain Stacy.

5 Peter talks to Helen.

6 Mysterio's Past.

7 Acting like a Hero.

8 Herman talks with Gwen.

9 Helen Slaps Captain Stacy.

10 The Future.

11 Being Spider-Man.


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1: The Amazing Spider-Man theme

2: Certain Things by James Arthur ft Grace

3: Past moments

4: Revenge

5: Parker vs Thompson

6: Training your best friend

7: Asking her out

8: Norman Osborn

9: The Sinister Shocker

10: Eye of The Tiger by Survivor

11: Enter Mysterio

12. Moments of Love

13: Home by Ryan Sheridan

14: Fight in Oscorp

15: Jerk Stacy

16: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

17: A Plan

18: Spider-Man Vs The Shocker

19: I Love You

20: Villian's Defeat

21: A Hero's Reveal

22: Your Time

23: Heroes

24: Superheroes by The Script

Directed By Ross O Hare