Is the main protagonist of Spider man:Age of the Hero 
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july 10 2085

Real name

Harry H. Parker




Spiderman: Age of Future

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His Eye lining is red and his sign on his chest is more larger than the original Spider Man and most of his costume is black


Harry is Mid-Temper and always nice to people.Harry flirt sometimes in her crush Lidia Lin but don't love him that way.Altough he is the mid genius and rank #5 on the class.He don't talk much about his identity. 


Early LifeEdit

as a child he have been kidnapped many times mostly by scientists because of wanting research.In a bus accident Peter almost died saving his son and the people on the bus the incident cost Peter Bone disorder but thanks to his spider abililty.


Lidia K. Lin

He love her much but don't think he love him back.He is very nice to her and also toughtful for her and save her many times but she rejected him Lidia love Harry but don't show it because she shy about it

Peter Parker

He respect his dad but had anger issue at the same time.

Jade Hailey 

As her son he love her much and even care for her and said all his trouble to her.


He's the child hood friend of Harry 

Leena Wade

She have crush for harry but don't think that he loved her.


Spider senses: He have much more stronger than human but weaker 5% than peter because he have 50% human 50% spider senses.

  • Spider enchance vision: he can have little more farer vission
  • Spider enchance motion: he have more faster reaction like falling a cup and catching it before it fall
  • Spider echance movement: even without training acrobat he can do a flip in the air like an acrobat.

Spider attribute: He have other ability than enchancement to his senses.

  • Spider web: like peter parker he does not have to wear artificial web maker
  • Spider stikcy hand: he have the ability to stick on the wall and climb building.In addition the stickiness of his hand add more strength if use recklessly. 

Human empathy: Like any another human he have feeling and can use against him


He can be outsmarted because his inteligent is 7/10.


Bullet proof Spiderman suit: he have a bullet proof suit but still can be harm by shooring him one thousand times.

  • Non flamable
  • Air presure bomb: hidden in the middle of his spider sign it explode with air pressure making the target fly but not high he need to click the symbol first.
  • Side arm blade

Flexible suit: he have flexible suit so he can use it with ease

Super boot: he have boot that enchance kicking and jumping.

  • Hidden trick: he have one trick that can save him a one hour fueled foot jet.

Blunt 5 meter metal staff: he can turn it into two and located at his back to activate it he must press the middle of the  back spider sign and it will appear sticking in his back

  • 2.50 meter metal staff: he have a double of it by using the staff to half by pressing the button. It have electric shocker at the end and can turn it into nunchuck
  • Smoke bomb: it is located at the side.

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