Spider-man 5 is a movie shceudled to be relased in 2011.It is about Spider-man getting vengance on Crime lord Ryan Jergo.It is the 5th overall in the spider-man series obviously.

Tobey Mcguire as Peter Parker/Spiderman a fearless man who has confidence in himself he has a sword fight with Ryan Jergo on top of the triboro bridge.He slices his head off as an act of vengance for his tearing out Mary jane wilson's heart out

Ben Stiller as Ryan Davidov Jergo a russian crime lord of norwegian decent. he was responsible for brutally disemboweling mary jane watson.He is 7 feet tall and weighs 280 lbs.he also has a penchant for fine wine and the ladies.He loses his head literally as an act of vengance after killing Mary jane watson to which spider-man quips looks like you won't get ahead in life

Carla Gugino as Julia Goterelli-The girlfriend of Ryan Jergo who is more than willing to aid him in whatever nefarious plot he has thought up

Dick Van Dyke as Officer Dyker-A Corrupt police officer on Ryan Jergo's payroll he was ordered to kill Spider-man but ends up getting killed himself when he is ran over by the local Z train

Mickey Rooney as a random pedestrian who has his lower intestines torn out by Julia Goterelli

Christopher Walken as Reginald Frost-A officer who aids Spider-man by placing tracking beacons upon wherever Ryan goes.He is still alive at the end of the movie

Arnold Vosloo as Gus Safir-A Egyptian gangster who aids Ryan in his vendetta against spider-man.He commits suicide by somehow tearing his brain out

Shia Labeouf as Dexter St Jon Smythe-A headstrong 21 year old who does his best to stay out trouble to much success