"Spider-Woman" is a film set in the Ultimate Spiderman film series.


Michelle Trachtenberg as Jessica Drew/Spider-Woman

Jake Gyllenhaal as Scotty McDowell

Emma Stone as Lindsay McCabe

John Cazale as Denny Haynes

Sam Elliot as Dr. Miles Warren

January Jones as Julia Carpenter

Julie Andrews as Cassandra Webb/Madame Webb

Ginnifer Goodwin as Martha "Mattie" Franklin

Alyson Stoner as Carlie Cooper

Teresa Palmer as Laney Haynes

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Peter Parker/Spiderman and Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider and Kaine

John Cusack as Norman Osborn

Harrison Ford as Ben Urich

Nolan North as Dr. Karl Malus

Taylor Kitsch as Charles Delazny Jr./The Enforcer

Gene Hackman as Dr. Phineas Mason/The Tinkerer

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