This is the fourth season of Spider-Man XD.

Season summaryEdit

The fourth season brings Benji all new challenges from being abducted by a wicked alien warlord to participate in a intergalactic tournament, to handling the Kingpin's new schemes, to facing the new Sinister Six. Spider-Man is in a one tough battle this season and it could only get worse.


Main charactersEdit

  • Ben “Benji” Parker/ Neo Spider-Man (Yuri Lowenthal)

    Neo Spider-Man

  • Peter Parker (Christopher Daniel Barnes)
  • Mary-Jane Parker (Jennifer Hale)
  • May Parker (Kari Wahlgren)

Recurring charactersEdit

  • Dr. Susan Connors (Tara Strong)
  • Torri Stacy (Tara Platt)
  • Eric McClain (Adam Wylie)
  • Dash Hampton (Shawn Harrison)
  • Det. Rasher (Fred Savage)
  • Lilly Fairmount (Tara Strong)
  • Mr. Quinn (James Arnold Taylor)
  • John Jameson (Xander Berkeley)
  • Darius Martin (Robert Wisdom)


  • Carmen White (CCH Pounder) -- Episodes 6, 13, 15-16

Warriors in the Tournament of WarriorsEdit

  • Torco (James Marsden) -- Episodes 2-5
  • Sineron (Ralph Fiennes) -- Episodes 2-4
  • Umbra (Olivia D'Abo) -- Episodes 2-3
  • Pod (Peter Onorati) -- Episodes 2-3
  • Vesper (Maria Canals) -- Episodes 2-3
  • Vrak (James Sie) -- Episode 2
  • Inon (Scott Patterson) -- Episode 2


New roguesEdit

First appearancesEdit

  • Baron Mavix (Christopher Heyerdahl) -- Episodes 2-5
    • General Xyerion (Michael Dorn) -- Episodes 2-5)
    • Riku (Fred Savage) -- Episode 1
    • Advack (Raphael Sbarge) -- Episodes 1-2
  • Florigan, leader of the Jesters (Lex Lang) -- Episode 7
  • Dr. Dane Broodwick/The Brood Hunk (Michael Beach) -- Episode 8
  • Mo Harris (Robert Picardo) -- Episode 13

Returning villainsEdit

  • Vincent Fisk/ The New Kingpin (Michael Roseanbaum) -- Episodes 7, 10-11, and 14
  • The New Sinister Six
    • Bokogoblin (Oded Fehr) -- Episodes 10-11
    • Edgar Swift/Havoc (Corey Burton) -- Episodes 10-11
    • Viper (Powers Boothe) -- Episodes 10-11
    • Titan (Michael Dorn) -- Episodes 10-11
    • Malin (Malcolm McDowell) -- Episodes 10-11
    • Thornila (Amy Acker) -- Episodes 10-11

Peter’s old enemiesEdit

  • Carnage (Rino Romano) -- Episode 9
  • Dr. Octopus (Eric Roberts) -- Episode 15 and 16


Season 4Edit

# Title Plot
1 Invaders Benji and Peter notice a mysterious threat arriving in the city; when Benji suits up as Spider-Man to handle it. Spidey has no idea this threat will be more difficult to stop than expected. Peter discovers the threat is alien in origin. However, the game changes when the new alien threat sends a menacing monster to attack the city.
2 Tournament of Warriors (1) Mysteriously transported to a unknown world, Spider-Man is soon enthralled in this intergalactic competition set up by the wicked Baron Mavix. To get home, Spidey must face off and eliminate seven other dimensional warriors...and for Spider-Man this game has just started.
3 Tournament of Warriors (2) As the game continues, Spidey faces off against the dangerous brute, Pod. As Spidey and the rest of the warriors continue to battle to survive to win, Spidey begins to suspect what is truly Mavix's endgame.
4 Tournament of Warriors (3) Spidey begins to find a way out of the competition but is forced by Mavix to continue if he wants to return to Earth. Desperate, Spidey begins to work with Torco and find the true reason why Mavix brought them here. However, they fear they could be being watched.
5 Tournament of Warriors (4) Caught by General Xyerion, Spidey and Torco are forced by Mavix to face off against each other and the winner will have the chance to go back to their respective home. Spider-Man has to outsmart Mavix and escape, but risks his partnership with Torco in the process.
6 Homeward Spidey After Torco forced Mavix as his prisoner and return to Torco's home world, Aglodia, Spidey is finally free from his imprisonment. Now Spidey must find a way back home. As he does that, Spidey begins to have flashbacks of his past ventures and what truly awaits him back home.
7 True Kings Finally back home, Benji begins to have nightmares from his tournament and Peter, May, and MJ does their best to help him out. However when they notice Vincent Fisk has been kidnapped by a rising street gang known as the Jesters, Benji must endure his visions while trying to stop the gang and save Fisk.
8 Hunk'D A troubled scientist, Dr. Broodwick, begins to play with genetics and unfortunately transforms himself into a hulk-like creature. Spider-Man tries to stop him, but discovers stopping Broodwick is not easier as he thought.
9 Carnage: Reloaded Peter and MJ are kidnapped by a madman who is related to Kassidy. Benji and May both work together to try to find their missing parents, but their lives are soon in danger when they go face to face with the return of one of Peter's deadliest enemies, Carnage.
10 The Sinister World (1) In attempt to finally stop Spider-Man, the return of Bokogoblin conspires with Fisk to form a new Sinister Six. Soon Bokogoblin, Havoc, Titan, Marlin, Viper, and Thornila all unite as one formidable force to take out Spider-Man once and for all.
11 The Sinister World (2) Spidey risks his life when he is no match with the new Sinister Six. Peter must find a way to help his son before everything they hold dear is gone forever.
12 Brothers in Arms Dash's misbehaving brother, Sam, returns to stir up trouble. When Benji gets involved with Sam's machinations, the police arrest Benji and Sam. When Sam works with the Jesters, Benji fears he can't be Spider-Man to stop and must resort using Dash's help to prevent Sam from making a huge mistake.
13 Reality Check A seasoned thief, Mo Harris, puts his life on the line to save his grandson from stealing something. Soon Mo tells his grandson a story about a meeting he had with the original Spider-Man years ago and how Spider-Man changed his life.
14 War of the Kingpins Vincent Fisk is cruising as the Kingpin continues to spread despair. However, Fisk meets his match when a rival decides to clone Fisk and make his own Kingpin. For total control, Fisk will do whatever it takes to bring back his kingdom even tempting Spider-Man to help him.
15 Time's Arrow (1) When Peter looks back in his past and recollects on the many mistakes he made and as well the threats he stopped by protecting the city, Peter all of the sudden suffers a heart attack and goes into a coma. Fearing for his father's health, Benji decides to quit being Spider-Man and be there for his father. However, a time ripple erupts and sends Benji back in time where Neo Manhattan has been reversed into a corrupted version; and its leader is none other than Doctor Octopus.
16 Time's Arrow (2) Trying to find a way to reverse whatever Octavius did, Benji is forced to explored the corrupted version of Neo Manhattan and encounter many of his friends have turned their backs. Benji continues to worry about his father and will do whatever it takes to change time once again, but fears what he does could have dangerous consequences.

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