This is the second season of Spider-Man XD.

Season summaryEdit

The second season explores Ben continuing to be Neo Spider-Man and try to protect New Manhattan. However, new enemies surfaces like Bokogoblin, Hypno, Mr. Stop and Go, Kelda, and more; Titan, Havoc, Malin, and Viper return. Plus the return of Peter's old foes such as Green Goblin, Hobgoblin, Shocker, and Vulture. Two new allies, Sable and the New S.H.E.I.L.D, both will appear in the 2-part finale.


Main charactersEdit

  • Ben “Benji” Parker/ Neo Spider-Man (Yuri Lowenthal)

    Neo Spider-Man

  • Peter Parker (Christopher Daniel Barnes)
  • Mary-Jane Parker (Jennifer Hale)
  • May Parker (Kari Wahlgren)

Recurring charactersEdit

  • Dr. Susan Connors (Tara Strong)
  • Torri Stacy (Tara Platt)
  • Eric McClain (Adam Wylie)
  • Dash Hampton (Shawn Harrison)
  • Det. Rasher (Fred Savage)
  • Lilly Fairmount (Tara Strong)
  • Mr. Quinn (James Arnold Taylor)
  • Jesse (Jason Hervey)

Guest characterEdit

  • SHIELD Director Cinnamon Fox (Morena Baccarin) --episodes 15 and 16


  • Simone Neil/ Sable (Susan Eisenberg) -- episodes 15 and 16


New roguesEdit

First appearancesEdit

  • Dr. Greg Gamble/ Hypno (Peter MacNicol)
  • Mr. Stop and Mr. Go (Tara Strong)
  • Kelda the Huntswoman (Gina Torres)
  • Bokogoblin (Oded Fehr)
  • Elliot Bell, the fashion director (John DiMaggio)
  • Doctor Hex, the voodoo doctor (Phil LaMarr)
  • Leon aka "Doomsday" (Mike Erwin)
  • Cree (Clancy Brown)
  • Chaos (Seth MacFarlane)

Returning villainsEdit

  • Edgar Swift/Havoc (Corey Burton)
  • Viper (Powers Boothe)
  • Malin (Malcolm McDowell)
  • Titan (Michael Dorn)

Peter’s old enemiesEdit

  • Green Goblin (Richard Newman) - episode 10
  • Hobgoblin (Mark Hamill) - episode 10
  • Shocker (Michael York) - episode 9
  • Vulture (Robin Atkin Downes) - episode 13


Season 2Edit

# Title Plot
1 Model Misbehavior May is offer a opportunity to be a model of a upcoming hip fashion show. Peter is reluctant and Mary Jane sees this as a good moment recalling her modeling/acting career. However, Ben seeks help from his friend Eric to investigate several cases of models behaving weird. When Ben spots his sister May acting strange, he starts investigating the man behind the fashion show, Elliot Bell.
2 Hypnotic Spidey is call into action when several cases of thefts are from everyday people. Peter believes this is a work of a villain he faced before that likes to play tricks, but when Spider-Man continues to investigate he uncovers the true mastermind, a scientist Dr. Greg Gamble, who uses his new mind-bending technology to become Hypno.
3 House Call Spider-Man infiltrates a warehouse where it is bobby trapped and set by Havoc. Trying to stop Havoc, Ben gets injured. Paying a visit to a doctor, Ben treats his head injury only to discover the doctor whose treating him intentionally curses him with black magic. Peter tries to get help, but Ben tries to find the reason why Doctor Hex cursed him while facing various bad luck.
4 Silver Lake A camping trip with Peter is postponed when Ben learns of mysterious disappearances in the forest camp they traveled to. Peter and Ben discover all the disappearances have a common link, the eerie Silver Lake. When Peter disappears, Ben get help from an unknown source and try to stop whatever is doing; and as well find his father and the rest of the missing campers.
5 Wildstyle Followed the teachings of her late grandfather,Kraven the Hunter, Kelda tries to be the new Hunter becoming "The Huntswoman". She lures Spidey, who has never met Kraven, into a dangerous trap. Spidey does his best to escape, but Kelda will do whatever it takes to take vengeance upon the monster that ruin her family.
6 Girlfriend Troubles Ben's anxious and low self-esteem friend, Wilson Bevel has no luck in trying to find a girl. When Dash mocks Wilson so badly that no girl will ever love him, Wilson retreats to his father, Dr. Albert Bevel. Dr. Bevel decides to make over his son by re-tweaking his hormones using dangerous pheromone technology, where he will able to have any girl to find him irresistible. Wilson uses his new makeover to woo the girls, but he has no idea his pheromonal powers will make females attracted him very hostile to females. Ben try to let his father know about the situation and tries to force Dr. Bevel to make a cure before things go worse.
7 Where is Spider-Man? (1) During one of his protective night outs, Spider-Man retrieves a distress signal. He ventures off the map to where Peter has no contact of him. When Mary Jane discovers Ben has not been in school for two days, she and Peter start to get worry. Trying to figure out where is his son, Peter searches for him while seeking help from Eric. As Peter tries to retrace Ben's steps before he disappeared, Peter is soon attacked by two unknown figures. Without his spider abilities he used to have, Peter has to come up with new ways to defeat the threat while trying to find his son.
8 Stop and Go (2) When Eric saves Peter from the two unknown figures, they escape. Peter further uncover the figures identities as Mr. Stop and Mr. Go. Thinking they know where Ben is, Peter with some fire power faces Mr. Stop and Mr. Go again. However, when his weapons prove useless against them, Peter tries to think a new offense, but when they strike at Peter once more, Peter gets help from an unlikely source.
9 Shocked Again When Peter gives Ben a day off to hang out with his friends, Ben takes this time to do a much needed history report. However, trying to gain the research, Ben is surprised when a villain that can throw electric shocks blasts a SkyLabs warehouse and steals weapons. Ben gives up his day off to be Spider-Man and uncovers the villain is one of his father's former adversaries, Shocker. However, Ben discovers a twist and learn the real reason why Shocker has come back.
10 Encounter of the Goblin Kind Celebrating Peter's birthday, Mary Jane surprises him with a weekend giveaway. With May and Ben with the house to themselves, Ben learns of a bank robbery. He suits up as Spider-Man to take on the thieves, but Spidey is suddenly caught into a wormhole. When Ben realizes he is in a alternate New Manhattan; he soon discover his father's old foe, Hobgoblin, his father's most deadliest enemy, Green Goblin; and the ringmaster, the unknown Bokogoblin.
11 Doomsday Eric's father is caught in a dangerous game with a high-tech mob. When Eric tries to get involved to save his father, the head mobster, Leon aka Doomsday, forces Eric to pay up a 50 grand or his whole family will be executed. Eric soon seeks Ben's help to find a way to save Eric's family while trying to stop Doomsday and his gang.
12 Remember Me Malin tries to strike Spider-Man once more and decides to use one of his old collegues' machine to strike Spidey. When they battle, Malin uses the machine where Spidey gets amnesia. Peter tries to find a way to reverse the amnesiac effects while Ben, who has no idea who he is, encounters a young friend named Jesse.
13 Of Wings and a Vulture The Vulture returns to Peter's dismay. He thought Kingsley died years ago, but discovers someone is using his suit to continue Kingsley's legacy. Ben takes off to stop the new Vulture, but things gets crazy when Spidey learns that this new Vulture is closer to Kingsley than everyone thought.
14 Inner Strength Ben's young friend, Jesse, is suddenly in trouble. Ben tries to rescue him only to learn more about Jesse's troubled life. When Ben discovers someone from Jesse's past is trying to kill him, Ben sees it to himself to protect Jesse by allowing him to stay at his place with his mom Mary Jane take a watch, while Ben stop the person. However, Jesse is keeping secrets that could endanger the Parker family.
15 Sable Strikes, Part 1 Ben is suddenly transported to a unknown to facility where it is revealed to be the new S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Cinnamon Fox, who always tried to live up to Director Nick Fury's philosophy, seeks Spider-Man in her quest to stop an renegade agent who is working for a dangerous criminal mastermind known as Cree. Peter is reluctant and reminds him of Fury's reasons of trying to recruit him and fears that Ben could be in danger. Being careful, Ben is task to stop the renegade agent who is revealed to be Sable aka Simone Neil whose is trying to stop one of Cree's men, Chaos. However, Spidey wanting to know the reason Sable betrayed S.H.I.E.L.D only finds out it is a trap set by Cree.
16 Sable Strikes, Part 2 Trapped, Spidey is soon taken to Cree's headquarters where Spidey meets the criminal Cree and discovers the story of why Sable betrayed S.H.I.E.L.D. Imprisoned, Ben tries to get in communication with his father and with Director Fox. However, things turn upside down when he is soon help by the most unlikely person...Sable. Meanwhile, Peter is forced to work with Director Fox to save his son, but encounter Cree's second hand, Chaos.

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