This is the first season of Spider-Man XD.

Season summaryEdit

The first season explores the reason why Peter couldn't be Spider-Man anymore; and unaware his son, Ben, will take over becoming Neo Spider-Man. Ben as the new Spidey will fend against new enemies and the return of some of his father's nemeses such as the Hobgoblin.


Main charactersEdit

  • Ben “Benji” Parker/ Neo Spider-Man (Yuri Lowenthal)

    Neo Spider-Man

  • Peter Parker (Christopher Daniel Barnes)
  • Mary-Jane Parker (Jennifer Hale)
  • May Parker (Kari Wahlgren)

Recurring charactersEdit

  • Dr. Susan Connors (Tara Strong)
  • Torri Stacy (Tara Platt)
  • Eric McClain (Adam Wylie)
  • Dash Hampton (Shawn Harrison)
  • Det. Rasher (Fred Savage)
  • Lilly Fairmount (Tara Strong)
  • Mr. Quinn (James Arnold Taylor)

Guest charactersEdit

  • Madame Web (episode 1)
  • Joey Jameson (episode 1)


New roguesEdit

  • Edgar Swift/Havoc (Corey Burton)
  • Viper (Kevin Michael Richardson)
  • Malin (Malcolm McDowell)
  • Thornila (Amy Acker)
  • Titan (Michael Dorn)
  • Matt Rayne/Bolden (Keith David)

Peter’s old enemiesEdit

  • Green Goblin (Richard Newman)
    • He will only appear in the first episode.
  • Hobgoblin (Mark Hamill)
    • He will appear in the last episode.


Season 1Edit

# Title Plot
1 Year of the Spider (1) After stopping Green Goblin, an adult Peter Parker started to notice problems in his strength and powers; and with help from Madame Web, Peter soon discovered his special abilities is fading away. With his son, Benjamin, born, Peter realized he must live a life without Spider-Man. However, it is put on hold, when Green Goblin escapes and set to destroy Spidey once and for all. However, Peter dons the suit for the last time and stop Green Goblin once and for all, but at a cost. Madame Web wants Peter to live his life, but in order to live it he must give up his powers. Peter realizing his family could be in danger eventually relents and gives up being Spider-Man. Sixteen years later in New Manhattan, things have changed and now Ben is set to start his sophomore year in high school. However, when Ben uncover a secret threat involving the controversial SkyLabs CEO Darius Martin and a plot to poison the city’s water supply, Ben tries to find a way and things really get interesting when he starts to discover his father’s past.
2 Year of the Spider (2) After nearly escaping a inferno set by Tongo, Martin’s right-hand man, Ben’s investigation leads him to a old friend of his father’s and a key to the whole conspiracy. Peter starts to notice his son’s mysterious outgoings and Mary Jane wants him to help Ben, but Peter continues to resist helping. Ben starts to notice his hidden abilities, the same his father once had years ago, and starting to think about Spider-Man; Ben grabs an updated Spidey suit created by Dr. Susan Connors and puts it on becoming the new Spider-Man. However, how far he can keep this up before Peter begins to realize his son is becoming the same problem Peter sworn away.
3 Rollers Peter trying to forgive his son starts to train him with his powers, but Ben’s social life starts to complicate his training. When a new threat called Titan begins to steal valuable information about a secret weapon, Peter wants to test his son in stopping the threat.
4 Causing Havoc A framed scientist, Edgar Swift, tries to sworn revenge to SkyLabs by adopting a prototype suit and when the suit’s nanotechnology fuse into Swift’s membrane, he becomes a unstoppable monster known as Havoc. Spidey tries to do his best to try and protect the people Havoc wants to eliminate including Martin.
5 Look Up Ben is struggling to live his real life and protecting the city, yet it becomes a real challenge when a new criminal, Viper, is stealing venom serums throughout various labs and must find out what is going on. Meanwhile, Peter and Mary Jane reminisce the past when Peter was Spider-Man.
6 Rebound Spider-Man is hexed by a female vixen, Thornila, who is using her seduction to mesmerize men and use them as pawns. When Peter becomes one of her victims, Ben must save his father before his lust kills him.
7 Solid Rock Matt Rayne was an actor ready to perform on Broadway, but a severe accident causes him to mutate into a rock-like creature. And now Matt or Bolden tries to ruin the person he believes who sabotage everything in his life and Spider-Man has to prevent him before innocents get hurt.
8 Plant City Spider-Man uncovers Thornila is planning to turn multiple, key parts of Neo Manhattan into her personal garden filled with monstrous plants.
9 Manhattan Spider Hunt A misunderstanding between Spidey and the police over the case of a missing girl prompts police into believing Spidey is part of the kidnapping. Now Spider-Man is on the run while trying to save the young girl along the process.
10 The Sky’s Not Limited When Spidey investigate a lot of disc robberies, Spidey uncovers the thefts leads to a hidden sector of SkyLabs. There Spider-Man confronsts the vile, unpredictable mastermind known as Malin.
11 Mamma Knows Best Ben, Peter, and May are distraught when Mary-Jane gets kidnapped by a dangerous renegade android. Peter is force to reunite with a old friend to learn the secrets of the android and why it abducted Mary-Jane. May helps out Ben in finding their mother.
12 Opposite Attraction Ben is forced to work with Dash as they are going to be partners for a week. However, their bonding becomes problematic especially for Ben when Titan returns and Ben can't find a way to revert to Spider-Man without alarming Dash.
13 Hover Havoc returns to steal a prototype hoverboard that is full with nano weapons. Spidey learns Havoc's plot and tries to stop him.
14 Scared Crazy SkyLabs loses a dangeorus fear serum. When Peter learns about it, he alerts Ben to find it and stop it until the serum infects all of Ben's family, friends, and even himself.
15 Truth and Consequences Ben, Torri, Eric, Dash, and Lilly are locked inside the school library when a whacko bomber takes the school hostage. Ben must forgo being Spider-Man and plan out a way to escape and stop the bomber using his friends' help.
16 Goblin Gone Mad A talented SkyLabs scientist, Dr. Briana Segal, unintentionally reawaken a long project which casues one of Peter's old enemies, the Hobgoblin, to somehow return. Hobgoblin forces the doctor to be his pawn while he commit a dangerous crime spree throughout Neo Manhattan. Ben is aware of this, yet Peter fears his son may not be able to stop Hobgoblin.

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