Spider-Man Chronicles: The Dark Nebula is a feature film producted by Crazy-X Productions. It features Spider-Man on Earth and Beyond... An alien plummits down to Earth just as Peter Parker was gazing into the night sky.


The Alien From Dark Nebula, Iron Eagle was in pursuit by the Galactic Federation Of Allinces Scout Transport. Iron Eagle is a crimanal from the Dark Nebula and is on the Galactic Federation Of Allinces' Top Twenty most wanted and jailed. Iron Eagle's Ship, Twilight7 fell down to Earth after a nasty beating of Fuzion Torpedoes. The Scout Ship still fired the Fuzion Torpedoes at Twilight7. After Iron Eagle entered Earth's Atmosphere, The Scout ship turned around with a jerk and Blasted Twilight's core drive. The Scout Transport Launched a Fuzion Gernade at Twilight7. The bomb was still on stand-by. The Scout Transport LightSped away...

Spider-Man went to the crash site to investegate. In the pile of rubbish, lied a Gray figure, Iron Eagle, the Steel Criminal.