The first Spider-Man Adventure game of the trilogy of video games.



Spider Man

The series gameplay is similar to former  Spider-Man games. Although this game has upgraded stealth mechanics, Quicktime events, bigger Free Roam section, and Time Limit Missions.



Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Both Playable)

Gwen Stacy

Harry Osborn


The Green Goblin

Aunt May

Dr.Otto Octavius

Dr.Curt Connors

Mary Jane Watson

Captain Stacy

Robbie Robertson

J. Jonah Jameson

Uncle Ben


  • Main means they are taken on in the main story/None means in a side mission

Green Goblin/Norman Osborn (Main)

Vulture/Adrian Toomes (Main)

Scarecrow (Main)

Alister Smythe (Main)

Spider-Slayers (Main)

Uncle Ben's Killer (Main)

Eddie Brock (Main)

Symbiote (Main)

Flash Thompson (Main) (Later hero by the end of the story)






Gwen 3

Gwen Stacy

Story Mode

Hard Mode

Challenge Maps

Concept Art


Order of Villain Battles (Only Main Story)Edit

1. Uncle Ben's Killer

2. Eddie Brock (Pictures)

3. The Spider Slayers

4. The Green Goblin (1st Boss)

5. Vulture (1st Boss)

6. Scarecrow (1st Boss)

Symbiote is on Spider-Man

7. Vulture (2nd Boss)

8. Alister Smythe

Throws away the Symbite Suit

9. Scarecrow (2nd Boss)

10. The Green Goblin (2nd Boss)




The opener happens during the time Peter Parker let's Uncle Ben's Killer get away. Then after he Ben dies. Peter chases after him (interducing the game mechanics). Then suddenly when he has him while on his car which causes the killer to crash, killing Uncle Ben's Killer.

The story takes place over a year after the opener  (Peter is a Senior in High Schcool). Peter and Aunt May start off at Uncle Ben's grave. Later Norman takes Peter and Harry to watching the expeiment that would later turn Norman into the Green Goblin where he soon embarresses Adrian Toomes (Vulture) in front of them. Then later Norman asks Adrian to watch him as he test out the Serum. When thing go wrong Adrian escapes taking Vulture Wings from Oscorp with him and also the vulture serum. Meanwhile Norman eventually steals the Goblin Gear and when he gets home he make his Goblin uniform. Later with the The Green Goblin persona Norman tries to become crime boss of New York only for Spider-Man. The Goblin later makes a statement to make Spider-Man life a living hell. Scarecrow is there to bring out the fears of the night Uncle Ben died. Alister Smythe and The Spider-Slayers are there only to caoture and kill Spider-Man. Eddie Brock and Peter Parker's rivalry is to take the best pictures. The Symbiote eventually attaches to Peter's costume which he uses for some misssions but he soon trashes that suit then he remakes his costume without the symbiote.

This also takes place on how Peter and Gwen's come together.

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