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Spider-Man: Ravencroft
Developer: Rocksteady Studios
Publisher: Eidos Interactive


Unreal Engine 3

Release date:

August 25, 2009


Action Detective




Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows

Based upon media:

Marvel Comics

Spider-Man: Ravencroft is a 2010 video-game for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Microsoft Windows based on Marvel Comics' superhero The Amazing Spider-Man. It is developed by Rocksteady Studios and Activision (Rocksteady having been responsible for the predecessor dark Batman Arkham series and Activision for all prior Spider-Man video games).

The game is published by Eidos Interactive marking Eidos and Activision's first collaboration, and marking the second superhero series to be done between Eidos and Rocksteady.

It like the Arkham series is based on the long running comic book mythos of Spider-man and was a best-selling title for 2010 earning international acclaim and selling out a million copies from it's initial release on April 18th to September 4th, 2010.


The GroundsEdit

Ravencroft Entrance - The Hostage SituationEdit

Chimney Sweeps - Fisk OverviewEdit

Sargeant Tower - The BreakoutEdit

Aphrodite Surgery - ChameleonEdit

Artemis Cell Blocks - Fisk's Factions/ The CouncilEdit

Ares Patient Square - The RiotsEdit

Persephone Wing - CarnageEdit

Hephaestus' Den - Dragon TailEdit

Poseidon's Pier - ApocalypseEdit

Altar of Hera - Arsenic CandyEdit

Apollo Astronomy - VultureEdit

Aether Passing - Arsenic Bear BombsEdit

Muse Theatre - The Goblin's ShowEdit

The Wings - Trailing Mayhem/ A Trap Fit For A SpiderEdit

Gaia's Grave - The Lizard/ Containing ConnorsEdit

Dionysus' Cage - Massacre & Rhino/ The Beastly BodyguardEdit

Tartarus Wing - Navigating The Tower/ MayhemEdit

Warren Security - The JackalEdit

Hermes Offices - Saving The DoctorsEdit

Gremlin's Keep - Through The Looking GlassEdit

Warden's Nest - Captain Stacy, Gwen, The Winged Bandits & Mayhem MadwomenEdit

Demeter Botanical - Escaping Kraven and Calypso's cell/ The Pizzarelli Twins/ The Symbiote SubjectsEdit

Hades' Hold - The Warden's Execution/ Rhino's ReturnEdit

Chronos Rehabilitation - Fisk Faction Riot/ The SlaughterEdit

Pluto's Harvest - Defusing The Main Bomb/ Gang Leader Take-Down/ The Green Goblin / Hobgoblin's EscapeEdit


The game plays out for styles of gameplay: Amazing in which Spider-Man uses classical moves and the free-flow combat system against enemies as well classical swing options, Noir in which Spider-Man must use stealth to navigate past gun toting enemies and special opponents, Shattered during the moments when Kraven's Jungle and Symbiote when Spider-Man becomes exposed to the symbiote from the Symbiote infected Ryker Inmates which drive Spider-Man into a disorientated state.

Spider-Man in the game like previous video games in order to web swing has to have high surfaces to attach his web to in order to start swinging.


  • Web-Sling: Travelling method and also a form of attack and surprise.
  • Web-Claw: Strong attack form, build of energy needed to perform attack
  • Web-Bomb: Web explosion burst emanated through travel from wrists to chest
  • Web-Dive: Dive move, used for either surprise attack or navigation
  • Web-Fire: Mixture of flame and web line, Strong Attack form
  • Web-Pull: Draws opponents into close range for close range attack
  • Web-Whips: Double whip lines which extend and are brought down 
  • Web-Blades: Ragged Whips lining used for crowd control
  • Web-Launcher: Travelling method for broken areas and chasms
  • Web-Defuser: Bomb disabling move
  • Web-Wings: Temporary travelling method for high up areas
  • Web-Blast: Simple attack form
  • Web-Knives: Simple Attack form
  • Web-Zipline: Attack/travel form

Mysterio CodesEdit

Quentin Beck an already escaped inmate of Ravencroft Institute has left a telecommunicator for Peter Parker. It helps to unlock the patient profiles and tapes of the Ravencroft inmates and the NYPD database files on such characters as Spider-Man, Richard and Mary Parker, Benjamin Parker, Harry Osborne, The Jameson family and Gwen Stacy.


  • Peter Parker/Spider-Man (voiced by Richard Epcar) - The main protagonist of the game. He comes to Ravencroft to act as support for Gwen in the incarceration of Norman Osborne who attempted to murder her. Spider-Man however upon arrival must deal out with a mass breakout of most inmates and villains led by Norman Osborne/ The Green Goblin and Arnold Donovan/Hobgoblin. He must also stop Ravencroft Island from being blown apart by the Arsenic Candy Atomic, the capture of most of the staff of Ravencroft, Gwen, Captain Stacy and best friend Harry Osborne.
  • Norman Osborne/ The Green Goblin (voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) - The main antagonist of the game. He had been previously defeated by Spider-Man at the Pioneers Bridge after his attempt at murdering Gwen Stacy and destroying all access points into Manhattan in an attempt to take over the city. He proceeds to take over Ravencroft along with Arnold Donovan/Hobgoblin and hold up within Pluto's Harvest along with the gathered Arsenic Candy Atomic.
  • Arnold Donovan/ Hobgoblin (voiced by Daran Norris) - 
  • Aleskei Systevitch/Rhino(voiced by Fred Tatasciore) 

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