Spider-Man: Hero or Villain is a video-game based off of the Amazing Spider-Man movies as well as the comic books. It is rated T for some mild language, animated blood, violence, and drug refference. In this game, the Amazing Spider-Man video-game is canon, though in the movie it is not.


Part 1: VenomEdit

After the events of the Amazing Spider-Man video-game, J. Jonah Jameson blames Spider-Man for the virus crisis, and manages to turn the police against. But when a mysterious villain named "Green Goblin" releases The Rhino, Vermin, and a new cross-species project, The Vulture, Spider-Man is the only hope. A man named Daredevil and Felicia Hardy, now calling herslef "Black Cat", assist Spider-Man in stopping Green Goblin. They first fight Scorpion, but the mysterious black organism on Scorpion gets away and gets to the Eddie Brock Photography building. Eddie Brock blames Spider-Man for the death of his fiance, who died from the virus crisis. Since everybody blames Spider-Man for the virus, Eddie hates him. The substance bonds to Eddie and transforms him into a huge, powerful creature. The creature calls itself Venom. Venom wreaks havoc in New York, luring Spider-Man into his trap. Spider-Man defeats Venom for a long enough time to escape, but the unconscious Venom has disappears.

Part 2: Survival of the FittestEdit

Spider-Man is then ambushed by The Vulture, which then flies to the top of a huge tower. Spider-Man gets to the top of the tower to stop Vulture and get his blood sample. Spider-Man returns to his apartment and works on a formula to destroy the substance that turned Brock into Venom. It is succesful, and he goes to find Venom. However, the Rhino attacks him for revenge. Rhino brutally beats him, but Daredevil arrives and battles Rhino. After defeating Rhino, Daredevil helps Spider-Man up.

Part 3: Venom's RevengeEdit

Suddenly, they see a trail of carnage leading to a sewer panel. They go into the sewers, where they meet Black Cat. They walk through a huge tunnel, but get attacked by Vermin. They fight Vermin and manage to defeat him, but three more cross-species mutates, Beetle, Chameleon, and Puma, attack them. They battle the villains, and defeat them. Suddenly, they discover a secret entrance to the Oscorp building. It leads to the lobby, where they are attacked by Venom. Daredevil and Black Cat hold him off, while Spider-Man puts the formula into a gun to shoot it at Venom. Suddenly, Green Goblin comes and attacks Spider-Man. The two have a battle, and Spider-Man manages to knock Goblin off his glider to the ground below. Spider-Man then gets the gun with the formula, and shoots it at Venom, burning away the black, goo-like substance to reveal a weak, bloody Eddie Brock. Eddie collapses to the floor.

Part 4: Goblin's Last StandEdit

Suddenly, the Green Goblin unleashes one last mutate: Doctor Octopus. Octopus gives the trio a hard time, but they defeat him. They chase Green Goblin through the building, and find him in a destroyed lab. They have a huge battle, when Vermin and The Rhino join in. After defeating Vermin and Rhino, Spider-Man webs Green Goblin's head, and pulls, sending him flying across the room. Green Goblin crashes into various chemicals, which cause a chain reaction that turns him back into his true form... Norman Osborn. It turns out Norman Osborn used the imperfect Lizard formula to cure himself of his disease, but it turned him into a green-skinned, scaly "goblin". It also drove him crazy, and he wanted to kill Spider-Man and turn the city into a kingdom of mutates. With Goblin defeated, the city loves Spider-Man once more, as well as Black at and Daredevil. However, Black Cat returns to a life of crime no matter what anybody tries to do.



  • Spider-Man
  • Black Cat
  • Daredevil


  • Green Goblin
  • Venom
  • Chameleon
  • Beetle
  • Puma
  • Vermin
  • Vulture
  • Rhino
  • Scorpion
  • Dr. Octopus

Refferences and TriviaEdit


Daredevil briefly mentions a crime-lord that led him to become the hero he is today.


As Spider-Man's formula burns the symbiote on Venom, Venom screeches "We will come back someday! In a different form... in a more POWERFUL form!" This is a hint at the Venom symbiotes "son", Carnage, possibly appearing.

New York City ThoughtsEdit

The NYC Thoughts from the first game appear in this game as well. Here is a list:


  • TommyH: It better not be happening again, I'm still tramautized from the last time somethin' like this happened
  • Daniel: Oh, God, Oh, God...
  • Josephscarz: I think I just saw a giant buzzard flying around eating people
  • AncientGreekKnowItAll: it could be a Harpy, maybe the Greek Gods are coming back?

Survival of the FittestEdit

  • StevenDitko: Oh, man, that Rhino dude's back!
  • Stan: Maybe its just a fat jogger wearing grey?
  • Lee: No, its a RHINO! RUN, MAN!
  • Marvelous: Game over, man! Game over, man!

Venom's RevengeEdit

  • MendelStromm: I'm a scientist, so I know whats going on
  • BillAde: TELL US!
  • MendelStromm: Do not worry, I think I can fix this
  • BillAde: HOW!!!!!!!

Goblin's Last StandEdit

  • BillAde: Oh, God, theres a trail of dead people.... leading to the sewers!
  • JanetVanDyne: Theres a yellow-ish mist coming from the Oscorp building... whats going on?
  • HowardTduck: I just saw Spider-Man! Do ya think he's gonna start that virus again?
  • BillAde: I dont think its Spidey. I mean, remember how he saved us from that Lizard freak?
  • JanetVanDyne: I dunno, I still think he IS the lizard freak!
  • BillAde: Hows that possible?

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