Spider-Man: Forensic Science is a 2017 Spider-man story released by Marvel Comics.

Plot Edit

Joseph Halt, the previously unnamed Hobgoblin from Secret War, is released from prison by a strange energy. It draws him to an abandoned building, where inside he finds four people in blue and black and red robes. They dress him up in an armored robe and posses him with the demon known as... Demogoblin! He gives the robed figures powers, turning Jack Macendale into the new Jack O'Lantern, Gabriel Stacy into American Goblin and Phil Urich into Golden Goblin. There is one left, whose face is not initially seen, but is later revealed to be Ultimate Mary Jane, a.k.a Ultimate Demogoblin. The cult goes on a murder spree through New York, but eventually the combined efforts of Spider-man, Miles Morales, Spider-Woman, Silk, Agent Venom, Norman Osborn, Harry Osborn, Menace, Proto-Goblin and Roderick Kingsley to stop the mayhem. At the end, Demogoblin, Ultimate Demogoblin, Gabriel Stacy and Proto-Goblin are dead, Jack O'Lantern is in custody, and Phil Urich becomes a new ruler in Hell.

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