Spider-Man's Return is the first episode of The Spectacular Spider-Man - Season 3.

Next Episode - Back In Business

2 months after the battle with the Green Goblin, Spider-Man is stopping crime better than ever, with Gwen and Harry still dating, and broken up with Liz, Peter feels alone, especially since his best friend wants to kill him. Worse, Spider-Man must stop a new foe the Scorpion. Meanwhile, Harry sneaks into Oscorp and steals more globulin green.


Recap: Final Curtain - Spider-Man figures out the true identity of the Green Goblin, Norman Osborn, after thinking it's Harry. Peter breaks up with Liz, to be with Gwen, but following Norman's death, Gwen stays with Harry, leaving Peter alone. Norman is shown alive, in disguise.

Two months later, criminals are webbed up all around the city, being rounded up, by Captain Stacy, wondering how Spider-Man stopped a crime spree in under three hours. Spider-Man is swinging around looking for more action, then realizes he has five minutes until the school bell rings.

He makes it just in time and avoids sitting next to Gwen or Harry. After class Peter sees cop cars and rushes out. As he's leaving, Gwen grabs his hand and tells him the need to talk, but without saying a word, Peter pulls back his hand and leaves.

Spidey saves Cap. Stacy, as Scorpion tries to attack him and they engage in battle. After the Scorpion stings him and he's paralyzed, Spider-Man sees Norman walking by, then he sees the Green Goblin. When he gets his feeling back he, grabs Scorpion's  tail and swings him around, then lets go. He goes flying into a cop car, falling unconcious, and he leaves without saying a word.

Meanwhile, a shadow figure sneaks into oscorp, activating the alarm. One of the scientist yells out "The globulin green formula is gone!"

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