A.R.A.C.H.N.I.D.O.G(Arachnid-like Robotic Animal Capable of Heroic deeds Now improved with Invincible powers to Do good deeds Other good things and Grow to be a hero)AKA Peter Puppy AKA The Animazing Spider-Hound.

Peter Puppy was a normal dog, until one day his uncle, Ben Barker, was put down by the pound. Peter volunteered to be a test-dog for a new expiriment. He gained "animazing" spider-abilities and tested them out getting vengeance on the pound. He wiped out the dog-catchers and became a hero for the animal-kingdom. Later, his friend Eddie Buckteeth (a gerbil), became his worst enemy, Rabies. Rabies kid-napped Mary Jane Woofson (his girlfriend) and threatened him, this was the second biggest battle of his life, the first being the second time he had faced a symbiote, also known as the event "Maximum Kitten", introducing the spawn of Rabies, Kitten. He is from the same reality as Dogpool.


  • Captain Ameagle / Steve Rogeagle - Bald Eagle / Animalvengers Team-mate.
  • The Incredibly Huge / Bruce Bunnyrabbit - Bunny, turns into a Doberman when angry / Animalvengers Team-mate.
  • Wolverine / James Howling - Wolve / Animalvengers Team-mate.
  • Iron Ham / Tony Bacon - Hog / Animalvengers Team-mate.
  • Mary Jane Woofson - Dog / Girl-friend.

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