Sinister6 is a television series focussing on six primary characters derived from Spider-Man's rogue gallery. Volume 1 came out on 22 July 2016, with the POV characters being comprised of Adrian Toomes, Carolyn Trainer, Flint Trainer, Sergei Kravinoff, Dmitri Smerdyakov, and Marina Bench. Volume 2 came out on 23 July 2016, replacing Sergei and Marina with Curtis and Octavia; a mini-volume entitled A Baker's Dozen also came out. Volume 3 came out on 24 July 2016, replacing Flint and Curtis with Mac, Maxwell and Lorina. Volume 4 came out on 25 July 2016, thus concluding the series with the deaths of almost every character in the franchise.

Main CharactersEdit

Dmitri SmerdyakovEdit

Dmitri Smerdyakov, codenamed Chameleon, is Sergei's half-brother who moves into the household along with Sergei. He sleeps in the same room as Flint, and they attend the same high school together, where Dmitri works hard and becomes an A-grade student. However, Dmitri has problems where he suddenly lashes out for no reason, as well as a strained relationship with his brother Sergei, who is an arrogant womanizer. Shortly after Sergei commits suicide, Dmitri is attacked by Dr. Connors, who forcibly injects Dmitri with the Lizard serum. Dmitri slowly becomes reptilian and his behavior swings out of control. In one of his manic stages, Dmitri starts flirting with Flint, although quickly flees - leaving it ambiguous whether or not Dmitri has feelings for Flint or if he was simply delirious. After he cures himself and Connors with the help of Sergei's ghost - who Dmitri betrays - Dmitri and Flint avoid each other and Dmitri considers Flint his "enemy". After graduating high school, Dmitri decides that he wants to become an international super spy. He joins the police academy in Volume 2, although he keeps his family's crime connections secret. After Adrian and Carolyn are both murdered, a joint funeral is held where Dmitri meets his old high-school friend Peter Parker, as well as Parker's boyfriend, Michael Morbius. In A Baker's Dozen, Dmitri is contacted by Adrian's ghost who wishes for someone to avenge his murder, so Dmitri steals Flint's phone and impersonates him to lure Silver to the household, where he promptly kills her. Later, he calls Morbius over and drowns him in the swimming pool. In Volume 3, Dmitri continues to put his skills as a master of disguise to good use, and eventually succeeds in becoming a secret agent working for the American government. Dmitri hooks up with fellow housemate Maxwell, but eventually decides to remain just friends with him, breaking Maxwell's heart. In Volume 4, Dmitri has retired from being a master of disguise and stays at home, cleaning the house. He eventually renovates the household into a tavern which he calls the "Bar With No Name". However, on Wilbur Day's birthday celebration, the entire household and everyone in it - including Dmitri - is destroyed by Jonathan Ohnn. Since Norman Üsborn killed Morlun, everybody lingers on as a ghost unable to move on, stuck in limbo.

Otto OctaviusEdit

Otto Octavius (born Octavia Connors), also known as the Superior Spider-Man, is the transgender female-to-male son of Dr. Curtis Connors and Dr. Carolyn Trainer, who lived with Dmitri Smerdyakov and his half-brother Flint Trainer after Connors is missing and presumably dead, and Carolyn is murdered by the Maggia along with Otto's grandfather Adrian Toomes. In A Baker's Dozen, Octavia changes her name from "Octavia Connors" to "Octavia Baker" to avoid controversy or recognization, a strategy also employed by her brother Flint, who changes his name to "William Baker". During her teenage years, Octavia is revealed to have a girlfriend named Amelia whom she invites over, but Amelia declines. She also befriends Randy Robertson at Midtown High School. Octavia later witnesses Dmitri drowning Morbius in the swimming pool, a place where Octavia once enjoyed swimming regularly. During Volume 3, after William dies, Octavia transitions into Otto. He claims that he had identified as a male prior to his brother's death, but feels more free about his gender now that there are no family members left to possibly judge him or hurt his feelings. However, Adrian Toomes's ghost still lingers around the household. Otto meets his grandfather properly for the first time, and Adrian accepts Otto as his grandson. After graduating from high school, Otto begins a romantic relationship with May Parker and eventually proposes to her, although May declines and they remain boyfriend and girlfriend. Otto gets a job at Oscorp and becomes dedicated to his scientific research, refusing even to attend May's funeral after she dies of heart failure. Working late one night during a thunderstorm, lightning strikes the Oscorp building, causing the mechanical arms that workers must use in dangerous experiments to fuse to Otto's spine, also damaging his brain and driving him insane. In Volume 4, Otto decides that the new Spider-Man (Miles Morales) isn't doing a good enough job and abducts him before swapping bodies with Morales and killing the real Miles, who is in Otto's previous body. Otto then becomes the third Spider-Man and kills Jonathan Ohnn. He continues on as the Superior Spider-Man until his dying breath.

Adrian ToomesEdit

Adrian Toomes, also known as The Tinkerer and later The Vulture, is the father of Carolyn and the grandfather of Flint and Otto. He lives in the Sinister6 household in New York City, and is a technological genius - despite lacking a sense of humor and often boring people to sleep. Although he is an elderly person, Adrian has joined a career working for a mysterious criminal organization, fixing their gadgets and aiding them technologically, quickly becoming a favorite of The Boss. Adrian is an old, balding man with grey hair and a long beak-like nose, hence the nickname "Vulture". Toomes's favorite color is green, which is prominent in almost all of his clothing. He disapproves of Sergei having an affair with Marina behind Carolyn's back, and takes it upon himself to tell Carolyn of Sergei's betrayal. Adrian tends to be very protective over his daughter and grandson, although he has not revealed any information about a previous wife or girlfriend with whom he fathered Carolyn. He is proud of his daughter growing up to be a scientist who has inherited Adrian's genius. In Volume 2, Adrian spends a lot of time with his new granddaughter Octavia. Upon discovering that Flint has joined the Maggia, Adrian decides to conquer the criminal underworld by managing to kill The Boss - whose real name is Silvio Manfredi - and his bodyguard, burning them both to death after locking them in the garage. Adrian's plans to become the new crimelord in New York is foiled when both he and his daughter Carolyn are unceremoniously assassinated by the Kingpin's henchmen. In A Baker's Dozen, Adrian's ghost appears from the urn containing his ashes and appears to Dmitri, demanding that his death be avenged. Adrian's ghost still lingers around the household in Volume 3, and he meets his grandson Otto, who was previously Octavia before he transitioned. Adrian is also revealed to have a past with Lorina Jameson, who mistakenly calls Adrian "Dodo" instead of "Vulture".

Lorina JamesonEdit

Lorina Jameson (née Rinehart), also known as Mysterio, is the young and beautiful widow of J. Jonah Jameson in Volume 2, who attends the funerals of Adrian Toomes and Carolyn Trainer alongside her husband. Lorina speaks with Ashley Kafka and expresses interest in the Lizard serum, asking numerous questions about how Kafka was attacked by Billie the Lizard. In Volume 3, a pregnant Lorina stays at the Sinister6 household after J. Jonah Jameson dies from a brain hemorrhage. Utilizing all of her late husband's fortune, Lorina builds herself a small fortress in their backyard, which she uses to keep her boss Felicia Hardy hostage. Lorina meets Adrian Toomes's ghost and mistakenly refers to him as "Dodo" instead of "Vulture". She later tortures Felicia into becoming her loyal servant and looking after Lorina's daughter Alice when she is born, although Felicia later dies of starvation, causing Lorina to cruelly remark that all Felicia had to do was ask for a sandwich. However, Lorina becomes fatigued and gains post-natal depression, causing baby Alice to be taken away from her by the authorities for her negligence. Seeking revenge on the government for taking away her baby daughter, she adopts her Maggia identity - Mysterio - and contacts Cletus Kassady, employing him to locate and bring Alice back to her. She later states that if Cletus fails, then the entire government will pay. In Volume 4, Lorina dies in one of Norman Üsborn's experiments.

Maxwell Schultz-DillonEdit

Maxwell Schultz-Dillon is the son of Herman Schultz, with whom he lives. Maxwell is shown residing at the Schultz household with the other Schultz family members, although it is not explicitly stated whether or not Maxwell is full-blooded siblings with any of the other Schultz offsprings. In Volume 3, Maxwell moves into the Sinister6 household and becomes romantically involved with Dmitri Smerdyakov, although eventually Dmitri decides that they are better off just being friends. This leaves Maxwell heartbroken, but they do eventually remain friends. Maxwell becomes focussed on repairing electrical equipment around the house although he remains unemployed. After graduating from high school, Maxwell gains corn rows, much to Otto's distaste. In Volume 4, Maxwell is electrocuted to death in one of Üsborn's experiments.

Mac GarganEdit

Mac Gargan, also known as Scorpion, moves into the Sinister6 household in order to escape his abusive family. He is friends with Octavia Connors - later Otto Octavius - during high school, and they graduate in the same year. Unemployed and feeling hated by everyone, Mac decides to give himself up to Oscorp as a test subject in order to make some money. They test a refined version of Dr. Connors's super-soldier serum on Mac and it succeeds without any side effects; aside from tinting his skin green. Going power-mad, Mac Gargan calls himself Scorpion and goes on a rampage throughout New York City, defeating even Spider-Man allegedly. Norman Üsborn instructs Gargan to infect as many people with the serum as possible in order to build an army of super-soldiers that work exclusively for Oscorp. Mac obeys, turning both his cousin Jack Hobbs and acquaintance Eddie Brock into super-soldiers with the serum, enlists them in Oscorp's personal army and enticing them into the prospect of taking over New York. In Volume 4, Gargan is killed in one of Üsborn's experiments to cheat Death.

Other CharactersEdit

William BakerEdit

William Baker (born Flint Marko Trainer), nicknamed Sandman, is the son of Carolyn Trainer, half-brother of Octavia Connors and the grandson of Adrian Toomes. He often slacked off in high school and sometimes stayed home, although he made a decent amount of friends and successfully graduated. Towards the end of his teenage years, Flint began respecting and admiring his grandfather Adrian. When he graduated high school, he decided that his ultimate goal would be to become a criminal just like him. Flint is currently on bad terms with Dmitri, despite having to share a room with him. Much like his mother, Flint has no idea who his father is, as Carolyn refuses to talk about it. In Volume 2, Flint's mother and grandfather are both killed by the Kingpin, although Flint remains connected with the Maggia. He gains the nickname "Sandman" by creating special powder that can knock people out, similar to how the legendary Sandman sends people to sleep by sprinkling sand. At the joint funeral of Adrian and Carolyn, Flint seemingly falls in love with Felicia Hardy. In A Baker's Dozen, Flint seeks to know his father and visits a retirement home where he meets Lilith Trainer-Lincoln, who gives Flint the identity of his father; Morlun. To escape controversy and recognization, Flint changes his name to "William Baker". In Volume 3, William goes to the beach late one night, only for a radioactive meteor to hit. The radiation causes William to begin deteriorating into sand. He manages to flee back home just before he completely disintegrates into sand which kills him. Upon his death, William finally meets his father Morlun - who turns out to be the Grim Reaper himself.

Eddie BrockEdit

Eddie Brock, also known as Venom, is a repairman in Volume 2 who fixes the household's computer, before subsequently fixing the toilet. Later, Eddie attends the funerals of Adrian Toomes and Carolyn Trainer, despite never having met them properly. He converses with J. Jonah Jameson and Wilson Fisk, although neither of them seem to pay much attention to Brock. In Volume 3, Lorina wants to know whether or not Eddie Brock is rich. Later, Mac Gargan summons Eddie, before injecting him with the Oscorp super-soldier serum. This leaves Eddie's skin with a green tinge and turns some of his blond hair black, and Eddie christens himself with the alias Venom. In Volume 4, it is revealed that Venom is still at large and has a son named Alexander O'Hirn-Brock, who becomes the Rhino.

Cletus KassadyEdit

Cletus Kassady, also known as Carnage, is a man who works for the Maggia. He is hired by Lorina Jameson, aka Mysterio, who instructs him to locate Lorina's infant daughter Alice - who had been taken away from Lorina by the authorities - and bring Alice back to her. Cletus accepts this task, although has yet to return to Lorina with Alice. In Volume 4, Lorina has Cletus punished by being a guinea pig for Oscorp's experiments. With a mixture of the super-soldier serum and some of the new Spider-Man's blood, Cletus is mutated into a savage monster called Carnage.


Morlun, also known as the Grim Reaper or Death, is the personification of death who appears whenever somebody dies, so he can rip their souls from their deceased bodies and allow the souls to either live on as ghosts or accompany him to the underworld. The Grim Reaper becomes an almost regular guest at the Sinister6 household, since so many people have died there - to the point where Death feels perfectly comfortable taking off his hood and watching television in the living room. Dmitri tries to befriend Death several times, but doesn't get anywhere. Out of the hooded cloak and scythe, Death resembles an ordinary man, albeit with naturally coal-black skin and grey hair. Apparently, his favorite color is also black and he enjoys classical music. In Volume 3, he is revealed to be William Baker's father Morlun, with father and son finally meeting when William dies. Morlun continues his duties as the Grim Reaper afterwards, reaping souls of the dead. In Volume 4, Morlun is murdered by Norman Üsborn's ghost, meaning that anyone in the world who dies remains on as a ghost.

Norman ÜsbornEdit

Norman Üsborn, also known as the Green Goblin, is the CEO of Oscorp, who wants to create a super-soldier serum in order to create an unstoppable army. He enlists Mac Gargan as a test subject, turning him into the Scorpion. Norman, although chastised by his assistant Mendel Stromm, orders Scorpion to spread the enhanced serum to more people in order to start building the army. Later, Norman grows impatient and uses the serum on himself, although for some reason it has serious side effects when he consumes it. The serum causes his skin to become green and also hideously disfigures him, giving Norman a goblin-like appearance. Having gone crazy from looking at himself in the mirror, Norman murders Strom and calls himself the Green Goblin, vowing to take over New York City with an iron fist. In Volume 4, Norman discovers that the meteorite elements used to refine the serum is slowly killing him, and so he starts murdering everyone in order to summon Morlun the Grim Reaper and kill him. However, he is already dead when this happens, and when he kills Morlun, Norman lingers on as a ghost.

May ParkerEdit

May Parker is the aunt of Peter Parker, who lives in the same neighborhood as the Sinister6 household. Like many other neighbors, Aunt May attends the funerals of Adrian Toomes and Carolyn Trainer with her nephew Peter, as well as Peter's boyfriend Michael. In A Baker's Dozen, May is living at the retirement home. In Volume 3, May becomes romantically involved with trans male Otto Octavius, and they become a proper relationship. Although Otto eventually proposes to May, she turns him down. Later, May succumbs to heart failure and dies, breaking Otto's heart. May is given a small funeral, although Otto is too upset to attend May's funeral. In Volume 4, when Lorina dies, May's ghost comforts her.

Felicia HardyEdit

Felicia Hardy was a friend of Flint Trainer, who attends the funerals of Adrian Toomes and Carolyn Trainer in Volume 2. Flint seems to fall in love with Felicia, although she shows no signs of reciprocation. In Volume 3, she is revealed to be Lorina Jameson's boss with thick ties to the Maggia and to Wilson Fisk. However, Lorina kidnaps Felicia and tortures her into becoming a mindless servant dedicated to looking after Lorina's infant daughter Alice. Felicia eventually dies of starvation and Lorina shows no remorse over Felicia's death, remarking that she should have simply asked for a sandwich, despite knowing full well that this was not possible due to the torture she inflicted. Later, Felicia's ghost wreaks havoc and attacks Lorina numerous times, which results in Lorina's baby Alice being taken away by the authorities who deem her an unfit mother. Felicia's ghost is not seen after this, possibly being the unfinished business that kept Felicia as a ghost.

J. Jonah JamesonEdit

J. Jonah Jameson is the chief editor of The Daily Bugle, who despises Spider-Man and labels him as a "threat" and a "menace" in his papers during Volume 2. He is married to Lorina Jameson, who is young enough to be his daughter. When Adrian Toomes and Carolyn Trainer are assassinated by the Maggia, Jameson and his wife are among those who attend their funerals. Jameson converses with Wilson Fisk, and they share an opinion that Spider-Man is a problem that must be dealt with before he ruins the sanctity of New York City. In Volume 3, he dies of a brain hemorrhage.

Curtis ConnorsEdit

Dr. Curtis Connors, nicknamed Curt, is the father of Billie Connors and the ex-husband of Martha Connors, as well as the current romantic interest and boss of Carolyn Trainer. After employing Carolyn, Connors asks if he can stay at her residence for a while until he sorts out his divorce. During his time living at Carolyn's house, the two enact a relationship. However, Connors is secretly testing a super-soldier formula derived from reptile DNA on himself. Eventually, the repeated injections of Lizard serum transforms Connors into a bloodthirsty reptilian monster that attacks Dmitri and Carolyn. With the help of Sergei Kravinoff's ghost, Dmitri manages to find the antidote in Connors's home, and uses it to remove the Lizard serum from himself and Connors. Afterwards, Connors remains in a relationship of sorts with Carolyn as they continue to see each other. In Volume 2, Curtis goes missing and is presumed dead.

Peter ParkerEdit

Peter Parker, also known as Spider-Man, is a photographer at The Daily Bugle who is secretly a masked vigilante with spider powers who fights crime in Volume 2. At the funeral of Adrian Toomes and Carolyn Trainer, Peter reunites with Dmitri Smerdyakov, an old friend from high school. Parker also brings along his boyfriend, Michael Morbius. Peter's boyfriend Michael later drowns and dies. Some time later, Peter's aunt May also dies of heart failure. It is unknown whether or not Peter attends May's funeral. Later, it is mentioned by Lorina that Peter Parker has become very wealthy.

Michael MorbiusEdit

Michael Morbius is a scientist working for Oscorp in Volume 2. He briefly becomes acquainted with Carolyn Trainer before she and her father Adrian Toomes are both killed on orders from the Kingpin of Crime, Wilson Fisk. Morbius, along with his boyfriend Peter Parker, attend the joint funeral of Toomes and Trainer. Michael Morbius has the appearance of an emo and also sports red eyes, although he claims that they are merely contacts. In A Baker's Dozen, Michael is invited over by Dmitri Smerdyakov, who promptly lures him over to the swimming pool before drowning and killing Morbius.

Silver ManfrediEdit

Silver Manfredi is the daughter of Maggia crime boss Silvio Manfredi in Volume 2. She appears to be the second-in-command of the Maggia, and is fond towards Flint Trainer, claiming to have known Flint's father for a brief while, although she does not reveal any further details. After her father goes missing, Silver contacts Flint and asks if he has seen him. Silver's father Silvio is later burned to death by Adrian Toomes, who wants to become the new leader of the Maggia. However, Silver systematically replaces her father with a new crime-boss named Wilson Fisk, otherwise known as the Kingpin of Crime. To seek justice for Silvio's death, Silver convinces Fisk to have Adrian Toomes and his daughter Carolyn Trainer assassinated. Silver attends the joint funeral of Toomes and Trainer. In A Baker's Dozen, Silver is summoned to the Sinister6 household by who she thinks is Flint, but is actually Dmitri impersonating him. Silver is then murdered by Dmitri.

Lilith Trainer-LincolnEdit

Lilith Trainer-Lincoln is an albino African-American woman who attends the funerals of Adrian Toomes and Carolyn Trainer in Volume 2. When Dmitri questions her, Lilith reveals that she is a neighbor who has recently moved into the neighborhood, but cryptically implies that now either Toomes or Trainer are dead, she is free to make the neighborhood her playground. One of Lilith's surnames, Trainer, is the same as Carolyn and Flint's surnames, suggesting a possible relation. In A Baker's Dozen, it is revealed that Lilith is living at the retirement home with Aunt May Parker and Aunt Anna Watson. She meets Flint, who wants information about his father (i.e. Lilith's son). Lilith reveals that she is Flint's paternal grandmother, and gives Flint the identity of his father; Morlun.

Silvio ManfrediEdit

Silvio Manfredi, also known as Silvermane, The Boss or The Leader was the crime-boss leader of the notorious Maggia, the top of the food chain in the criminal underworld of New York City. Silvio hires Adrian Toomes as the technological expert, and also has Adrian's grandson Flint initiated into the group. Silvio's second-in-command is his daughter Silver. Silvio becomes good friends with Adrian and is mentioned frequently as "The Boss", although he does not appear until Volume 2 where Adrian conspires against Silvio in order to become the new leader of the Maggia. Silvio and his bodyguard are trapped in a room which is then set on fire, causing Silvio and his bodyguard to both burn to death. In retaliation for Silvio's death, Silver and Wilson Fisk organize for Adrian and his daughter Carolyn to be assassinated. At the funeral of Adrian and Carolyn, Silver collects her father's ashes from Flint, who is still loyal to the Maggia even though they killed two of his relatives.

Wilson FiskEdit

Wilson Fisk, also known as the Kingpin of Crime, is the current leader of the Maggia and the husband of Vanessa Fisk in Volume 2. After Adrian Toomes kills Silvio Manfredi, Fisk and Silvio's daughter Silver have Adrian assassinated. Wilson Fisk becomes the Kingpin, and attends the funerals of his victims Adrian Toomes and Carolyn Trainer. In Volume 3, it is stated by Cletus Kassady that Fisk and his wife Vanessa are on a vacation overseas. In Volume 4, the Fisks are slaughtered by the Green Goblin.

Carolyn TrainerEdit

Dr. Carolyn Calypso Trainer (née Toomes) is the daughter of Adrian Toomes, and the mother of Flint Trainer and Octavia Connors. Although originally in a relationship with Sergei Kravinoff, this wavered when she found out that Sergei had been cheating on her with Marina Bench. Becoming jealous, Carolyn eventually lures Marina to the swimming pool while everyone else is asleep, before drowning her in a fit of rage. In order to prevent anyone from suspecting her, Carolyn pretends to be incredibly distressed by Marina's "tragic accident". However, Carolyn's secret is revealed when Sergei turns to Oscorp to resurrect Marina. Depressed, Sergei eventually commits suicide so he can be with Marina properly, but Carolyn has already moved on with her boss at Oscorp, Dr. Curtis Connors. They begin a relationship, but things get shaky when Connors takes a formula that transforms himself into a lizard-like creature with a foul temper and a penchant for violence. Eventually, Connors takes the antidote, and he remains Carolyn's love interest; even after Carolyn discovers that she is pregnant. Carolyn eventually gives birth to Octavia, although she proves to be a neglectful mother after giving birth. In Volume 2, Carolyn is nearly killed in a mugging on her way home from Oscorp, and becomes incredibly paranoid afterwards. Both her father and her son have joined the Maggia, and Carolyn has to pay for Flint's bail when he ends up in jail. Carolyn and Adrian are both assassinated by the Kingpin's henchmen after Adrian kills Silvio Manfredi in an attempt to take over the criminal underworld.

Billie ConnorsEdit

Billie Connors is the daughter of Curtis Connors. When Curtis starts injecting himself with a super-soldier serum being made for Oscorp, he becomes victim of a side effect where turns into a reptilian monster. While in this form, Curtis becomes a recluse and contacts Billie. Billie meets up with her father, only to be attacked and injected with the Lizard serum. Although Curtis and Dmitri are given the antidote for the serum, Billie goes completely unaware that she has even been given the serum, and gradually grows more and more reptilian. In Volume 2, she is revealed to be the lieutenant of the New York Police Department, although while visiting the Sinister6 household, she transforms into a reptilian monster which attacks and nearly kills Ashley Kafka. Billie the Lizard is shocked to death by Herman Schultz.

Herman SchultzEdit

Herman Schultz is a neighbor who also happens to be the a squadron leader in the military. He is the husband of Hera and the father of Ethan, Maxwell, Arlo and Lisa. Herman is a generally friendly man who becomes acquaintances with Adrian Toomes, unaware that Toomes is a major component of the criminal underworld that Schultz is actively working to dismantle. He is shown to be very friendly towards Dmitri, who often visits the Schultz household. Some time later, Herman meets Dr. Curtis Connors, and at one point asks to meet with him. Connors, altered by the Lizard serum, says that he will visit Herman at the Schultz household, but never shows up. In Volume 2, Herman gets lung cancer. When Billie Connors becomes a Lizard monster, Herman shocks her to death.

Marina BenchEdit

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Marina Bench was a housemate at the Sinister6 household, who enjoyed swimming and wearing blue. Eventually, she begins having an affair with Sergei Kravinoff, who is in a relationship with Carolyn Trainer. However, after Carolyn discovers that Sergei is cheating on her with Marina, she drowns Marina in the swimming pool in their backyard. With Sergei distraught at Marina's death, he takes her remains to Oscorp, where she is resurrected as a sort of water spirit - not quite dead, but not quite alive. Marina finds her undead life as painful and cold, being constantly wet and constantly drowning. Upon discovering how miserable Marina is, Sergei grows increasingly depressed to the point where he inevitably commits suicide in the swimming pool that Marina died in. Marina's ghost has not been sighted since Sergei's demise, having possibly moved on to a better place.

Sergei KravinoffEdit

Sergei Kravinoff, also known as Kraven, was the ex-boyfriend of Carolyn Trainer. Sergei was obsessed with health and keeping fit, constantly doing sports training and swimming. However, he also began an affair behind Carolyn's back with fellow housemate Marina Bench. Carolyn's father eventually found out about this and told this truth to Carolyn, straining the relationship between she and Sergei. Sergei is distraught and broken-hearted when Marina "accidentally" drowns in the pool (although in reality Carolyn murders her), and brings Marina's remains to Oscorp. Although Sergei is warned that Marina will not be the same if the procedure is successful, he insists upon it anyway and Marina is resurrected. However, she is cold, wet, suffering and ghost-like, not wanting Sergei to touch her. Sergei becomes even more depressed at this, and decides to commit suicide in order to be a ghost with her. He drowns himself in the pool, although comes back as a ghost after initially seeming content with death. Determined to warn Carolyn about Curtis Connors's Lizard serum, he searches for evidence at the Connors residence, eventually finding the antidote so Dmitri can use it. However, Dmitri does not trust Sergei and tricks him into possessing a lamp before Dmitri destroys it, possibly destroying Sergei as well. In Volume 2, Sergei's ghost still lingers around the house, until Carolyn destroys his remains in a fit of desperation and rage.

Jonathan OhnnEdit

Jonathan Ohnn is a super-psychic boy and the adoptive brother of Janice Lincoln, with the ability to warp reality, create portals and teleport. When Janice makes Jonathan angry, he goes to the household she is staying at and destroys it, along with everyone in it. When Jonathan's powers start to go out of control, the Superior Spider-Man is forced to kill him in order to save the world from being destroyed by Jonathan's wrath.

Janice LincolnEdit

Janice Lincoln, also known as Beetle, is the daughter of Morlun and the granddaughter of Lilith Trainer-Lincoln. She collects beetles, hence her nicknames, and seduces Alexander O'Hirn-Brock before performing a dangerous experiment on him. Janice injects the DNA of a rhinoceros beetle into Alexander's bloodstream, mutating him into a horrific monster. Later, Janice shows remorse for these actions, admitting that she is haunted by her mistake. When Janice accidentally makes her adoptive little brother Jonathan Ohnn upset, he uses his reality-warping abilities to erase Janice from existence, along with everyone else in the Sinister6 household - including the house itself.

Jack HobbsEdit

Jack Hobbs, nicknamed Jacko or Hobgoblin, is the cousin of Mac Gargan. He is invited over by Gargan, who infects Jack with the Oscorp super-soldier serum, making Jack the second person to become part of Norman Üsborn's army. Jack and Eddie Brock's fates are unknown, but they are presumably still at large.

Alexander O'Hirn-BrockEdit

Alexander O'Hirn-Brock, nicknamed Alex and also known as The Rhino, is the son of Eddie Brock, aka Venom. Alexander fears his father's changes and lives at the Sinister6 household instead. However, after being seduced by Janice Lincoln, she injects Alex with rhinoceros beetle DNA which transforms him into a destructive monster which goes on a murderous rampage through New York City until he is defeated by the new Spider-Man, Miles Morales, who breaks through Alexander's new thick grey skin and knocks him unconscious. Alexander is incarcerated for life.


List of DeathsEdit

Volume 1 (2 deaths)Edit

  • Marina Bench: Drowned by Carolyn Trainer (briefly resurrected)
  • Sergei Kravinoff: Committed suicide by drowning (briefly undead)

Volume 2 (6 deaths)Edit

  • Curtis Connors: Died of unknown causes (presumably)
  • Billie Connors: Shocked to death by Herman Schultz
  • Silvio Manfredi: Burned to death by Adrian Toomes
  • Silvio Manfredi's bodyguard: Burned to death by Adrian Toomes
  • Carolyn Trainer: Shot in the head by Maggia henchmen
  • Adrian Toomes: Shot in the head by Maggia henchmen (currently undead)

A Baker's Dozen (2 deaths)Edit

  • Silver Manfredi: Throat slit by Dmitri Smerdyakov
  • Michael Morbius: Drowned by Dmitri Smerdyakov

Volume 3 (5 deaths)Edit

  • J. Jonah Jameson: Died of a brain hemorrhage
  • William Baker: Disintegrates into sand after radiation from meteorite (briefly undead)
  • Felicia Hardy: Starves to death after being tortured by Lorina Jameson (briefly undead)
  • Mendel Stromm: Thrown across the room by Norman Üsborn (briefly undead)
  • May Parker: Dies of heart failure

Volume 4 (pretty much everyone else)Edit

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