"Scarlet Spider" is a film set in the Ultimate Spiderman film series.


Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Kaine Parker/Scarlet Spider II and Peter Parker/Spiderman and Ben Reilly/Scarlet Spider

Bruce Campbell as Quentin Beck/Mysterio

Molly Quinn as Mary Jane Watson-Parker

Sam Elliot as Dr. Miles Warren

John Cusack as Norman Osborn

Gene Hackman as Dr. Phineas Mason/The Tinkerer

Paige Turco as Alison Mongrain

Susan Sarandon as May Parker

Dafne Keen as Aracely Penalba

Charisma Carpenter as Annabelle Adams

Patton Oswalt as Dr. Donald Meland

Christopher Gorham as Wallace "Wally" Layton

Gerald Butler as Richard Parker

Rachel Weisz as Mary Parker

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