Richard Parker is a superhero action genre TV series. It stars Richard Parker, the future father of Peter Parker aka spider man, as he slowly goes from being an cop to a SHIELD agent and encountering many of his son's future foes or their fathers, such as Ambrose Osborn. As the series went on, Richard slowly leaves the world of crime and police and enters one where heroes are appearing.



  • Richard Parker: A rookie cop, Richard inspires to become a soldier. However, his partner Jean DeWolfe wants to become the greatest cop in New York City and their styles often clash. Richard's idealism and joke cracking do not fit in with the harsh and failing police force, weak due to Ambrose Osborn. He follows a simple motto: "With great power, comes great responsibility".
  • Ben Parker: Richard's brother, Ben continuously inspires to be like Richard, going by his motto.
  • Jean DeWolfe:
  • Nick Fury: The mysterious director of SHIELD, who is intending to find out if Richard has what it takes to be one of his agents.
  • Octavius: A fifteen year old boy, Otto is a genius who often aids Richard in his work.


  • Stephen Strange/Doctor Strange:


  • Ambrose Osborn:
  • Spencer Smyth:


  • Max: A teenage boy who loves electronics and wears a shirt with lightning on it. Loosely based on and intended to be electro.
  • Alex O'Hirn: A zookeeper who calls in the carnage killer murder. Based on the rhino

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