Plot Summary Edit

The Pilot opens with Spider-Man swinging through New York City, and soon coming to rest on a Gargoyle before an alarm summons him to a bank, where someone dressed as him is robbing the bank. the Spider-Men fight, but the fake gets away. Peter goes to Midtown High School, where he gets delayed by Flash Thompson and fakes a fail. He gets off free for being late and Flash gets detention from Dr. Connors, who enjoys teaching high school despite his advanced degree.

After school, Peter endures a lecture from Aunt May for getting a detention and has to clean the toilets. On the news, it is reported that Spider-Man has been cornered. Peter sneaks out to help the cops take down the imposter. When he arrives, Captain Stacy, with whom he has already made peace, believes that he is the real Spider-Man and that the other guy is an impostor. They go in together, but the Impostor, who reveals his name to be "The Chameleon" shoots George Stacy dead. Peter is ripe with guilt once again.

After George Stacy's funeral, the Captain's daughter is an orphan, as her mother is worthless and left George and Gwen a long time ago. Aunt May, feeling sorry for Gwen, takes the girl in. Late that night, she gets into Peter's bed with the intention of sexual activity, but ends up compromising, and they fall asleep in an embrace.

Cast Edit

Devon Bagby as Peter Parker/Spider-Man

Jamie Lee Curtis as May Parker

Mark Harmon as Captain George Stacy

Willow Shields as Gwendoline Stacy

Maxwell Perry Cotton as Eugene "Flash" Thompson

Christian Martyn as Harry Osborn

Andrew Garfield as the Chameleon

Gary Oldman as Curt Connors

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