Spidey half symbiote

Real name: peter parker age: 25 alligment: good family: jane parker, richard parker, gwen stacey spouse(s): Lloyd parker appearances: Spider-Man: Way of the light

Spider-Man (Born Febuary 20 1997, Age 25) is a hero who saved his 


Peter's childhood is unkown. Peter is moving in with gwen, gwen decides to sit peter down and tell her she is pregnant, peter tells her he is going out to stop some criminals (that's how far i got)

Transformation (Non-Canon) Edit

In the evil end of spider-man the way of light, peter will transform into the black suit and he will rip open the robot and later, tell gwen (who is now pregnant) that he is leaving her to go to another town. He also tells her that it is over between them and leaves. It then skips eleven months and peter is in his new home and looks at himself in the mirror. The symbiote begins to overpower him, and peter begins to laugh madly.

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