The Peter Parker of Earth-9876 is an alternate version of the Peter Parker of the Ultimate Spiderman TV series. Thought his life has many differences with the main TV universe, his reality diverges when he experiences pain shortly after becoming carnage, which resulted in his transformation into Man-spider two months later.



Up to the point the signs of him becoming man-spider appeared, this Peter Parker's life was very similar to the other Peter Parker; he acquired his powers from a spider bite and was the leader of a team consisting of Ava Ayala (Earth-9876), Sam Alexander (Earth-9876), Luke Cage (Earth-9876) and Danny Rand (Earth-9876).


First love and superhuman teamsEdit

Inner darknessEdit

The new warriorsEdit

Death and resurrectionEdit

Facing his past and futureEdit

Birth of the iron spider and rise of the new spidermanEdit

The spider-warEdit

A spectacular encounterEdit



Mary-Jane Watson (Earth-9876)Edit

Harry Osborn (Earth-9876)Edit

Sam Alexander (Earth-9876)Edit

Luke Cage (Earth-9876)Edit

Danny Rand (Earth-9876)Edit

New Warriors (Earth-9876)]]Edit

Nick Fury (Earth-9876)Edit

Harry Osborn (Earth-4570)Edit

Norman Osborn (Earth-9876)Edit

Peter Parker (Earth-6789)Edit

Peter Parker (Earth-12345)Edit

Peter and his spectacular counterpart, distinguished as "Pete" Parker, get along fine at times, thought they anger each other due to their annoying similarities which each other claim to not have.

Miles Morales (Earth-9876)Edit

Peter and Miles have a teacher-student friendship, despite Miles being about a year younger then him. Miles, despite his annoyance towards the fact, looks up to Peter for mentorship and guidance in his journey in becoming spiderman. Peter, to his amazement, see's Miles as a younger brother and him when he first began, making him teach Miles to be the ultimate spiderman. However, due to how different they are, they at times go head to head with each other when Peter's way clashes with Miles's way. But their friendship allows Miles to respect Peter's experience and Peter to understand his protégé's slightly different heroics.

Ben Reilly (Earth-12345)Edit

Peter and Ben get along very well, thought Peter finds a clone to be creepy.

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