The Peter Parker of Earth-12345 is an alternate version of Peter Parker of the spectacular spiderman TV series.



The slingersEdit


New alliesEdit

Carnage and unlikely alliancesEdit

Rise of the clonesEdit


Ultimate counterpartsEdit

Return of the the goblinEdit

Spiderman no more!Edit

The futureEdit



Mary-Jane Watson (Earth-12345)Edit

Gwen Stacy (Earth-12345)Edit

Ben Reilly (Earth-12345)Edit

Peter has a strong relationship with his clone, seeing him as the brother he never had. Him and Ben share each other's memories up to the battle with the green goblin, where Peter's blood was taken from a spilt drop on the Oscorp tower floor. However, Ben is jealous that Peter has the life he remembers and briefly has an identity crisis about who he is. However, it was with the support of Gwen, MJ and Liz that made him realise he was Ben Reilly and could be whoever he wanted, healing his relationship with Peter. Peter and Ben are surprisingly different due to Ben's way of coping with the fact he is a clone. After saving two universes, their relationship took a turn when Ben decided he needed to leave to find his own destiny, one away from Peter. They shared a heartwarming goodbye, before Peter watched Ben swing into the sunset. However, twenty years later, Ben was a unknown witness to Peter's and Mary-Jane's wedding, only noticed by Peter.

Miguel O'Hara (Earth-12345)Edit

Peter is very competitive with his great grandson Miguel O'Hara, due to Miguel's arrogance that his future tech makes him a better spiderman and the fact he defeated his descendent Max Bourne in a fight. Peter also had a problem with Miguel as he chose to do things the easy and unheroic way due to the harsh time of 2099. When Miguel claimed he was the greatest spiderman throughout history, Peter fought and bested the future hero in a fair fight due to his level headiness and greater experience, making Miguel rethink about how he thought of himself. When Peter defeated both the venom of 2099, the green goblin of 2211 and aftershock, Miguel demanded to know how his low tech great grandfather could do what he could not, until he was reminded by his grandmother May Parker that he did it because it was the right thing to do, instead of Miguel's choice to do it for fun. This made him and Peter gain a better relationship, and when he returned to 2099, he chose to ditch his date to save someone, in comparison to when he had chose his girlfriend over doing the right thing.

May Parker (Earth-12345)Edit

Peter gets along fine with his daughter, thought he has at numerous times attempted to convince her to stop being spider girl.

Max Bourne (Earth-12345)Edit

Peter has a strong, if antagonistic, relationship with his distant descendant Max Bourne. This is because Max is one of his descendants without spider powers, yet lives up to his legacy using high tech gadgets. They both respect each other, but due to Max being a member of the time police, he consistently argues with Peter about what they should do.

Mayday Parker (Earth-12345)Edit

Peter Parker (Earth-9876)Edit

Miles Morales (Earth-9876)Edit

Ava Ayala (Earth-9876)Edit

In his adventure to an alternate universe, he encountered the superhero Ava Ayala aka white tiger. Peter was visibly attracted to Ava, something that made her feel awkward around both versions of Peter due to not having no romantic feelings towards her Peter.

Miles Morales (Earth-12345)Edit

Miles Morales is one of his clones. He is the first successful clone of Peter. After escaping his brainwashing, Miles told his template and fellow clone Ben Reilly he was heading to Canada, deciding to redeem himself as a superhero there.

Kain (Earth-12345)Edit

Jessica Drew (Earth-12345)Edit

The defenders (Earth-12345)Edit

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