The Overlord of Darkness is an Overlord, powerful beings who wage war for control of the Universe. It has been here before the Universe was even created, and represents all that is evil, unlike the Overlord of Light who represents good. He has encountered Spider-Man two times, instantly winning both fights with no effort. The war between the Overlords reached a point where the Overlord of Death and Overlord of Darkness teamed up to dominate the Universe, but when Death turned his back, he was instantly destroyed and absorbed into Darkness, who created "Death" to subsitute the Overlord of Death. Later on Darkness killed the other Overlords one by one, absorbing each and becoming so powerful the Universe was at it's knees. However Doctor Doom created a device which would transfer Darkness's power into it, and would instantly implode erasing the Overlords from history and existance. He used it on Darkness and suceeded, however Darkness, seeing everything created a duplicate to take the damage. The device imploded, and the materials used to make it were gone. Mr. Fantastic decided to enter different demensions and rally the Overlords there. The Overlords were all destoryed, and Darkness became the ruler of all existance, but wasn't able to contain the power and exploded, the power restoring things back to normal. The war is still active as time rewinded itself. The Overlord of Darkness had literally every power at his fingertips, as with other Overlords but each was implamented with a different personality to differenate them. Darkness also used the Army of The Dead when he absorbed the Overlord of Death.