History Edit

Norman Osborn grew up under an abusive father, and eventually killed him by pushing him down the stairs. He inherited his father's company, Oscorp, and married a woman named Norman, but she died while giving birth to his son, Harry. Because of this he grew to resent his son, and did not want to die like his wife, so he researched the Gathering of Five. To help him, he blackmailed Bennet Brant, a.k.a the Crime Master into helping him make super-powered humans to further his causes. After his attempts failed and his son was put in the hospital due to an attempted assassination by Mendel Stromm, he donned the G.O.B.L.I.N. suit and killed Stromm, and then proceded to attack Spider-man, but had to retreat. He later traveled to Delvadia to kill reporter Betty Brant, but was once again defeated by Spider-man, and they discovered each other's secret identities. Weeks later, he abducted Peter's girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, and tricked him into killing her. They battled it out, and Norman was eventually killed by his own glider. Though in his death, he left a legacy, as his son ,Harry, donned the guise of the Goblin, as well as a psychiatrist named Bart Hamilton, the nephew of reporter Ben Urich, Phil Urich took the title and became a vigilante. Others were also inspired, and became other identities such as the Hobgoblin, Demogoblin and Menace. Later, it was revealed that he had a secret son and daughter, Sarah and Gabriel. Gabriel became the Grey Goblin and continued thought that he was continuing his father's legacy, but instead was shaming it. Years later, it was revealed that Osborn had never died and had hired the Jackal to make clones of Spider-man to distract him, while he organized the Gathering of Five. The Gathering commenced, and at the last second, he killed the Crime Master thinking that he would get both Immortality and Wisdom, but instead got Insanity, and then after his fight with Spider-man, Death.

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