Niko Bellic of Earth-11 is a Russian who goes to America to live the American dream, but instead finds himself poor and with spider like abilities. He uses these powers as a superhuman hitman called spiderman.

Biography since divergenceEdit


This world's Niko Bellic, like everyone else, diverges from the mainstream GTA universe when captain America (Earth-9999.5) arrived in this one. He was one of the few to actually witness the dimensional crossing.

Niko was also bitten by a spider, which had been irradiated by dimensional radiation, which Niko soon finds to have granted him spider like abilities.

After gaining control of his abilities, he decides to work for Vladimir Nabokov for money as a masked hitman called spiderman.

Superhuman hitmanEdit

Donning a mask and black hoodie, Niko became

First encounterEdit

Inner darknessEdit

Death in the familyEdit

Birth of a heroEdit



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