|real name= Thomas Goldweb

|hometown= Pereview City
|birth= 5/4/85
|powers=Stick to walls, Super Strength and tremendous agillity.
|eyes= Gold
|allies=IronShell (desceased), Blaze (deasceased)
|enemies= Fear King, Overlord, Baron Muk, Carnival Master
|profession= CEO of Pereview Towers
|position= Viggilante

Thomas' parents owned an industry for weapons and gadgets just like oscorp. The company had been given a deal by a man known as the Kingpin. They were soon black mailed into fighting. One day when Tom was 9 he woke up and saw his parents being killed by a masked figure. Tom hid from this masked criminal. Tom was found shocked in fear the next morning. Tom was big fan of spiderman hoping that he would eventually find this criminal and kill him. Tom became the manager of his company. After seeing hallucinations of his mum and dad he found a lab and he used armor and built weapons. He thought he would use these powers and weapons to fight crime as...New Spider!

Thomas believed Spiderman killed his parents after the alien costume era. He did love someone once but she died when he failed to save her. He vowed he could never love again. He tracks spidey down with camera probes that fly around the city. He also suspects Venom and he has a hint that it could be batman...