NY, Queens is a live-action drama TV Series, based off of Marvel's Spider-Man and CW's Hit Television Series Smallville.


This story follows the adventures of a teenage Peter Parker, after he gets bitten by a genetic spider, giving him spider-like abilites. It will show him learning how to use his new abilities, showing what happened and how he becomes the hero that will be known as, the Amazing Spider-Man.


Main CharactersEdit

Peter Parker - Dylan Sprayberry: A young teenager, and scientist, who was bitten by a genetically enhanced spider, giving him spider-like abilities. Now as he grows and learns how to use his abilities, he meets new allies and must face deadly foes, before becoming Spider-Man.

Gwen Stacy - Peyton List: Tech wiz and one of Peter's best friends, who found out and protected Peter's secret. She and Peter started dating in Season 4, but she eventually met her fate at the hands of Peter's most deadliest enemy.

Harry Osborn - Graham Philips: Peter's best friend and son to millionaire. Peter had to tell Harry his secret, of he didn't want to lose him as a friend.

Ben Parker - Peter's uncle and the man who helped raise him. In Season 4 he found out about Peter, but in Season 5, he was murdered.

May Parker - Sally Field - Peter's aunt and the only family he has after Ben died.

Liz Allen - Peter's first love interest, who was dating Flash, but they started dating, when she and Flash broke up. Unable to tell her his secret, thye started growing apart and broke up.

Flash Thompson - 

Norman Osborn - Green Goblin: Harry's father, who is very fond of Peter, and wishes Harry would be more like his friend. Using a special serum, Norman dawned a suit, glider, and bombs, to become Peter's worst and most dangerous foe, the Green Goblin.


Johnny Storm/Human Torch - A member of the Fantastic Four and the first person with powers, not affected by Oscorps genetic wave, Peter has met. Johnny has the ability to generate and manipulate fire. Though he and Peter have a rivalry, they are close allies.

Tony Stark/Iron Man - Logan Lerman - A millionaire scientist, who is in the process of creating high tech armor.

Bruce Banner

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