Spider Man 2 The Game Mary Jane Missions Theme02:04

Spider Man 2 The Game Mary Jane Missions Theme

Spiderman 2 ost - blackcat theme02:40

Spiderman 2 ost - blackcat theme

Spider-Man 3 The Game Black Cat Theme -UNUSED Soundtrack-06:34

Spider-Man 3 The Game Black Cat Theme -UNUSED Soundtrack-

spiderman was patrolling the street he was excited too for you see black cat had something to show him

so after a successful patrol he made it to where black cat was "hey tiger" said black cat "hey cat"said

spiderman "something you wanted to show me?" "yes i think it's time your ready for my secret identity" she

said spiderman was surprised "really? wow i never though you would" he said "well i can't keep this secret

anymore" she said she then took off her mask and wig to reveal... mary jane! "mary jane?" said spiderman

"yeah sorry i didn't tell you peter and before you ask i noticed your s[iderman pajamas" peter put up his

finger to say something but laid it down and rubbed his head and sweated "oh i guess i should've picked

different ones" he said embarrassed after that the embraced but it was quickly ended as the alarm went off

scorpion had robbed the bank "so much for our kiss" said spiderman they then leaped into action against

scorpion the end

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